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 World Maps 

HORSEY, David. [A serio-comic map satirising Ronald Reagan's view of the World]
The World According to Ronald Reagan. Seattle: AA Graphics Inc., 1982. Lithographic map, printed in black and brown. Sheet 585 x 895mm.
A caricature map of the world, depicting President Reagan as a sheriff, his hands twitching over his six-guns as he eyes Leonid Brezhnev in the USSR. The president's figure fills an exaggerated California, with the rest of the U.S. divided between the Mid and South-West ('Republicans and Other Real Americans'), the North-east ('Democrats and Welfare Bums'), with a special mention for San Francisco ('Homos'). South of the border is 'Mariachi Land', El Salvador, 'Our Canal' and 'Banana Land'. Cuba is a 'Soviet Colony' and the Falklands Islands, in the year of the Falkland War against Argentina, are almost as big as South America. Across the Atlantic the UK is marked Thatcher Land, France is labelled 'Socialists and Pacifists' and Africa is divided between Egypt and 'Negroes'. In Asia, a huge Israel also contains Beirut; Arabia is marked 'Our Oil' and Persia 'Muslim Fanatics'; mainland China is 'Their China' and Taiwan 'Our China'; and and 'Japan Corporation' is shaped like a car. In the Indian Ocean is a compass rose, with a central image of Granny and her apple pie , cardinal points 'West (Us)' and 'East (Them)'. David Horsey (b. 1951) was an editorial cartoonist working for the Seattle Post Intelligencer when he drew this, the first of two world maps focusing on Reagan foreign policy (the second, 1987, shows Gorbachev as the rival gunslinger). He won the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning in 1999 and 2003. He now works for the Los Angeles Times.
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SHIRLEY, R.W. [Indispensible reference on World maps]
The Mapping of the World: Early Printed Maps 1472-1700. London:The Holland Press, 1987. Folio, cloth & d/w; pp. 669 profusely illustrated. Spine faded, otherwise in excellent condition.
The1987 edition of this weighty tome. This cartobibliographical study illustrates how the world map developed from the earliest years of printing in the 1470s up to the turn of the seventeenth century.
[Ref: 18161]    £475.00 ($605 • €533 rates)

ARMITAGE, Geoff & BAYNTON-WILLIAMS, Ashley. [Detailed study of British world maps]
The World at their Fingertips: Eighteenth-Century British Two-Sheet Double-Hemisphere World Maps. Vaduz: Sylvia Ioannou Foundation; & London: British Library, 2012. Oblong 4to, cloth & illus. d/w, pp. 262, profusely illustrated. New.
A look at large-format double-hemisphere world maps, with facinating background detail about the London map trade.
[Ref: 13577]    £45.00 ($57 • €51 rates)

Records: 61 to 63 of 63
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