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ROUSSEL, Capt. [Large & decorative plan of Paris]
Paris, ses Fauxbourgs et ses Environs... Paris, Ch.Chardon, c.1860. Heliogravure, coloured, two sheets conjoined, total 820 x 1070mm.
A half-sized reduction of a superbly detailed plan of Paris and its immediate surroundings, made using one of the first photo-engraving techniques. The original, published in 1730, was copied by John Rocque for an English edition.
[Ref: 9142]    £950.00 ($1,254 • €1,087 rates)


DE LA ROCHETTE, Louis Stanislas d'Arcy. [Wall Map of Germany]
Map of the Empire of Germany, Including all the States Comprehended Under that Name with the Kingdom of Prussia, &c. London: Laurie & Whittle, 1794. Original colour. Four sheets conjoined, total 1040 x 1240mm.
A very detailed map of Germany, with Switzerland and Austria, engraved by Thomas Kitchin, with a fine title cartouche.
[Ref: 7656]    £500.00 ($660 • €572 rates)


KELLER, Heinrich. [An eight-sheet wall map of Switzerland]
Sechste Wandkarte der Schweiz in 8 Blättern, nach der eidgenössischen topographischen Karte. Sixieme Carte Murale de la Suizze en 8 feuilles, réduite de la carte topographicque du général Dufour. Zurich: Heinrich Keller, c.1860. Lithograph with original colour. 8 sheets conjoined, dissected and laid on linen, as issued, total 1170 x 1770mm, brass hanging rings with cord, original board covers. Map in very fine condition, slight wear to covers.
A huge wall map of Switzerland, with the title and key in German, French and Italian, with hatchuring used to mark the mountains. The key lists icons for cities, castles, chateaux, monasteries, baths, mines, roads, canals, rainroads, waterfalls, glaciers and caves.
[Ref: 14774]    £1,500.00 ($1,980 • €1,716 rates)


CAMOCIO, Giovanni Francesco. [Russia, from a very rare Italian wall map of Europe]
[Moscovia.] Venice, c. 1595. Four sheets conjoined, total 680 x 630mm. Remargined, some restoration.
The four top-right sheets from an extremely rare and finely rendered 12 sheet wall map of Europe, known only from a few example. Top left is Lapland, with the end of the Gulf of Finland, with the site of St Petersburg, a century before its founding and Archangel; top right should be Novaya Zemlya, but it is missing; bottom right is the course of the Volga, the Sea of Azov and the north coast of the Black Sea, with Tartar tents marked; bottom left is the Crimea, the mouth of the Danube, with Moscow, Kiev, Vilnius and Riga marked. The map originally appeared in Camocio's atlas, the "Quattro Parte Del Mondo" which consisted of four wall maps of Asia, Africa, Europe, America and a small world map, copies of which are known to exist in the Museo Correr, Venice, Yale University Library and the James Ford Bell Library, Minnesota. Camocio was one of the principal mapmakers of the "Lafreri" school, whose output signalled the transition between the maps of Ptolemy and the maps of Mercator and Ortelius, as such he is one of the founders of mapmaking as we know it today. It is a testament to the skills of the Venetian school of mapmakers, in its virtuoso execution and use of up-to-date geographical knowlege.
[Ref: 10887]    £14,000.00 ($18,480 • €16,016 rates)

Records: 61 to 64 of 64
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