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ZATTA, Antonio. [Germany Swabia]
Circolo di Svevia... Venice, 1780. Original outline colour. 325 x 420mm.
Swabia, with Stuttgart
[Ref: 9431]    £70.00 ($88 • €78 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [Germany Lower Saxony]
Il Circolo della Bassa Sassonia divisa ne suoi Stati... Venice, 1780. Original outline colour. 415 x 325mm.
Lower Saxony, with Hamburg and Bremen.
[Ref: 9435]    £70.00 ($88 • €78 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [Germany Upper Saxony]
Parte Meridionale del Circulo dell'Alta Saxonia. Venice, 1780. Original outline colour. 325 x 420mm.
The southern section of Upper Saxony, with Dresden and Meissen.
[Ref: 9438]    £50.00 ($63 • €56 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [Germany Frankfurt]
Il Circolo di Franconia Diviso Ne Suoi Stati Venice, 1780. Original outline colour with additions. 420 x 320mm. Small repair in map area.
The area around Nuremberg.
[Ref: 9490]    £60.00 ($75 • €67 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [Germany Munster]
I Vescovati di Munster, e d'Osnabruk con la Frisia Orientale... Venice, 1782. Original outline colour. 415 x 320mm.
Munster, with Bremen, Oldenburg and Osnabruck.
[Ref: 9436]    £60.00 ($75 • €67 rates)

 Decorative Items 

ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century geographical diagrams]
Tavola Sferica. Venice, 1777. Original colour. 320 x 420mm.
Five diagrams, depicting the rotation of the earth and its relation to the zodiac. With a large compass rose showing the direction of the Mediterranean winds.
[Ref: 19316]    £125.00 ($157 • €139 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [Titlepage for the Atlante Novissimo]
Atlante Novissimo Tomo I. Venice, 1779. . 330 x 440mm.
Beautifully engraved frontispiece of the first volume of Zatta's atlas, issued 1775-85. Winged putti and female allegorical figures use scientific instruments while the chariot of the sun crosses the sky.
[Ref: 18995]    £190.00 ($239 • €212 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century diagrammatical Spheres]
Posizione Diversa Degli Abitanti della Terra. Venice, 1779. Original colour. 320 x 410mm.
Five diagrammatic spheres depicting latitude, longitude and the length and position of daylight hours in relation to the revolutions of the earth, and depictions of the sun, moon and the five known planets.
[Ref: 18997]    £125.00 ($157 • €139 rates)

 Celestial Maps 

ZATTA, Antonio. [Pair of 18th century celestial hemispheres]
Planisfero Celeste Settentrionale Tagliato sul L'Equatore; Planisfero Celeste Meridionale... Venice, 1777. Original colour. Two sheets, each 325 x 415 mm.
The northern and southern night sky. Each plate has four elevations of observatories: Pisa, Bologna, Padova and Milan; and Paris, Greenwich, Cassel and Copenhagen.
[Ref: 19314]    £1,250.00 ($1,571 • €1,393 rates)

Records: 61 to 69 of 69
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