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 Decorative Items 

LEHMANN-DUMONT, Karl. [A serio-comic map of Europe on the brink of World War One]
Humoristische Karte von Europa im Jahre 1914. Dresden: Leutert & Schneidewind, 1914. Wood engraving, printed in colour, printed area 340 x 485mm. Minor restoration.
A German separate-issue caricature map of Europe on the brink of war, with a strong propaganda content. Both Germany and Austria are depicted as grinning soldiers: Germany has one hand on France's shoulder, the other punches the Russian bear in the head; Austria aims his bayoneted rifle at a bearded Russian face. The Russian, swigging from a bottle of vodka, is chained to the bear by nose rings. England has a mailed fist in his face and a zeppelin in the ribs, while Ireland cuts the chain England holds and the Indian python strangles his bulldog. Turkey reclines, smoking and looking away. In an inset Japan is shown as a half-clothed tribesman, wielding a sword.
[Ref: 16368]    £2,200.00 ($2,869 • €2,468 rates)

ROBIDA, Albert. [The Appetite of the German Octopus]
L'Appétit de la Peuvre. Paris, c.1914. Chromolithograph. Sheet 360 x 260mm. Wear to edges.
A French satire on the aggressively expansionist policies of Germany, depicting the German Eagle with octopus tentacles enveloping the world. Robida worked for this 'La Caricature' magazine between 1880 and 1892, appearing in 650 issues, often on the cover. As well as his caricature work he was also a visionary: his sketches of war depict guided missiles and poison gas. Another sketch showed a mountaineer enjoying the view while listening to his 'phono-opéragraphe', with cables connected to his ears.
[Ref: 17542]    £2,600.00 ($3,390 • €2,917 rates)

Anonymous. [An Italian Serio-Comic map of Europe during the Great War]
L'Europa nel 1915. Milan: Luigi Ronchi di Candido Varoli, 1915. Chromolithograph, sheet 450 x 650mm. Binding folds reinforced, small repairs.
An Italian satirical map of Europe, with caricatures for the countries at war. France is a cockerel pecking the nose of the German dachshund, whose picklehelm is being punched by a long-legged British sailor. Austria howls with pain as its hind leg is crushed by the Russian steamroller driven by a grinning polar bear, and he is stabbed in the back by a Serbian bayonet. Partly based on the 'Hark Hark' map by Johnson Riddle, this version seems to date to before the Treaty of London brought Italy into the war in May 1915; a later version has the placid Italian shown here clubbing the Austrian dog with the butt of his rifle. See SOUCACOS: Satirical Maps p.216-7 for later issue.
[Ref: 18439]    £5,500.00 ($7,172 • €6,171 rates)

GONELLS, R. [A fine manuscript 'Serio-Comic' map of First World War Europe]
1915. Carte d'Europe. Paris, 1915. Ink and watercolour on cartridge paper. 430 x 560mm.
A professional-quality satirical map depicting the countries of Europe during the second year of the First World War. At the centre is a figure representing Germany, wearing a pickelhaube (spiked helmet) and a Kaiser-Bill moustache, sword in one hand and poison-gas canister in the other. Underneath is a decrepid old man on crutches waving a wooden sword, a sad indictment of the fomer glories of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Germany's third ally, the Ottoman Empire, is shown with legs amputated above the knee, with only stilts in their place. Bulgaria sharpens his sword. Surrounding Germany are its opponents: both England and Russia are turning their big guns on Germany, while French, Serbian and Italian soldiers advance with bayonets fixed. Cartographical accuracy is ignored in this satire, with the countries only rough shapes. However it should be noted that Scotland is an island, Serbia is east of Austria and there is no Bosphorus separating Europe and Asia. We assumed that this caricature was drawn for publication: however we have been unable to trace any printed version. The artist was serious when he wrote 'Reproduction interdite' in the bottom corner.
[Ref: 15045]    £6,000.00 ($7,824 • €6,732 rates)

