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HOOGHE, Romeyn de. [A fine prospect of the Savoyard fortress of Montmélian]
Arx et Oppidum Montismeliani. Amsterdam: Jan Blaeu, c.1682. Etching, 470 x 585mm. Bottom corners remargined without loss of engraved area.
A prospect of Montmélian, a fortress guarding the stategic bridge over the Isère River, with an inset plan of the walls. In 1643 the writer Elie Brockenhoffer wrote: 'This is a beautiful fortress: the interior is spacious and well designed. [The walls] are thick and strong, fitted here and there with large bunkers. The lower or bottom box part is separated from the top and closed by a gate and a drawbridge that rises every night. The central part includes attics, cellars, stables, flashpoints, well and chapel, housing for the commander and the soldiers, who number 450, including 50 officers. The fort is well equipped with large and beautiful pieces of artillery'. Caught between France and Italy, Savoy suffered frequently: in 1690, during the Nine Years' War, Louis XIV invaded and captured Montmélian after a short siege, destroying the fortifications shown here. This plate was etched by Romeyn de Hoogue in 1675 and published in Jan Blaeu's Townbook of Savoy in 1682. A Dutch Old Master Etcher, de Hooghe is famous for the quality of his work, particularly the spectacular sea charts for Mortier's 'Atlas Maritime'. Here its quality is particularly apparent in the cartouche around the plan and key.
[Ref: 14678]    £700.00 ($883 • €776 rates)

Nolin, Jean Baptiste. [Uncommon map of Limoges]
Le Diocese de Limoges... Paris, Nolin, 1689. Original colour. 495 x 540mm. Narrow margins top and bottom due to the size of the map. Some restoration with mss. fill.
Large map of Limoges, originally folded along the bottom to fit into the atlas.
[Ref: 11450]    £350.00 ($442 • €388 rates)

CANTELLI DA VIGNOLA, Giacomo. [Map of the Eastern Pyrenees]
La contea di Rossilione diuisa nella vicaria de Perpignano, e Subuicaria di Valspir, e nella Vicaria de Villa Franca di Conflent, e subicaria de Capsir che appartiene alla Francia e la contea di Cerdagna. Rome: De Rossi, 1690. Coloured. 410 x 580mm.
Map showing the county of Roussillion, one of the historical counties of the former Principality of Catalonia, corresponding roughly to the present-day southern French département of Pyrénées-Orientales (Eastern Pyrenees).
[Ref: 13426]    £400.00 ($505 • €443 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. Carte Generale De Toutes Les Costes De France... Paris, 1690, coloured, 400 x 455mm
An unusual map of France showing only its coasts and coastal cities and towns. With numerous decorative details such as sailing ships and whales and a superb baroque title catouche in the form of a grotesque. Produced as an illustrated index for de Fer's atlas "Les Costes De France", with the coast divided into squares each showing its respective map number. PASTOREAU Fer VIII A (2)
[Ref: 10389]    £300.00 ($379 • €332 rates)

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [A majestic two-sheet map of France]
La Francia Antica, e Moderna... Venice, c.1692. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 615 x 890mm.
A beautiful antique map of France, decorated with a large title cartouche and 31 armorials.
[Ref: 7403]    £1,200.00 ($1,514 • €1,330 rates)

MULLER, Johann Ulrich. [Uncommon miniature map of France]
Gallia Vetus. Ulm, 1692. 70 x 80mm, set in text.
Charming miniature map, with a letterpress text in German.
[Ref: 8927]    £80.00 ($101 • €89 rates)

MOLL, Herman. [17th Century English map of France]
France. London, Swale & Child, 1695. 180 x 185mm, set in text.
Published in the 'Thesaurus Geographicus'.
[Ref: 8855]    £150.00 ($189 • €166 rates)

DANCKERTS, Cornelis. [Antique map of Champagne]
Comté et Gouvernment Generale de Champagne... Amsterdam, 1698. Original colour. 590 x 510mm. Trimmed to printed border at top (due to the size of the map), re-margined.
A large and detailed map of the French wine region of Champagne, with a decorative title cartouche featuring grapes. An inset shows the area around Paris.
[Ref: 10342]    £220.00 ($278 • €244 rates)

JANSSON, Jan. [Map of Gaul]
Galliæ Veteris Typus. Amsterdam, c.1700. 385 x 490mm.
Roman France, divided into Provinces, marking the various tribes.
[Ref: 8298]    £220.00 ($278 • €244 rates)

VALK, Gerard & Leonard. [Early 18th century map of Normany in fine colour]
Normannia Ducatus, tum Superior ad Ortum, tum Inferior ad aceasum... Amsterdam, c.1700. Bright original colour. 490 x 600mm. A very fine example printed on heavy paper.
A detailed map of Normandy is stong original body colour, also showing Jersey.
[Ref: 15399]    £400.00 ($505 • €443 rates)

Records: 41 to 50 of 146
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