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 Northern Italy 

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [17th century map of Trento]
Territorio di Trento. Amsterdam, c.1640, French edition. Coloured. 385 x 500mm.
Antique map of Trento, with fine cartouches for the title and scale. KOEMAN: Bl 35a.
[Ref: 12052]    £250.00 ($321 • €292 rates)

JANSSON, Jan. [Parma & Piacenza]
Ducato di Parma et Piacenza. Amsterdam: Heirs of Jan Jansson, 1666, Latin text. Original colour. 385 x 490mm.
With a decorative title cartouche. Published in the 'Atlas Contractus', a two-volume atlas, published two years after Jansson's death by his son-in-law, Jan Jansson van Waesbergen. KOEMAN: Me 184 & 185.
[Ref: 8411]    £200.00 ($257 • €234 rates)

JANSSON, Jan. [Antique map of the Veneto region in Italy]
Dominium Venetum in Italia. Amsterdam, c.1680, blank verso. Original colour. 505 x 630mm. Centre fold split repaired.
Veneto and Istria, with decorative cartouches for the title and scale, and the arms of Venice.
[Ref: 12081]    £280.00 ($360 • €327 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [17th century miniature view of Venice]
Venise. Frankfurt, 1686. Coloured. 110 x 150mm.
Prospect of Venice, published in the German edition of 'Description de l'Univers'.
[Ref: 17511]    £160.00 ($206 • €187 rates)

DAPPER, Olfert. [17th century map of Venice]
Venetien. Amsterdam, 1688. 130 x 165mm, set in text.
Original antique town plan of Venice, published in the only edition of Dapper's 'Naukeurige beschrijving van Morea, eertijts Peloponnesus' (Description of the Morea). Venice is included because the city was fighting to liberate the Morea from the Turks. MORETTO: 96, but unidentified.
[Ref: 12383]    £200.00 ($257 • €234 rates)

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [The Maritime Alps.]
Le Quattro Valli, di Lucerne, Angrogna, S.Martino, e la Perosa... Venice, c.1690. 455 x 605mm. Small repair on centrefold.
A detailed map of the Maritme Alps, centred on Mt Viso, on the French/Italian border, marking the passes through the mountains.
[Ref: 10278]    £450.00 ($578 • €526 rates)

NOLIN, Jean Baptiste. [A 17th Century two-sheet Map of Piedmont & Savoy]
Les Etats de Savoye et de Piemont... Paris, 1691. Original outline colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 810 x 615mm. A fine example.
A large and decorative map with a fine baroque title cartouche with allegorical figures, four townplans and a prospect of Chambery, and inset plans of Turin and Vercelli, and a view of the fortress of Verrve. The map was published to illustrate the theatre of the Nine Years's War, in which the French fought to keep control over the area.
[Ref: 11391]    £1,100.00 ($1,414 • €1,285 rates)

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [A superb 17th century plan of Venice]
Citta di Venetia. Venice, c.1693. Two sheets conjoined, total 490 x 770mm. Remargined at top, as usual with this large format plate.
A magnificent, large-scale bird's-eye view of Venice, surrounded by armorials of the Venetian nobility on a garland, the Venetian lion top centre. This is an example of the first state (of three), still with the date of 1693 in the dedication roundel. This is a scarce map: it did not appear in all of Coronelli's atlases and the examples that did were often damaged because of the large height and width. MORETTO: 114, first state of three, 'considered one of the most beautiful and appreciated Venetian maps'.
[Ref: 17736]    £9,000.00 ($11,565 • €10,512 rates)

BODENEHR, Gabriel. [Casale]
Die Cittadella von Casal. Augsburg, c.1700. 160 x 135mm.
Plan of the defences of Casale in Piedmont, with a six-point key.
[Ref: 10332]    £70.00 ($90 • €82 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [18th century town plan of Milan]
Milan Ville des plus Grandes. Paris, 1700. Coloured. 230 x 340mm. Paper toned.
Town plan of Milan showing the walls of the city, with a 140-point key. This example is from the first edition of De Fer's Atlas Curieux.
[Ref: 16709]    £220.00 ($283 • €257 rates)

Records: 51 to 60 of 205
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