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KITCHIN, Thomas. [A wall map of the British Flanders Campaign of the French Revolutionary War]
A New Map of the Netherlands or Low Countries, with the South Part of the Provinces of Holland, Utrecht, & Gelders, and the whole of Zeeland. London: Laurie & Whittle, 1794. Original full body colour. Four sheets, dissected and laid on linen as issued. Total 980 x 1210mm. A few signs of use.
A folding map of the Austrian Netherlands, published during the Flanders Campaign of the French Revolutionary War. The large vignette above the title shows the Siege of Valenciennes in 1793, in which the British and Austrians under Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany, took the city from the Republicans. Frederick, shown here on horseback, waving his hat, was welcomed by the French population, who tore down the Republican Tricolour and proclaimed him King of France. Unfortunately this was one of the few successes of the campaign: the following year the Coalition was forced to retreat, reaching Bremen in Hanover in the Spring of 1795, leaving the Dutch Republic in the hands of France. This is an unusual presentation of this map: normally it is found in Laurie & Whittle atlases with basic outline colour, so this example seems to have been published in the short period of Allied success, possibly for a serving officer.
[Ref: 15434]    £1,250.00 ($1,625 • €1,438 rates)


FER, Nicolas de. [Rare map of the Danube on three sheets]
Le Cours du Danube Depuis et des Riviéres qui s'y Déchargent ou se trouvent les Froniéres des Empires d'Allemagne et de Turquie... Paris, 1688. Coloured. Map on three sheets conjoined, total 660 x 1320mm. Minor restoration.
A monumental map of the course of the Danube, decorated with a title cartouche featuring medallion portraits of the rulers of the countries. Around the sides are prospect of towns in the region. This separate-issue map was published during the war between the Royal Roman Empire and the Ottomans, in which the Danuube was a major frontier.
[Ref: 12016]    £6,000.00 ($7,800 • €6,900 rates)


ANVILLE, Jean Baptiste B. D'. [A two-sheet 18th Century wall map of Italy]
L'Italie Publiée sous les Auspices de Monseigneur le Duc D'Orleans Premier Prince du Sang. Paris, 1743. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 830 x 690mm.
A large and impressive map of Italy, with the title on a banner drawn by Coypel and engraved by Aveline.
[Ref: 12297]    £750.00 ($975 • €863 rates)

HEYMANN, Ignazio. [An uncommon antique wall-map of Italy]
Italia con tutte li grande e picciole Sovranta e Republica. Trieste: Ignazio Heymann, 1799; engraving on four uncut sheets, platemarks approximately 560 x 530mm each sheet , in original outline colour. An excellent example.
Original antique map of Italy on a large scale ( wall map size) presented in four separate sheets engraved on a decorative banner background, the key within a stone pediment with vignette scene of Romulus and Remus. Borrri: L'Italia, 250 (ill.): giving the map 8 out 10 for rarity.
[Ref: 8272]    £1,500.00 ($1,950 • €1,725 rates)

 Northern Italy 

CERRUTI, Agostino. [A two-sheet old map of the Po River]
Cursus Fluminis Padi vel Po per Longobardiam a fonte usque ad Ostia... Nuremberg, Homann Heirs, 1735. Original colour with additions. Two sheets conjoined, total 520 x 1155mm. Narrow margins top and bottom as issued
Two-sheet map of the course of the River Po across northern Italy from its source in the mountains above Turin to the Gulf of Venice, based on Cerruti's six-sheet map, as published by De Rossi in Rome, 1703.
[Ref: 12221]    £1,300.00 ($1,690 • €1,495 rates)