Anonymous. [An Italian anti-American poster from the Second World War]
La Preghiera di Roosevelt. Incredibile; ma vero! Preghiera composta da Roosvelt e da lui trasmessa da tutte le stazioni radio alleate il giorno 7 giugno 1944 [The Prayer of Roosevelt. Incredible but true! Prayer composed by Roosevelt and broadcast from all the Allied radio stations on 7 June 1944. ] Italy, c.1944. Coloured lithograph. Sheet 700 x 995mm. Laid on canvas for preservation.
A propaganda poster designed to provoke animosity against the Americans occupying Italy during the last months of the Second World War. It follows a prayer broadcast by Franklin D. Roosevelt on Allied radio on 7th June 1944, three days after the Liberation of Rome and one day after D-Day. It shows a central figure of Roosevelt on his knees, praying. Surrounding him are his prayers (in Italian) and vignette illustrations of what his prayers mean to the Italians. Top right his prayer, 'Lord help us to overcome all obstacles in order to reach the honest and much desired award', is accompanied by an image of a G.I. bagging up 'the World's gold'. Middle right his prayer, 'We fight a holy crusade to free the oppressed peoples and for justice to triumph', shows a trooper tying a man with economic bonds and gagging him. Elsewhere the troops loot antiquities under the orders of a crudely-caricatured Jew in spats and accost Italian women. Another gross caricature shows a bare-footed negro jazzman playing the saxophone. ''Your will be done and so be it''.
[Ref: 18378]    £1,650.00 ($2,152 • €1,851 rates)

JANNOT, J.B. [A world map as a chocolatier's competition]
Le Tour du Monde en 120 images Grand Concours du Chocalat Menier. Paris: Chocolat Menier, 1956. Poster map, sheet 645 x 810mm. Original folds flattened.
A map of the world centred on the Pacific with a route around the globe, starting and finishing in Paris. Originally there would have been space underneath the map an area to fix 120 'tickets' collected from Menier chocolate products, with three that giving clues to 'Enigmas' that had to be solved. However, as the tickets had to be sent off in order to join the competition, the paper has been snipped off. The artist was J.B. Jannot, who used the pen-name Jan-Loup. He worked as an illustrator for Lisette magazine in the 1950s and early 1960s, as well as authoring his own comic stories and producing book jackets.
[Ref: 16660]    £1,250.00 ($1,630 • €1,403 rates)

LOWERY, Jo. [Allegorical maps of the human heart]
Geographical Guide to a Man's Heart .... Geographical Guide to a Woman's Heart ... America; McCall's, 1960. 340 x 535mm.
Two companion maps - the Geographical Guide to a Man’s Heart with Obstacles and Entrances clearly marked, and the Geographical Guide to a Woman's Heart emphasizing points of interest to the romantic traveller. With obstacles and entrances, and how relationship partners should 'navigate' the map. An amusing variety of emotional cartography which depicts such areas as the 'province of preoccupation with a pretty face' along with the 'impenetrable wall of ego' - on the male heart. The female heart has the 'party girl province' which is dissected by the 'river of the gay companion'. Originally printed in McCall's magazine in 1960.
[Ref: 18691]    £375.00 ($489 • €421 rates)

Anonymous. [A socialist protest poster after the 1974 military coup in Portugal]
Il Portogallo non sara' il Chile d'Europa. Italian, c.1974. Lithograph, printed in black and red. Sheet 410 x 305mm.
A poster with the head of a soldier wearing a helmet, his face made from a map of Portugal. Above is the anti-fascist slogan 'Portugal will not be the Chile of Europe'; this was the slogan of the 'Carnation Revolution' which overthrew the authoritarian regime of the Estado Novo in April 1974. The hope was that the coup wasn't going to emulate Augusto Pinochet's coup of 1973, which saw a thousand executions in the first six months, the abolition of civil liberties and 500% inflation in the first year. Instead Portugal evolved into a democratic country.
[Ref: 17591]    £900.00 ($1,174 • €1,010 rates)

Records: 41 to 48 of 48
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