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 Eastern Seaboard 

TALLIS, John. [A town plan of New York from the mid-19th century]
New York. London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Coloured. Steel engraving, printed area 530 x 360mm.
A detailed town plan of New York City, showing the city developed according to the Commissioner's Plan of 1811, but the building work ending around Madison Square. The planned layout continues to 41st Street. The map was published in the town plan supplement of the 'lllustrated Atlas', with six vignettes include a view of the city from Williamsburg and a New York paddle steamer. This is one of the most decorative town plans of the City to appear in an atlas in the 19th century. GOSS: Mapping of North America 81.
[Ref: 18940]    £1,300.00 ($1,694 • €1,504 rates)

HOFFMAN, Edward. [A rare prospect of Lawrence, Massachusetts]
View of the City of Lawrence Mass. Dedicated to Samuel Lawrence. Boston: A.J. Wandra, c.1854. Tinted lithograph. Sheet 680 x 975mm. Repair to bottom right margin.
A large prospect of Lawrence, an industrial settlement founded by a consortium intending to use the waters of the Merrimack River to power mills. Named after one of the founding industrialists, Abbott Lawrence (1792-1855), this view seems to have been published at the time of Lawrence's incorporation as a city in 1853. Although built with philanthropic ideals (the text counts 14 churches and 14 schools), Lawrence was still hardly a worker's paradise: in 1860, only about five years after being named in this print, the Pemberton Mill collapsed, killing 145 of its 800 workers, with 166 injured.
[Ref: 19185]    £1,600.00 ($2,085 • €1,851 rates)

BACHMANN, John. [An early bird's-eye view of New York]
Bird's Eye View of New-York & Brooklyn. New York: John Bachmann, 1856. Tinted lithograph finished with hand colour. Sheet 720 x 945mm.
A spectacular elevated prospect of New York from above Ellis Island, with Governors Island lower right. The view dates from before the building of any bridges and, on the rivers, sailing ships still outnumber paddle steamers. John Bachmann (1814-96) was born in Switzerland and worked as a lithographer in Switzerland and Paris before emigrating to America c.1847. He produced the first major series of bird's-eye views of American cities, including New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Havana as well as Boston.
[Ref: 19270]    £7,500.00 ($9,773 • €8,678 rates)

MILLER, James. [Mid-19th century plan of New York City]
New York City Map. New York: James Miller, 1857. Colour-printed wood-engraving. Printed area 410 x 730mm. Binding folds flattened.
A detailed plan of New York City, with Jersey City, Hoboken and Brooklyn, with extensive indexes. Of interest is the design of Central Park, depicted a year before it opened and fifteen years before the landscaping was finished. It is estimated that 1,600 residents (mainly free blacks and Irish emigrants) had to be evicted in 1857, the year of this map's publication.
[Ref: 18298]    £850.00 ($1,108 • €983 rates)

NOGUERA, C. [An uncommon Spanish sea chart of the Eastern Seaboard]
Carta Esferica de las costas orientales de la America Setentrional que comprehende desde Nueva York hasta el Golfo S.n Lorenzo con parte de la Isla Terranova. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1828-c.1863. Touches of original colour. 640 x 950mm.
A Spanish chart of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States from Long Island north to the Gulf of the St Lawrence & Newfoundland, with the St Lawrence River to Quebec included. The lighthouses marked in colour.
[Ref: 11859]    £550.00 ($717 • €636 rates)

DE LORENZO, J. [An uncommon Spanish sea chart of North Carolina]
America Septentrional. Costa Este. Hoja IV. Carolina del Norte, desde El Cabo Fear hasta El Lago de Albermarle, segun los trabajos de loa Estados-Unidos ejecutados desde 1854 á 1857, y adiacionados en 1865. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1868. Touches of original colour. 640 x 1000mm.
A Spanish sea chart based on American charts, showing from Cape Fear north to Albermarle Sound. The lighthouses marked in colour. Further inland the railway from Wilmington to Goldsboro and on towards Halifax is marked.
[Ref: 11861]    £2,000.00 ($2,606 • €2,314 rates)

DIRECCION HIDROGRAFICA DE MADRID. [An uncommon Spanish sea chart of Georgia & South Carolina]
America Septentrional. Costa Este. Hoja III. Georgia y Carolina del Sur, desde Savannah hasta Capo Fear, segun los trabajos de loa Estados Unidos ejecutados desde 1855 á 1857, con adiacionados y correcciones hasta 1860. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1868. Touches of original colour. 640 x 1000mm.
A Spanish sea chart based on American charts, showing from Savannah north to Cape Fear, with insets of Bulls Bay and Cape Island, both just north of Savannah. The lighthouses marked in colour. Inland the railways are marked.
[Ref: 11862]    £1,500.00 ($1,955 • €1,736 rates)

SERZ, John. [A scarce bird's-eye view of Philadelphia]
Philadelphia and Environs / und umgegend. Philadelphia: Ignatius Kohler, c.1880. Steel engraving, Printed area 405 x 555mm.
A late-19th century aerial view of Philadelphia, drawn and engraved by John Serz (c.1810-78), a German-born artist who came to New York in 1849 and moved to Philadelphia in 1851. The elaborate border contains a few names of landmarks.
[Ref: 19184]    £2,000.00 ($2,606 • €2,314 rates)

SCHREIBER, J.F. [Niagara Falls]
Der Niagarafall in Nord-Amerika Germany, 1873. Chromolithograph. 280 x 380mm.
An interesting panoramic view of Niagara Falls and river in the distance, with people in foreground standing on high cliffs.
[Ref: 15997]    £150.00 ($195 • €174 rates)

Anonymous. [A 19th century view of the harbour of Boston frozen over]
The Cunard Royal Mail Steamship Britannia (John Hewitt, Commander). As she appeared leaving her dock at East Boston February 3d. 1844 bound from Boston to Liverpool. Boston: Cunard Steamship Company, 1876. Tinted lithograph finished with hand colour. Sheet 550 x 710mm.
The second edition of this uncommon view of Boston harbour icebound, first published in 1844, showing the people of the city standing on the ice watching the 'Britannia' escaping. In January 1844 a severe cold snap caused Boston Harbour to freeze over, a rare occurrence. According to the title the local merchants paid for a canal to be cut through ice seven miles long, allowing this paddle steamer to leave. Although the print was published to celebrate the achievement, it backfired as it showed the harbour could be put out of action, unlike New York.
[Ref: 19265]    £1,850.00 ($2,411 • €2,140 rates)

Records: 51 to 60 of 97
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