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 Northern Italy 

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [A classic 16th C. map of North West Italy]
Ducatus Mediolalensis, Finitimarumq. Regionu. Descriptio, Auctore Joanne Georgio Septala. Mediolanense. Antwerp, 1589?, German text edition. Original colour. 360 x 480mm.
North-west Italy, showing Genova, Cremona Parma & Milan, and north up to Geneva. VAN DEN BROECKE: 125.
[Ref: 9360]    £600.00 ($792 • €686 rates)

MUNSTER, Sebastian. [Genova]
Der Schonen und weicherhumpten Statt Genua Abconcrafatur. Basle, c.1590. German edition. Woodcut, image size 135 x 400mm. Centerfold restored.
An early and very interesting bird's-eye view of the city of Genoa set in text, with an extensive key and text beneath.
[Ref: 8633]    £270.00 ($356 • €309 rates)

MUNSTER, Sebastian. [Genova]
[Genoa.] Basle, c.1590. German edition. Woodcut, image size 125 x 155mm.
An early and very interesting bird's-eye view of the city of Genoa set in text, published in the 'Cosmographia'.
[Ref: 10736]    £200.00 ($264 • €229 rates)

DE JODE, Gerard. [A scarce 16th century map of Piedmont and Berry]
Biturigum provinciæ quæ Berry Vulgo dicitur Chorographicæ descriptio. Pedemontanæ totius prope Italiæ fertilissimæ Regionis una cum suis finitimis elegantissimo description. Antwerp, 1593, Latin text edition. 345 x 500mm.
Two maps on one sheet: Berry in France and Piemonte in Italy. Engraved by the van Doeticum brothers, c.1570, this example comes from the 1593 edition of De Jode's 'Speculum Orbis Terrae', published two years after his death by his widow and son. This was to be the last edition: after the death of Cornelis De Jode in 1600 the plates were bought by Vrients, then the owner of the Ortelius plates, merely to stop their re-issue. KOEMAN: Jod 2.
[Ref: 7395]    £1,100.00 ($1,452 • €1,258 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [Ortelius's Map of northern Italy in classical times]
Italia Gallica, sive Gallia Cisalpina. Antwerp: Jan Vrients, 1603. Coloured. 345 x 470mm.
Decorative map of Roman Italy from the Alps south to the Rubicon and Arno. It was drawn by Ortelius himself for his atlas of the ancient world, the 'Parergon'. VAN DEN BROECKE: 206.
[Ref: 17306]    £450.00 ($594 • €515 rates)

SAUR, Abraham. [Early prospect of Genova]
[Genova.] Frankfurt: W. Richter, 1608. Woodcut, 70 x 95mm, set in letterpress text.
Rare woodcut view of Genova engraved by Saur for "Parvum Theatrum Urbium sive Urbium Praecipuarum totius orbis Brevis & Methodica Descriptio" by Adrianus Romanus, first issued 1595.
[Ref: 18418]    £250.00 ($330 • €286 rates)

KELLER, Georg. [A scarce map of Istria and the Gulf of Venice]
Abriss der Landschaffte Friol oder Fori Jull, Histriæ, etc, Sampt den Angrenzenden Landern . Frankfurt-am-Main, 1616. 215 x 265mm. Paper patch in top right corner of wides margins.
A map of the northern end of the Gulf of Venice ith Istria and the Friuli region, marking Ravenna, Venice, Zagreb, Pula, Rab, Pag and Sibenik.Embellished with galeons and sea monsters
[Ref: 17482]    £1,250.00 ($1,650 • €1,430 rates)

MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio. [Antique map of Liguria from the first printed atlas of Italy]
Liguria o stato della Republica di Genoua. Venice, Fabio Magini, 1620. 345 x 500mm. Centre fold restored
Antique map of Liguria, decorated with baroque cartouches for the title and dedication, a sea monster and a galley. It appeared in Magini's atlas of Italy, the first printed atlas of Italy, published after his death by his son Fabio.
[Ref: 12571]    £650.00 ($858 • €744 rates)

CUSTOS, Dominicus. [A family tree of the Dukes of Savoy]
Duces Sabaudiae. Serenniss. Principi Dn: Carolo Emanueli. Duci Sabaudiæ Principi Pedemontis & consecr. Augsburg, c.1625. 540 x 405mm.
A stylised family tree of the Dukes of Savoy, from the father of Umberto I, first Count of Savoy (c.980-c.1048), to Charles Emmanuel I (1580-1630) and nine of his ten children, including his successor, Victor Amadeus I (born 1587, succeeded 1630, died 1637). It is decorated with portraits of Charles and his wife, Catherine Michelle of Spain, and a map of Piedmont marking Antibes, Monaco and Genova. It was published in Custos's 'Atrium heroicum' (first published 1602-4), a collection of portraits of the great and good, a forerunner of 'Who's Who'.
[Ref: 14791]    £550.00 ($726 • €629 rates)

FURTTENBACH, Joseph. [Miniature 17th century bird's-eye view of Venice]
Venetia. Ulm: Jonan Saurn, 1627. 110 x 155mm. Narrow margins top and right.
Antique map / prospect of Venice, published in Joseph Furttenbach's 'Newes Itinerarium Italiae'. Furttenbach (1591-1667), the author of several influential architectural treatises, spent a decade living in Italy, later publishing this work about his travels through the country; the text follows his interest in architecture, as he writes about buildings and fortifications, shipbuilding and stage design. MORETTO: 66.
[Ref: 12589]    £300.00 ($396 • €343 rates)

Records: 41 to 50 of 209
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