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 English Counties 

HARRISON, Alfred E. [A scarce 19th century large-scale map of Windsor Forest]
A Map of Windsor Forest and its Vicinity from Actual Survey by The late Henry Walter, Revised & Corrected to the Present Time, by Alfred E. Harrison. 1856. Windsor: J.B. Brown & London; James Wyld, 1856. Old colour. Dissected and laid on linen, total 965 x 1270mm. Some faint staining, linen replaced.
A large folding map of Windsor Forest, a large area of Berkshire, divided into parishes. The extent of the map is Maidenhead in the north, clockwise to Windsor (with the Great Park), Staines, Virginia Water, Bagshot, Sandhurst, Swallowfield and Twyford. The military college at Sandhurst is marked, with the large heathland they use for their exercises. Neither Walter nor Harrison are listed in Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmarkers.
[Ref: 18982]    £3,250.00 ($4,111 • €3,614 rates)

 London Maps 

FROGGETT, John Walter. [A finely-engraved map of the environs of London]
Froggett's Survey of the Country Thirty Miles round London, 1831. London: J.W. Froggett, 1831. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen, total 1120 x 1365mm.
The first issue of this large map, showing Miadenhead in the west, clockwise to Tring, Hertford, Chelmsford, Chatham, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Reigate, Dorking, Guildford and Bagshot, on a scale of 1 inch to the mile. Hills and ridges are hatchured and parks higlighted with colour. HOWGEGOL: 333.
[Ref: 18608]    £1,800.00 ($2,277 • €2,002 rates)

GREENWOOD, C. & J. [An important large scale map of London]
Map of London from Actual Survey Comprehending the various improvements to 1835. Humbly Dedicated to his most Gracious Majesty William IV by the Proprietors E. Ruff & Co, Hind Court, Fleet Street. London: E. Ruff & Co., 1835. Original colour. Six sheets dissected and laid on linen, total 1260 x 1860mm.
An incredibly detailed map of London, on a scale of 8 inches to a mile, extending to Kentish Town in the north, clockwise to the River Lea, Greenwich, Stockwell and Kensington. Under the map is a key and inset views of Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral. Brothers Christopher & John Greenwood spent three years on their new survey of London, which was first published in 1827. This, the first issue by Ruff, has been updated to 1835, adding: the London and Greenwich Railway (the capital's first railway) the year before it opened; the positioning of the new National Gallery; 'New Bridewell' prison, Tothill Fields, opened 1834, now the site of Westminster Cathedral; and Rennie's New London Bridge, with the Old Bridge removed. HOWGEGO: 309, edition 3a.
[Ref: 18179]    £16,000.00 ($20,240 • €17,792 rates)

CRUCHLEY, George Frederick. [A fine wall map of London in the early 1830s.]
Cruchley's New Plan of London and its Environs. London: 1836. Original colour. Six sheets, dissected and laid on linen, total size 1250 x 1390mm. Re-lined with conservation linen.
A large and decorative map of London and its immediate environs, with Hammersmith in the west clockwise to Cricklewood, Highgate, Leyton, Stratford, East India Dock, Lewisham, Dulwich, Streatham, Wandsworth, Putney & Barn Elms. London's first railways are shown as 'proposed'. HOWGEGO: 317a, 6.
[Ref: 18609]    £7,250.00 ($9,171 • €8,062 rates)

WELLER, Edward. [A wall map of Victorian London]
London. London: 1861-62. Coloured. Nine sheets conjoined, total 1390 x 1880mm. Backed with linen.
A very large, detailed map of London, produced by Edward Weller for the "Daily Dispatch" between 1861-1862 and brought out in parts by the Dispatch, and later compiled amongst other maps into the "Dispatch Atlas" published in 1863. The map shows amongst other things, post district boundaries and post offices. It also marks the site of the International Exhibition of 1861, which is now occupied by the South Kensington museums. It also shows Waterloo Station (1848). the new Victoria Station (1860) and Brunel's original Hungerford Suspension Bridge, which was just about to be replaced with the railway bridge for Charing Cross Station. HYDE "Printed maps of Victorian London", No. 73 (1).
[Ref: 9702]    £2,800.00 ($3,542 • €3,114 rates)

WYLD, James. [A large and fine wall map of London]
London and its Environs. London, c.1875. Coloured. Dissected & laid on linen as issued, 1090 x 1300mm.
A very large and detailed map of London in fine original colour, extending from Kew Bridge in the west, clockwise to Highgate, Leytonstone, Canning Town, Greenwich & Blackheath, Norwood and Richmond Park. The map is within a printed frame, pasted on, which contains the title and lists of parishes. HYDE: D & H 415.
[Ref: 13722]    £4,000.00 ($5,060 • €4,448 rates)


CAMPBELL, Robert. [Wall Map of Scotland]
A New and Correct Map of Scotland or North Britain with all the Post and Military Roads, Divisions &ca. Drawn from the Most Approved Surveys Illustrated with Many Additional Improvements, and Regulated by the Latest Astronomical Observations by Lieutenant Campbell. London, Laurie & Whittle, 1794. Original outline colour. Four sheets conjoined, total 1230 x 1070mm. Minor repairs to binding folds.
A huge map of Scotland, based on the Marcus Armstrong map first published by Sayer & Bennett in 1782, but here revised with improved western coastlines by Admiralty surveyor Lieutenant Robert Campbell.
[Ref: 16013]    £1,400.00 ($1,771 • €1,557 rates)


KITCHIN, Thomas. [Wall map of Europe published during the French Revolutionary Wars]
Europe Divided into its Empires, Kingdoms, States, Republics, &c.r by Tho.s Kitchin, Hydrographer to the King, with many Additions and Improvements from the latest Surveys and Observations of Mr D'Anville. London: Laurie & Whittle. 1795. Original colour. Four sheets conjoined, total 1015 x 1210mm.
A large and very attractive wall map of Europe in original colour and with great detail, either side of the map are two columns of explanatory text giving various details about each country. With a rococo title cartouche depicting the tools of a mapmaker and a series of ensigns of various nations along the bottom margin, including the 13 star American flag officially adopted after the end of the War of Independance in 1783 .
[Ref: 16017]    £1,750.00 ($2,214 • €1,946 rates)

TRAUX, Maximilian de. [A wall map of Europe according to the Congress of Vienna]
Carte Générale et Itinéraire de L'Europe Divisée en Tous les États d'après le Congrèss sw Vienne & autres traités postérieurs. Vienna: Artaria & Comp., 1818. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen in nine sections as issued, total if joined 1400 x 1740mm.
A large and detailed wall map, depicting the boundaries of Europe as settled by the Congress of Vienna (1814-5), settling the changes caused by the Napoleonic War. Besides these borders this map is interesting for its depiction of the coach roads and use of hatchuring to display relief. Maximilian de Traux (c.1765-c1830) was a colonel of the Austrian milirary engineers. From 1803 he was active in Dalmatia, improving the defences of Zadar, but also surveying Dalmatia (witrh a map published 1810) and its cities.
[Ref: 17177]    £1,400.00 ($1,771 • €1,557 rates)

LIZARS, William Home. [Wall map of Europe]
Europe Exhibiting Its Present Political Divisions. Edinburgh, c. 1830, original colour, 750 x 900mm.
A very large and attractive map of Europe in vibrant original colour on four joined double sheets as issued. Drawn and engraved by William Home Lizars, a member of the important family of Scottish cartographers and publishers active in Edinburgh in the first half of the 19th century. The family had a prolific output of maps and atlases.
[Ref: 8919]    £400.00 ($506 • €445 rates)

Records: 41 to 50 of 66
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