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 The Caucasus 

BERGHAUS, Dr Heinrich. [Caucasus, Georgia and Armenia]
Die Volker des Kaukasus... Gotha: J. Perthes, 1852. Original colour. 350 x 420mm.
Detailed map of the Caucasus, Georgia and Armenia with tables describing abbreviations used; languages and dialects of the people of these areas according to Carl Koch in 1850.
[Ref: 17386]    £110.00 ($142 • €121 rates)

 Pacific and Australasia 

LEVASSEUR, Victor. [The South Pacific with illustrated borders]
Océanie. Paris, c.1850. Original body colour with additions on the vignettes. Steel engraving, 320 x 450mm.
Steel engraved map of the South Pacific, from the 'Atlas Universel Illustre', with a highly decorative engraved border including vignettes of costumes, portraits, etc.
[Ref: 17828]    £170.00 ($219 • €187 rates)


ASPIN, Jehoshaphat. [An uncommon map of the exploration of New South Wales]
A Chart of New South Wales, Van Diemen's Land, &c. Surveys in the Interior of New South Wales. Van Diemen's Land, from the Most Recent Authorities and Surveys. British Settlements at Port Jackson, &c. Part of Australasia. Edinburgh: John Thomson; London: Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, c.1821. Original colour. 520 x 625mm, paper watermarked 'A Cowan 1821'.
A map of New South Wales with insets of the environs of Sydney, Tasmania and a general map of Australia. The main map marks the few expeditions made into the interior, including searching for the source of the Lachlan River.
[Ref: 17680]    £750.00 ($968 • €824 rates)


LEVASSEUR, Victor. [Decorative 19th century map of Africa]
Afrique. Paris, c.1850. Original body colour on the map with additions to the borders. Steel engraving, 320 x 450mm.
A map of Africa with finely-illustrated border, with vignettes of Cairo, Alexandria and Algiers. Published in the Atlas Universel Illustre. TOOLEY: Africa, p.65, illus.
[Ref: 17826]    £240.00 ($310 • €264 rates)

 Northern Africa 

GOOS, Pieter. [17th Century Sea chart with the Azores, Canaries and Cape Verde Islands]
De Cust van Barbaria, Gualata, Arguyn, en Genheo, van Capo S. Vicente tot Capo Verde. Amsterdam, c.1680. Original colour. 430 x 525mm. A few signs of age.
Sea-chart of north-west Africa, orientated with north to the left, showing northern Africa from the Straits of Gibraltar to Cape Verde, marking the Azores, Madeira, the Canaries and Cape Verde Islands. A cartouche with rampant lion and leopard fills inland Africa.
[Ref: 17619]    £650.00 ($839 • €714 rates)

CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham. [The River Nile]
Description du Nil, de ses sources, de son cours depuis les cataractes jusques, au caire, avec une carte tres exacte de ce fleuve & des environs copiee sur... Amsterdam, 1718. French text. 380 x 500mm.
Map centred on the river Nile oriented with north at the bottom. Showing from the first catarct at Aswan to Cairo. Inset images and explanatory text of: I.The Temple of Isis at Aswan, II. Small pyramids up to 70 feet in height, III. Large pyramids up to 1400 feet in height and IV. A sphinx.
[Ref: 17160]    £180.00 ($232 • €198 rates)

 Southern Africa 

SCHLEY, Jacob van der. [18th Century map of Table Bay]
Carte de la Baye de la Table et Rade du Cap de Bonne Esperance. Kaart der Tavelbaai en Ree van Kaap de Goede Hoop. Amsterdam, c. 1773. Original colour. 230 x 180mm.
Map of Table Bay, Cape Town and Robben Island, after French cartographer Nicolas Bellin. It shows the 'Village of the Hottentots', Blue Mountain, Cow Mountain, Table Mountain and Tigerbergen.
[Ref: 17134]    £120.00 ($155 • €132 rates)


RUSCELLI, Girolamo. [The British Isles after George Lily]
Anglia et Hibernia Nova. Venice: Heirs of Melchior Sessa, 1598. 185 x 260mm.
The British Isles, based on Lily's famous map but with fewer names. Originally issued in Ruscelli's 'La Geographi di Claudio Tolomeo', 1561, this is from a second plate used 1574 onwards. The original differences were negligible, but this is an example of the more decorative second state, with a galleon and two sea-monsters added. SHIRLEY: 221.
[Ref: 17684]    £500.00 ($645 • €549 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [Miniature map of the British Isles]
Isles Britanniques. Paris, 1682. Coloured. 105 x 125mm.
An attractive miniature map of the British Isles, marking the main cities and with insets of Guernsey, Jersey and the Shetland Islands. Published in Du Val's 'Géographie Universelle'. See SHIRLEY: British Isles 1650-1700, Duval 1.
[Ref: 17499]    £325.00 ($419 • €357 rates)

BODENEHR, Gabriel. [Early 18th Century British Isles]
Gross-Brittanien Bestehende In Drey Konigreiche Irland Scotland Und Engelland. Augsburg, c.1704. Original colour. 175 x 305mm.
The British Isles, flanked by two text panels detailing the division and principal cities of the British Isles, headed by a large baroque title cartouche and the Royal Arms. SHIRLEY: British Isles 1650-1750, derivative of Bodenehr 2, illus.
[Ref: 17529]    £400.00 ($516 • €439 rates)

Records: 61 to 70 of 130
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