BORGONIO, Giovanni Tommaso. [An important wall map of the Kingdom of Sardinia]
Carta Corografica degli Stati di S.M. il re di Sardegna data in luce dall'Ingegnere Borgonio nel 1683 corretta ed accresciuta nell'anno 1772. Jacobus Stagnonus incidit Taurini 1772. Paris: Jean Goujon, c.1801. 25 sheets, dissected and laid on linen in four sections, as issued, total area 2030 x 1520mm. With the original calf gilt box, worn. Ink stamp of the "Dépôt de la Guerre" on each section.
Giovanni Tommaso Borgonio's monumental 25-sheet map of the Kingdom of Sardinia, as corrected by Jacobo Stagnon in 1772. This example was issued by Jean Goujon for the 'Dépôt de la Guerre', the official cartographers of the French army, probably for the Italian campaigns of the French Revolutionary Wars. Extending west to east from the French border to Piacenza, and from the Swiss Alps ( Lake Geneva) to Nice Genoa and La Spezia . The Alps / mountains shown with hachuring illustrating heights. The title is is a tromp l'oeil scroll, with other decorations including a large compass rose and sea battles in the Ligurian Sea. The important towns have their defensive walls shown and armorials denote the old regions.
[Ref: 11494]    £8,500.00 ($11,050 • €9,775 rates)


LEONARDO, Juan Francisco. [Scarce four-sheet map of the Community of Madrid]
Toletum, Hispanici Orbis Urbs... Madrid, 1687. Four sheets conjoined, total 790 x 1080mm.
Detailed map of the environs of Madrid, with sixteen inset vignette views: Madrid; Talavera; Alcaraz; Huescar; Orán; Ventosilla: sitio de Recreation de la Dignidad; El Alcazar; Toledo; Alcala; Ciudad Real; Cazorla; Puente del Arzobispo; Guadalajara; La Santa Iglesia; Puente de Alcántara.
[Ref: 11652]    £10,000.00 ($13,000 • €11,500 rates)


ROUSSEL, Capt. [Large & decorative plan of Paris]
Paris, ses Fauxbourgs et ses Environs... Paris, Ch.Chardon, c.1860. Heliogravure, coloured, two sheets conjoined, total 820 x 1070mm.
A half-sized reduction of a superbly detailed plan of Paris and its immediate surroundings, made using one of the first photo-engraving techniques. The original, published in 1730, was copied by John Rocque for an English edition.
[Ref: 9142]    £950.00 ($1,235 • €1,093 rates)


DE LA ROCHETTE, Louis Stanislas d'Arcy. [Wall Map of Germany]
Map of the Empire of Germany, Including all the States Comprehended Under that Name with the Kingdom of Prussia, &c. London: Laurie & Whittle, 1794. Original colour. Four sheets conjoined, total 1040 x 1240mm.
A very detailed map of Germany, with Switzerland and Austria, engraved by Thomas Kitchin, with a fine title cartouche.
[Ref: 7656]    £500.00 ($650 • €575 rates)

ARROWSMITH, Aaron. [A Napoleonic-War era wall map of Germany]
To his Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, K.G. &c. This Map of the Physical Divisions of Germany, Exhibiting The Post Roads, Canals &c, Constructed from Original Materials Is with Permission Most humbly Inscribed by His Royal Highness's Faithful & most Devoted Servant A. Arrowsmith. London, 1812. Six sheets, dissected and laid on linen as issued, total if joined 2000mm x 2000mm, plus extension 205 x 285mm at bottom, edged with blue silk. Folded into box with calf gilt-lettered spine with marbled sides. Some minor spotting, calf spine scuffed.
An incredibly detailed map of Germany and Austria, with a pair of flaps extending down to the Gulf of Trieste. It wa published the year that Napoleon's defeat in Russia led in a resurgence in Germanic opposition to French domination, with Prussia and Austria joining the Sixth Coalition. The Hanoverian territories belonging to George III had suffered badly in the Napoleonic Wars, being overrun by Prussia (1801), France (1803), Prussia (early 1806) and finally France (late 1806), who integrated it into the the new Kingdom of Westphalia, ruled by Jérôme Bonaparte. Many Hanoverian soldiers left for England, where the 'King's German Legion' was formed in 1803. Their commander-in-chief was Prince Adolphus, 1st Duke of Cambridge (1774-1850), seventh son of George III, to whom this map is dedicated.
[Ref: 14970]    £850.00 ($1,105 • €978 rates)

Records: 51 to 60 of 62
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