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 English Counties 

SPEED, John. [Speed's map of Cambridgeshire]
Cambridgshire described with the division of the hundreds, the townes situation with the Armes of the Colleges of that famous Universiti. London: Henry Overton, c.1720. Original colour. 380 x 520mm, wide margins. Two expertly-repaired tears in margins.
Engraved by Jodocus Hondius, this is one of the most decorative maps of the county, with two columns of college arms, a plan of the city of Cambridge and the figures of four scholars. The last edition of Speed's county atlas with text was in 1676; afterwards the plates were sold to another publisher, Christopher Browne (c.1690), then John Overton (c.1700). His son Henry took over the business in 1707 and published four editions of his county atlas (generally using fewer than half the Speed maps, without text) before his death in 1751. SKELTON: 92.
[Ref: 15665]    £1,500.00 ($1,893 • €1,662 rates)

SPEED, John. [A rare later printing of John Speed's map of Kent]
Kent with Her Cities and Earles Described and observed. London, Henry Overton, c.1720, blank reverse. Contemporary colour. 380 x 510mm.
Speed's famous decorative map of Kent, with inset plans of Canterbury (with a 74-point key) and Rochester, seven armorials and a Royal Crest above the map. It was originally published in his county atlas, the 'Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain', first published in 1612, with an English text on verso giving a history of the county; this example was printed nearly fifty years after the last edition of the full atlas, with no text on the back. The only updating done to the century-old copper plates are: three roads, London to Dover, Hythe and Rye, taken from Ogilby's road atlas; and Overton's name as publisher.
[Ref: 18186]    £850.00 ($1,073 • €942 rates)

WARBURTON, John. [Rare map of Middlesex, Essex and Herts]
The Counties of Essex Middlesex & Hertfordshire Actualy Survey'd by Several Hands, Corrected and Amended & Humbly Dedicated to the Nobility of the Said Counties... London: Philip Overton and Thomas Bowles, 1726. Original colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 605 x 950mm. Some restoration.
A large map of the three counties, with an inset plan of St Albans and a prospect of Colchester. Warburton, Joseph Bland and Payler Smith published their survey in 1720, with the map surrounded with 738 armorials of local nobles whose subscription paid for the publication. As Overton and Bowles were not getting the subscriptions this pirate dispenses with the armorials but adds the plan and prospect. RODGER: Large Scale Maps of the British Isles, 181.
[Ref: 12907]    £1,100.00 ($1,388 • €1,219 rates)

COLLINS, Greenvile. [Sea chart of Fowey and Mounts Bay, Cornwall]
Fowey & Mounts-Bay Is Most Humbly Presented And Dedicates to the Right Reverend Father in God Jonathan Lord Bishop of Bristoll, by Capt. Greenvile Collins, Hydrographr. To the King. London: Mount & Page, c.1738. 480 x 580mm.
Sea chart of the west bank of the mouth of the river Fowey with towns, churches and castles. In the top left corner is an inset map of Mounts Bay with St Michael's Mount, Penzance and Mouse Hole. An elaborate cartouche holds the title and dediication. The chart was publshed in 'Great Britain’s Coasting Pilot', an atlas of 48 charts of British waters surveyed by Captain Greenvile Collins between 1681-88. Collins, who was made Hydrographer to King Charles II in 1679, was sponsored by Trinity House, the corporation in charge of Britain's lighthouses, buoys and other navigational aids, to whom this chart is dedicated.
[Ref: 17855]    £270.00 ($341 • €299 rates)

GRUNDY, John (Senior and Junior). [Antique map of the proposed canal scheme in Lincolnshire]
A Map of the Ancient River Witham... and... of all Rivers and Drains of any note that have their Outfalls into the same, together with... the Station Points of our Levelling Notes... by John Grundy Sen.r & Jun.r of Spalding in Lincolnshire, Engineers Anno Dom. 1743. Spalding, 1743. 440 x 725mm. Paper toned, single worm hole, ink stamp of the Depot de la Marine upper centre.
An antique plan to improve the river traffic between Lincoln and Boston, one of two competing schemes, against one by William Jackson and Daniel Coppin. It was not until 1762 that an Act of Parliament was passed for improvements to the river Witham and the final act for draining Holland Fen was not obtained until 1767.
[Ref: 12328]    £785.00 ($991 • €870 rates)

