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DECKER, Paul. [The landing of Archduke Charles at Barcelona in 1705]
Die Anländung Königs Caroli in Catalonien und Erfolgter Einzug in Barcelona. Lo Sbarco in Catalinia del Re Carlo et Intrada sua in Barcelona. Augsburg, Jeremias Wolff, c.1720. Etching, 470 x 375mm.
The arrival of Archduke Charles of Austria at Barcelona, trying to force his claim to the Spanish throne, resulting in the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-14), in which England gained both Gibraltar and Minorca. The central scene is surrounded by a rococo border with an Italian text description printed from a separate plate, allowing editions in different languages. This plate was etched by Johann August Corvinus after a painting by Paul Decker, and was published by Wolff in 'Repraesentatio belli, ob successionem in Regno Hispanico...', a history of the war.
[Ref: 18684]    £850.00 ($1,086 • €953 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [Early 18th century map of Barcelona in beautiful colour]
Barcino Metropolis Hispanici Principatus Cataloniæ... Augsburg, c.1730. Bright original colour. 500 x 580mm. Minor repairs to margins.
A plan of Barcelona, concentrating on the defences, including Montjuïc Castle, with a 19-point key. Underneath is a prospect, with a 22-point key. Both map and view are decorated with ships.
[Ref: 17441]    £1,500.00 ($1,917 • €1,682 rates)

KEULEN, Johannes van. [A scarce early 18th century Dutch sea chart of Majorca]
Nieuwe Afteekening van het Eyland Maiorca Geleegewn ub de Middelandsche Zee Tussen de Eylanden Minorca en Yvica Met all desselfs geleengentheeden In't Groot. Amsterdam, c.1734. 480 x 590mm. Rust hole filled, with a few other small repairs.
A rare chart of Majorca, but with considerable inland detail including the roads. It appeared in the sea-atlas 'De Nieuwe Groote Lichtende Zee-Fackel' from 1734. KOEMAN: Keu 95.
[Ref: 18577]    £2,350.00 ($3,003 • €2,634 rates)

SESONE, Fran. [An 18th century reversed view of Barcelona]
Veduta della Città e del Porto di Barcellona, Capitale della Catalogna in Spagna. Naples, c.1740. 165 x 330mm. Binding folds flattened.
An attractive prospect of Barcelona, engraved by Sesone. However he has reversed the image, so the Lighthouse is on the left of the harbour!
[Ref: 9526]    £225.00 ($288 • €252 rates)

SESONE, Fran. [18th century view of Barcelona]
Veduta della Città e del Porto di Barcellona, Capitale della Catalogna in Spagna. Naples, c.1740. Coloured, 165 x 330mm.
A prospect of Barcelona, engraved by Sesone. Showing the Lighthouse, Sta Maria del Mar and the castle of Montjuic to the extreme left.
[Ref: 10720]    £250.00 ($320 • €280 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [An early example of Seutter's map of the Balearics]
Carte des Iles de Maiorque, Minorque et d'Yvice... 1741. Augsburg, 1741. Original colour. 490 x 550mm.
Map of the Balearics after Bellin, with an inset plan of the defences of Mahon Harbour, engraved by T.C. Lotter, and a chart showing the islands' position relative to the Spanish coast. An early example: a later state had the plan of Mahon enlarged as the British strengthened Fort St Philip, with the six lines of French text underneath removed.
[Ref: 18190]    £950.00 ($1,214 • €1,065 rates)

BASIRE, Isaac. [A plan of Mahon Harbour with St Philip's Castle]
Plan of the Town and Harbour of Mahon, St. Philip's Castle, and its Fortifications. London, Tindall, c.1745. Coloured. 370 x 625mm.
A chart of the deep-water harbour of Mahon in Minorca which, together with Gibraltar, allowed Britain's navy to spend the winter in the western Mediterranean for most of the 18th century. To defend the entrance of the harbour the British built St Philip's Castle, their most expensive fortification ever built. Published in Rapin & Tindall's 'History of England'.
[Ref: 17212]    £450.00 ($575 • €504 rates)

AYROUARD, Jacques. [A scarce sea chart of Barcelona Harbour]
Plan du Port de Barcelone en Catalogne. Paris?, 1732-46. 300 x 465mm.
An uncommon chart of the harbour of Barcelona, engraved by Louis Corne for Ayrouard's 'Recueil de Plusiers Plans des Ports et Rades et de Quelque Cartes Particulieres de la Mer Mediterranée'. What little is known about Ayrouard comes from the text of this sea atlas: he describes himself as 'Royal pilot of the King’s Galleys', who drew these charts on voyages undertaken in this role. The engraver, Louis Corne, is not known to have worked on any other maps other than this series.
[Ref: 14127]    £500.00 ($639 • €561 rates)

LE ROUGE, Georges-Louis. [Mahon & Gibraltar besieged during the Seven Years' War.]
Gibraltar Avec les nouveaux ouvrages faits depuis le dernier Siege. Les Lignes Espagnoles Levé nouvellement sur les Lieux. Plan du Port et Ville de Mahon, du Fort S.t Philippe et ses Fortifications. Paris: 1756. 505 x 690mm.
Scarce broadsheet maps of two of Britain's Mediterranean possessions, published when both were under siege during the Seven Years War (1756-63). At the top is Gibraltar, oreintated with north to the left, with a 40-point key listing features of both the British defences and the Spanish siege lines crossing the neck of the peninsula. To the right is an inset chart of the western Mediterranean. Underneath is Mahon Harbour, then Britain's most important naval base outside the British Isles, orientated with north to the bottom right, with a 32-point key. At the mouth of the harbour is St Philip's Castle and Fort Marlborough, the latter being the only part of the British defences still extant. MapForum.Com: Checklist of Charts of Mahon Harbour, 36, state 1 of 2.
[Ref: 16377]    £850.00 ($1,086 • €953 rates)

HOMANN HEIRS. [Minorca with prospects of Mahon and St Philip's Fort]
Carte Topographique de L'Isle Minorque Dédiée et Presenté au Roy Par le Chevalier de Beaurain... Nuremberg, 1757. Original colour. 450 x 550mm.
The Chevalier de Beaurain completed the first French survey of Minorca following their capture of island from the English in 1756; however the French were forced to return it at the end of the Seven Years' War. Under the map are two prospects, showing Mahon and Fort St. Philippe (the most expensive fortification ever built by the English), guarding the entrance to Mahon Harbour.
[Ref: 16538]    £850.00 ($1,086 • €953 rates)

Records: 51 to 60 of 79
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