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 Northern Africa 

MYLLER, Angelicus Maria Plan Von Gros Cairo. Prague, Hiller, c.1732, 150 x 180mm A very fine example.
A bird's eye view of Cairo, showing the Nile and the pyramids. From Myller's book entitled "Peregrinus In Jerusalem". Myller journeyed from Rome to Jerusalem then on to Troy, Gallipoli and Constantinople. From Constantinople he travelled to Egypt and then to Syria. Finally from Syria he travelled to Malta and back to Rome
[Ref: 8643]    £160.00 ($209 • €184 rates)

COVENS & MORTIER. [18th century map of Egypt, focusing on the Nile]
Carte de l'Egypte et le cours du Nil... Amsterdam, c.1745. Outline colour. 630 x 480mm.
Detailed map of Egypt showing the delineation of the River Nile. Inserts show the Nile delta according to Herodotum, Strabonem, Diodorum, Plinium and Ptolemaeum.
[Ref: 16069]    £650.00 ($849 • €749 rates)

POSTLETHWEYT, Malachy. [West Africa]
A new and correct Map of the Coast of Africa from Cape Blanco... to the Coast of Angola... With explanatory notes of all the Forts and Settlements belonging to the several European Powers. London, c.1750. Coloured. 410 x 510mm.
Western Africa, with a larger-scale inset of the Gold Coast showing roads into the interior. The forts of the English, Dutch, French and Portuguese are listed, with an extensive key. Against one fort is noted that the French 'supplied their Sugar Colonies from hence, where they have no right to trade, with vast quantities of the choicest negros upon the whole coast'.
[Ref: 16781]    £350.00 ($457 • €404 rates)

STACKHOUSE, Thomas. [Egypt]
A Map Of Ancient Aegypt From Celarius. London, John Hinton, 1756, coloured, 310 x 210mm Original folds flattened.
Ancient Egypt marking its cities and topography, the title contained in a decorative cartouche in the shape of a pyramid surrounded by ancient Egyptian antiquities such as a Sphinx and a mummy. As stated in the title, the information contained on this map is gleaned from Celarius, a 17th Century mapmaker, known for his works dealing with the ancient world. Published in "A History Of The New Testament Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ..."
[Ref: 10683]    £120.00 ($157 • €138 rates)

Anonymous. [Map of the island of Gorée to illustrate news of the Seven Years' War]
The Island of Goree. London: T.Kinnersley, 1759, Sheet 105 x 205mm.
A map of the French colony on Gorée, now part of the city of Dakar, Senegal. It became a target for British operations during the Seven Years' War (1756-63), and a fleet was sent to capture it in Dember 1758, under Admiral Augustus Keppel, The attack was successfull and the island remained in British hands until 1763, when it was handed it back by the Treaty of Paris. This map was published in the February edition of 'The Grand Magazine of Magazines. or Universal Register'. Mostly written by David Henry, the magazine was published as a competitor to the 'Gentleman's Magazine'. The circulation was never high and it folded in 1760.
[Ref: 14901]    £100.00 ($131 • €115 rates)

Anonymous. [Map of the Nile Delta]
Delta dell' Egitto e Bocche del Nilo. Italy, c. 1760. 215 x 305mm.
Detailed Italian map of the Delta of Egypt and the mouth of the River Nile.
[Ref: 17868]    £150.00 ($196 • €173 rates)

RASPE, Gabriel Nikolaus. [The British attack on the French Colony of St Louis, Senegal]
Grundriss von dem Fort St Louis auf dem Eylande der Sanaga oder Senegal. Nuremberg, Raspe, c.1760. Original colour. 220 x 370mm. Stitch holes in left margin.
A scarce map of the French Fort St Louis, Senegal, published in Raspe's 'Schau Platz des gegenwaertigen Kriegs' (Plates illustrating the Current Wars). It was the first permanent French settlement in Africa, an important trading post for slaves, hides, beeswax & ambergris. As such it became a target for the British during the Seven Years' War. In a plan devised by an American merchant, Thomas Cumming, two warships and 200 men suprised the French and took it without loss, striking a serious blow to the French economy. The British kept St Louis at the end of the war but the French recaptured it in 1779 during the American War of Independence and Britain signed it away in the 1783 Treaty of Paris.
[Ref: 12902]    £450.00 ($588 • €519 rates)

RABATTA, Augusto & BAILOU, Jean Baptist de. [An 18th century playing-card of north west Africa]
Carta II. dell'Affrica. Florence: Aniello Lamberti, 1779. Original colour. Sheet size 110 x 70mm.
A rare miniature map of Egypt, the Sudan and Ethiopia, engraved by Lamberti for the 'Minchiate', the Florentine version of the Tarot, which had each card marked with an arcane symbol. The full set was published in Augusto Da Rabatta and Jean Baptiste De Baillou's pocket atlas 'Nuovo Atlante Generale'. Information on the map is minimal, but an extensive key gives the names of the various regions.
[Ref: 12998]    £450.00 ($588 • €519 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [Abyssinia]
La Nubia ed Abissinia. Venice, 1784. Original colour. 320 x 410mm.
North eastern Africa, but showing the Red Sea and coast of Arabia in some detail.
[Ref: 9473]    £120.00 ($157 • €138 rates)

BRUCE, James. [Bruce's search for the source of the Nile]
To My Worthy and Learned Friend the Honourable Daines Barrington This Plan of two Attempts to Arrive at the Source of the Nile is dedicated by his most Obliged and faithful Humble Servant James Bruce. London: J. Walker, 1790. 540 x 330mm.
In 1768 James Bruce (1730-94) set out to find the source of the Blue Nile, spending five years in North Africa and Arabia. This map plots two routes around Lake Tana, starting from Gondar, the capital of Ethiopia, with the source shown bottom left. On his return to London in 1774 he claimed to be the first European to reach the source of the Blue Nile, but attracted attacks on his credibility. Affronted, Bruce did not publish his account until 1790 (persuaded by his friend Barrington); his 'Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile' contained this map.
[Ref: 17095]    £450.00 ($588 • €519 rates)

Records: 61 to 70 of 140
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