JACKSON, William & COPPIN, Daniel. [Antique map of the proposed canal scheme in Lincolnshire]
A Map of the Ancient River Witham, with its Alterations by William Jackson & c. To the right Worshipfull the Mayor and Corporation of Lincolnshire This Plan &c. is humbly Inscribed by their most humble serv.ts Will.m Jackson & D.Coppin. c.1745. 430 x 710mm. Paper toned, some worming, ink stamp of the Depot de la Marine upper centre.
Antique map showing a plan to improve the river traffic between Lincoln and Boston, using 'Lord Fitzwilliam's Forty Foot Drain', an unsucessful attempt to drain Holland Fen to the west of Boston built in 1720. This was one of two competing schemes, against one by John Grundy. It was not until 1762 that an Act of Parliament was passed for improvements to the river Witham and the final act for draining Holland Fen was not obtained until 1767. In 1745 Coppin published his 'Proposals for the more effectual draining all the levels contiguous to the river Witham from the city of Lincoln to Chappie Hill'.
[Ref: 12327]    £785.00 ($991 • €870 rates)

WILLDEY, George. [Uncommon map of Cambridgeshire from a Saxton county atlas]
Cambridge-Shire and the Great Level of ye Fenns extending into the Adjacent Shires, according to Surveys as it is now drained at the Charges of ye R.t Hon.ble W. Earl of Bedford, & ye other Proprieters by S.r Jonas Moore, &c. London: Thomas Jefferys, c.1749. Coloured. 404 x 480mm.
An uncommon map of Cambridgeshire, reduced from the 16-sheet map by Sir Jonas Moore, published in Jefferys' edition of the Saxton county atlas. In the original Saxton edition of 1579 Cambridge was one of five counties on one plate. Philip Lea had Moore's map copied for his 1689 edition, but when George Willdey bought Lea's stock in 1730 the plate was missing, so he had this close copy engraved. For his edition Jefferys had Willdey's imprint removed. SHIRLEY: BM Atlases T.SAX-1k.
[Ref: 15847]    £1,250.00 ($1,578 • €1,385 rates)

ENGELBRECHT, Martin. [Vue d'optique of Oxford University]
Omnium Sanctrum Basilica, in Universitate urbis Oxfordiae, L'Eglise de tous les Saints dans L'Universite d'Oxford Paris, c.1750. Original colour. 210 x 310mm. Top margin restored.
A view of The Church of All Saints in The University of Oxford. As a 'vuë-d'optique' (designed to be viewed through a zograzcope, a device that used lenses and mirrors to give perspective, the image is reversed. Martin Engelbrecht (1684-1756) was a German engraver and publisher.
[Ref: 18962]    £340.00 ($429 • €377 rates)

MILTON, Thomas. [Fine plan of the naval dockyard at Sheerness, Kent]
A Geometrical Plan, & West Elevation of His Majesty's Dock-Yard and Garrison, at Sheerness; with the Ordnance Wharf &c. London, 1755. 495 x 660mm.
A plan and prospect of the famous naval dockyard, finely engraved by P.C.Canot after Milton, both with a 24-point key. Around the whole is a rococo frame-like border containing vignette scenes of the works of the dockyard, drawn by John Clevely, a shipwright whose son James Clevely jnr is famous for his painting of the death of Captain Cook. Sheerness Naval Dockyard was founded by Samuel Pepys in 1663 to improve the defences on the eastern coast of England, at a time the Dutch were a threat. Indeed the Dutch admiral De Ruyter actually occupied the town of Sheerness briefly in 1667. Consequently the defences were constantly improved, including a remodel by John Rennie, opened in 1823.
[Ref: 8492]    £1,100.00 ($1,388 • €1,219 rates)

BOWEN, Emanuel. [A large-format map of Leicester and Rutland]
An Accurate Map of the Counties of Leicester and Rutland divided into their respective hundreds ... London: Tinney & Sayer, c.1756. Original colour. 570 x 740mm. A very good example.
A large map of Leicester and Rutland with dedications to the Most Noble John Duke of Rutland, ... and To the Rt. Honourable Brownlow Cecil, Earl of Exeter.
[Ref: 15152]    £280.00 ($353 • €310 rates)

Records: 51 to 60 of 103
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