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SEUTTER, Matthäus. [England divided into the Saxon Heptarchy]
Britanniæ sive Angliæ Regnum, tam secundum prisca Anglo-Saxonum Imperia... Augsburg, c.1740. Original body colour. 575 x 490mm. Dark impression, very fine example.
Seutter's map of England & Wales, with contemporary placenames but coloured to separate the Saxon kingdoms that existed before the Norman Conquest in 1066. The fine allegorical title cartouche represents the wealth of the country, including ships, sheep and knowledge. SHIRLEY: British Isles 1650-1750, Seutter 2, state 2.
[Ref: 15383]    £380.00 ($486 • €426 rates)

BUCK, Samuel & Nathaniel. [The Buck prospect of Liverpool]
The South West Prospect of Liverpoole, in the County Palatine of Lancaster. London: S. & N. Buck, 1728-. 255 x 715mm.
A prospect of Liverpool with a short description and a 20-point key. It was published in a series of 'Cities and Towns', available separately and bound. At the time they were printed each sheet would half cost approximately half a crown each.
[Ref: 16911]    £600.00 ($767 • €673 rates)

MOUNT & PAGE. [An important chart of the east coasts of England]
A Chart for the Newcastle Trade Describeing the Sea Coasts of England from the South Foreland to New:castle the Soundings, Sands, Shoals, Harbours Buoys Beacons and Seamarks, upon ye said Coasts. London: W. & J. Mount and T. Page, 1747. Two sheets conjined, total 510 x 1000mm.
The east coast of England, orientatedwith north to the right, showing from Hythe in Kent to Tynemouth in what was Northumberland, also showing the Thames to London. Insets show the Harwich roads, the Yarmouth Sands and a detail of the coast from Sunderland to Blyth. This chart was first published in Mount & Page's 'The English Pilot. The Second Book' in 1729. It was replaced with a copy engraved by Mynde in 1770.
[Ref: 15582]    £650.00 ($831 • €729 rates)

THORNTON, John. [An important chart of the English Channel]
A New & Correct draught of the Channell between England & France Shewing ye Sands Shoales depth of Water & Anchorage on ye said Coasts with the setting of the tydes and the time of High Water as observed by Cap.t Edm. Halley. London: W. & J. Mount and T. Page, 1747. Two sheets conjined, total 450 x 820mm. Narrow margins top and bottom due to the size of the chart.
A detailed chart of the English Channel based on the observations carried out in 1701 by Edmond Halley. It shows from the Scilly Islands to the Straits of Dover, with insets of the Thames Estuary, the Scilly Islands and the Solent. It was first published in Thornton's 'Atlas Maritimus', with a dedication to Admiral of the Fleet Cloudesley Shovell, ironically placed next to the Scilly Islands inset, where Shovell's fleet famously ran around, prompting the institution of the Longitude Prize. This example was published in an edition of Mount & Page's 'The English Pilot. The First Book'.
[Ref: 15574]    £1,100.00 ($1,406 • €1,233 rates)

THORNTON, John. [An early 18th century chart of the Thames Estuary]
A Draught of the Sands, Shoals, Buoys, Beacons, & Sea Marks Upon the Coast of England from the South Foreland to Orford. London: W. & J. Mount and T. Page, 1748. 440 x 530mm.
A sea chart of the coasts of England from Dover to Orford Ness, orientated with north to the right. Two insets detail the Thames to London and the coast of Reculvers in Kent. First published c,1692, this chart has an exceptional number of depth soundings for the period, a sign of how important safe navigation into the Thames was becoming.
[Ref: 16959]    £350.00 ($447 • €392 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [18th century map of the English Channel]
La plus grande partie de la Manche, qui contient les cotes d' Angleterre et celles de France... Augsburg: Tobias Lotter, c.1760. Original colour. 500 x 570mm. Very fine impression.
Map of the English Channel from Portland to Dover, but also showing England north to Gloucester, Oxford, London and Colchester, with the Post Roads marked. Filling the Channel is a large maritime-themed cartouche, showing mythological and allegorical figures including Poseidon, Mercury and Peace.
[Ref: 14061]    £480.00 ($613 • €538 rates)

SANTINI, Paolo. [18th century map of England & Wales]
Le Royaume d'Angleterre, divisé selon les Sept Royaumes, ou Heptarchie des Saxons, avec La Principauté de Galles; et subdivisé en Shires ou Comtés Par Le S.r Robert. Venice, 1778. Original outline colour. 480 x 520mm.
England & Wales, shown divided into the Saxon kingdoms, but with contemporary detail on the maps.
[Ref: 14161]    £225.00 ($288 • €252 rates)

DENIS, Louis. [A French map of the English Channel during the American Revolutionary War]
Carte de la Manche Dressée d'après les Origineaux Tirés de France et d'Angleterre. Paris: Bassett, 1780. Coloured. 515 x 730mm.
A French map of the English Channel published while the French and British were at war. France joined the American Revolutionary War in 1778, supplying arms and munitions to help the Americans fight the British. However the theatre of war was not only North America: the British and French also fought in the West Indies and India, although not in the English Channel.
[Ref: 14200]    £500.00 ($639 • €561 rates)

KITCHIN, Thomas. [A four-sheet wall map of England and Wales]
A New Map of England & Wales, Drawn from several Surveys on the New Projection; Corrected from Astronomical Observations, and the Places marked where the Observat.ns were made... The Canals inserted in 1792 by J.Phillips. London: Laurie & Whittle, 1794. Original outline colour. Four sheets conjoined, total 1280 x 1080mm. Minor repairs to binding folds.
A wall map of England and Wales, with the roads and canals marked. The elaborate title cartouche represents: the country's wealth, with sheep, fish and a chest of coins; and military & naval superiority, with a solider, sailor and a clock, the essential navigational tool.
[Ref: 16009]    £1,600.00 ($2,045 • €1,794 rates)

KEULEN, Gerard Hulst Van. [Pair of "Blue-backs" of the English Channel]
Nieuwe Wassende Zeekaart vanHet Geheele Canaal, met alle daar aanbehoorende Kusten van Frankryk en Engeland... Amsterdam, 1805. Four sheets joined in pairs, both totalling 805 x 990mm. Laid on blue back, as issued, some signs of wear.
A pair of Dutch blue-back charts of the English Channel, showing Southern Ireland, the Scillys and Cornwall on the west sheet, and from Dartmouth east to Sheppey and London on the English side, and Morlais to Calais on the continent. Insets show details of Ramsgate, Cherbourg and Le Havre harbours. Along the bottom are longitude numerals marked off from both Greenwich and Tenerife. Originally published a few years earlier, this example has a pasted label with the 1805 date. At the time the Dutch were allies of the French: the following year Louis Bonaparte was made king of Holland. Van Keulen credits Cassini, Thomas Jefferys and John Hamilton Moore.
[Ref: 7931]    £875.00 ($1,118 • €981 rates)

Records: 51 to 60 of 354
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