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BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [18th century sea chart of Cuba]
Carte Réduite de L'Isle de Cuba... Paris, Dépôt de la Marine, c.1762. 590 x 890mm.
Large and detailed chart of Cuba with a rococo title cartouche. In 1762 the British took Havana from the Spanish, but returned it according to the Treaty of Paris the following year. Bellin was the first Chief Hydrographer of the Dépôt, the French equivalent of the British Admiralty.
[Ref: 17427]    £1,400.00 ($1,820 • €1,610 rates)

GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE. [Havana during the Seven Years' War]
Plan of the City & Harbour of Havanna. London, 1762. 125 x 195mm.
Map and harbour chart, with soundings, of Havana, Cuba, with a seventeen point key to notable places. The plan was published towards the end of the Seven Years' War, when the British sent five warships and 4,000 men to attack Havana. In the Treaty of Paris the following year Britain swopped Cuba for Florida.
[Ref: 17218]    £220.00 ($286 • €253 rates)

 Central America 

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [Early plans of Mexico City and Cusco]
Mexico, Regia et Celebris Hispaniæ Novae Civitas; Cusco, Regni Peru in Novo Orbe Caput. Cologne, 1572-, Latin text. Coloured. 270 x 475mm.
Two early 'map-views' on one sheet, showing Mexico City and Cusco, the capital cities of the Aztecs and Incas, with the major buildings shown in profile with little consideration for perspective. In the foreground of each are illustrations of Aztec and Inca figures. This plate was published in the 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum', the first systematic series of printed town plans, a monumental six-volume work published 1572-1618. These were the only two American cities depicted. KOEMAN: B&H 1.
[Ref: 17667]    £1,450.00 ($1,885 • €1,668 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [Classic 16th century map of 'New Spain']
Hispaniae Novae Sivae Magnae, Recens et Vera Descriptio. 1579. Antwerp, 1598, French text edition. Coloured. 355 x 510mm.
A detailed map of 'New Spain' in south-west Mexico, showing Mexico City and Guadalajara. The title is surrounded by one of Ortelius' most elaborate strapwork cartouches. The map was published in the 'Theatrum Orbis Terrarum', regarded as the first atlas in the modern sense of the word, with the maps designed to fit the book. VAN DEN BROECKE: 13, state i of ii.
[Ref: 17307]    £700.00 ($910 • €805 rates)

MONTANUS, Arnoldus. [17th century map of Central America]
Yucatan Conventus Iuridici Hispaniae Novae Pars Occidentalis, et Guatimala Conventus Iuridicus. London: John Ogilby, 1671. Coloured. 295 x 350mm.
Shows from Mexico City south to western Panama. This example comes from Ogilby's 'America', an English edition of Montanus' 'De Nieuwe En Onbekende Weereld', published the same year by Meurs.
[Ref: 8748]    £550.00 ($715 • €633 rates)

BONNE, Rigobert. [18th century French map of Mexico]
Carte du Mexique ou de la Nlle Espagne Contenant aussi le Nouveau Mexique, la Californie, avec une Partie des Pays adjacents.... Paris, c.1771. Coloured. 310 x 430mm.
Map of Mexico covering the region from the Chesapeake Bay, through California with Mexico and Central America. Many details, indluding the Jesuit Missions in Mexico and the Southwest, and Indian tribes.
[Ref: 17261]    £400.00 ($520 • €460 rates)

 South America 

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [17th century miniature map of Venezuela]
Castille Neuve ou Castille d' Or. Paris, 1683. Coloured. 160 x 110mm.
Miniature map showing Venezuela, part of Columbia, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. from Mallet's 'Description de l'Univers'.
[Ref: 13126]    £110.00 ($143 • €127 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [French chart of Cartagena and surrounds]
Plan des Villes, Forts, Port, Rade et Environ de Cartagene Située dans l'Amerique Meridionale dans le Province de Terre Ferme appartement aux Espagnols. Paris, 1705. Coloured. 230 x 340mm.
Detailed plan of Catagena in Colombia, with a 12 point key. Its importance as a transit port for precious the metals from the mines in the New Granada and Peru made it a frequent target for pirates and rival European powers. Engraved on copper by Inselin.
[Ref: 17391]    £220.00 ($286 • €253 rates)

COOK, Captain James. [Cook's map of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn]
A Chart of the Southern Extremity of America 1775. London: Strachan & Cadell, 1777. 330 x 335mm.
A chart of the southern tip of South America, tracking the Cook's ship, the 'Resolution' around Cape Horn, published in 'A Voyage towards the South Pole', the official account of Captain Cook's second circumnavigation. The map also showns the Falkland Islands and details the Magellan Straits, neither of which Cook visited on this voyage. An inset details Staten Island.
[Ref: 17450]    £320.00 ($416 • €368 rates)

LEVASSEUR, Victor. [Decorative French map of South America]
Amérique Méridionale. Paris, c.1850. Original outline colour. 310 x 425mm.
Steel engraving, published in the Atlas Universel Illustre, with a highly decorative engraved border, with vignettes of catching horses with bolas, gold mining and animals including a jaguar.
[Ref: 13671]    £170.00 ($221 • €196 rates)

Records: 61 to 70 of 320
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