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 Northern Africa 

CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham. [The River Nile]
Description du Nil, de ses sources, de son cours depuis les cataractes jusques, au caire, avec une carte tres exacte de ce fleuve & des environs copiee sur... Amsterdam, 1718. French text. 380 x 500mm.
Map centred on the river Nile oriented with north at the bottom. Showing from the first catarct at Aswan to Cairo. Inset images and explanatory text of: I.The Temple of Isis at Aswan, II. Small pyramids up to 70 feet in height, III. Large pyramids up to 1400 feet in height and IV. A sphinx.
[Ref: 17160]    £180.00 ($236 • €201 rates)

 Southern Africa 

SCHLEY, Jacob van der. [18th Century map of Table Bay]
Carte de la Baye de la Table et Rade du Cap de Bonne Esperance. Kaart der Tavelbaai en Ree van Kaap de Goede Hoop. Amsterdam, c. 1773. Original colour. 230 x 180mm.
Map of Table Bay, Cape Town and Robben Island, after French cartographer Nicolas Bellin. It shows the 'Village of the Hottentots', Blue Mountain, Cow Mountain, Table Mountain and Tigerbergen.
[Ref: 17134]    £120.00 ($158 • €134 rates)


RUSCELLI, Girolamo. [The British Isles after George Lily]
Anglia et Hibernia Nova. Venice: Heirs of Melchior Sessa, 1598. 185 x 260mm.
The British Isles, based on Lily's famous map but with fewer names. Originally issued in Ruscelli's 'La Geographi di Claudio Tolomeo', 1561, this is from a second plate used 1574 onwards. The original differences were negligible, but this is an example of the more decorative second state, with a galleon and two sea-monsters added. SHIRLEY: 221.
[Ref: 17684]    £500.00 ($657 • €557 rates)

BODENEHR, Gabriel. [Early 18th Century British Isles]
Gross-Brittanien Bestehende In Drey Konigreiche Irland Scotland Und Engelland. Augsburg, c.1704. Original colour. 175 x 305mm.
The British Isles, flanked by two text panels detailing the division and principal cities of the British Isles, headed by a large baroque title cartouche and the Royal Arms. SHIRLEY: British Isles 1650-1750, derivative of Bodenehr 2, illus.
[Ref: 17529]    £400.00 ($525 • €446 rates)

LOTTER, Tobias Conrad. [Miniature map of the British Isles]
Magna Britannia, Complectens Angliae, Scotiae et Hiberniae Regna. Lobeck, Tobias: Augsburg, c. 1762.
Small map of the British Isles by Lotter and printed by Lobeck.
[Ref: 17560]    £325.00 ($427 • €362 rates)

BOWLES & CARVER. [The British Isles at the end of the 18th century]
Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; delineated from the latest Surveys, London, c.1800. Original body colour. Dissected and laid on linen, as issued, total 675 x 555mm. Repairs to linen.
A scarce map of the British Isles in particularly fine colour marking the counties, not just the countries of standard colouring. The title cartouche features a busy port scene. Henry Carington Bowles and Samuel Carver continued the family firm after the death of Carington Bowles in 1793.
[Ref: 17557]    £700.00 ($919 • €780 rates)

BOHN, Henry G. [Map of the British Isles, showing the railways]
Britain, or the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, & Ireland, with all the Railways. London, Bohn; 1842. Original outline colour. 310 x 230mm.
Map of the British Isles with interesting information regarding the Parliament of the Untied Kingdom at that time.
[Ref: 17581]    £110.00 ($144 • €123 rates)

RAMSAY, Andrew C. [A large rolled geological folding map of the British Isles]
Geological Map of the British Isles, by Andrew C. Ramsay, LL.D., F.R.S., Director General of H.M. Geological Survey. London: Stanford, c.1875. Original colour. Four sheets conjoined, total 1510 x 1260mm, laid on canvas as issued. Varnish slightly browned, some surface creasing.
A large wall map of the British Isles, on a scale of 11½ miles to an inch, first published in a series of geological maps in 1875. Scottish geologist Sir Andrew Crombie Ramsay (1814-91) joined the Geological Survey in 1841, succeded Roderick Impey Murchison as Director General in 1871 and retired in 1881. A second edition was published by Stanford with an added date of 1878.
[Ref: 17512]    £1,500.00 ($1,970 • €1,671 rates)

 English Counties 

SPEED, John. [John Speed's map of Kent, published during the English Civil War]
Kent with Her Cities and Earles Described and observed. London, William Humble, 1646. Coloured. 380 x 510mm.
Decorative map of Kent, with inset plans of Canterbury (with a 74-point key) and Rochester, and seven armorials and a Royal Crest above the map. English Text on verso giving details about the history of the county and its divisions into hundreds and parishes. It was published in John Speed's county atlas, the 'Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain', which was first published in 1612; this example comes from an edition published during the English Civil War, with an English text on the reverse.
[Ref: 16591]    £980.00 ($1,287 • €1,092 rates)

MORDEN, Robert. [A 17th century map of Northumberland, marking Hadrian's Wall]
Northumberland. London, c.1695. Original colour. 420 x 360mm. Binding folds flattened, a few small cracks in folds.
A map of Northumberland but also showing Cumberland in order to show the length of Hardian's Wall from Newcastle to the Solway Firth. Marked with castellations, it is named 'The Wall of the Picts' and 'Vallum Severi', refering to Septimus Severus, who refortified the wall c.210, after the failure of the Antonine Wall further north. The map was drawn up by Robert Morden illustrate Gibson’s edition of William Camden’s 'Britannia', first published in 1695. However this example comes from a different source: it is printed on much thicker paper than usual and has been folded for binding into a small format book.
[Ref: 17722]    £200.00 ($263 • €223 rates)

Records: 61 to 70 of 122
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