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 Decorative Items 

Anonymous. [An Italian anti-capitalist satire]
I Popoli Avanzano sulla via del Socialismo e dell'Indipendenza Nazionale. [''The People's Advance on the path of Socialism and National Independence'.] Torino, 1957. Colour printed map, sheet 315 x 435mm. Some surface soiling.
A satire comparing 1917 and 1957. On the left an industrialist of 1917, wearing a stove top hat decorated with the Union Jack & Stars and Stripes and with a howitzer strapped to his back, attempts to keep the world wrapped in his chains; only Soviet Russia has broken free. On the right is the industrialist of 1957, an atomic missle replacing the gun, sweating heavily as the flags of twenty more countries in Europe and Asia break free of the capitalist chains.
[Ref: 18300]    £475.00 ($639 • €541 rates)

Anonymous. [A socialist protest poster after the 1974 military coup in Portugal]
Il Portogallo non sara' il Chile d'Europa. Italian, c.1974. Lithograph, printed in black and red. Sheet 410 x 305mm.
A poster with the head of a soldier wearing a helmet, his face made from a map of Portugal. Above is the anti-fascist slogan 'Portugal will not be the Chile of Europe'; this was the slogan of the 'Carnation Revolution' which overthrew the authoritarian regime of the Estado Novo in April 1974. The hope was that the coup wasn't going to emulate Augusto Pinochet's coup of 1973, which saw a thousand executions in the first six months, the abolition of civil liberties and 500% inflation in the first year. Instead Portugal evolved into a democratic country.
[Ref: 17591]    £900.00 ($1,211 • €1,025 rates)

Records: 51 to 52 of 52
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