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 Central Asia 

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [Mid-18th century map of the Maldives]
Carte des Isles Maldives. Paris, 1758. Coloured. 230 x 170mm.
Published in Volume 8 of Abbé Prveost's 'Histoire Générale des Voyages'.
[Ref: 18365]    £110.00 ($140 • €123 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Mid-19th century map of Tibet and Mongolia]
Thibet, Mongolia and Mandchouria. London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 260 x 330mm.
With six vignette scenes, including views of Lassa and the Great Wall of China .
This item is currently on reserve


AA, Pieter van der. [A scarce townplan of Goa in India]
Goa Indiæ Orientalis Metropolis. Leiden, Pieter van der Aa, c.1719. Coloured. 330 x 460mm.
A detailed town plan of Goa showing the protective harbour and surrounding hills, with a key identifying areas and buildings of interest. It is derived from the map published in Jansson's 'Townbooks', which was itself a reduction of the plan from Linschoten's 'Itinerario'.
[Ref: 18703]    £650.00 ($828 • €725 rates)

RABATTA, Augusto & BAILOU, Jean Baptist de. [An 18th century playing-card map of the Mughal Empire]
Governo Dispotico. Imperio del Mogol anticamente India Vera. Florence: Aniello Lamberti, 1779. Original colour. Sheet size 115 x 70mm.
A rare miniature map of the MughalEmpire engraved by Lamberti for the 'Minchiate', the Florentine version of the Tarot, which had each card marked with an arcane symbol. The full set was published in Augusto Da Rabatta and Jean Baptiste De Baillou's pocket atlas 'Nuovo Atlante Generale'. Information on the map is minimal, but an extensive key gives the names of the various regions.
[Ref: 13009]    £425.00 ($541 • €474 rates)

CARPENTER, William. [View of Delhi]
Delhi. Street at back of Jumma Musjid. London, ILN, 1857. Chromolithograph, image 230 x 330mm.
View of a Delhi street, from a drawing by William Carpenter (1818-1899). Carpenter spent several years travelling around India in the 1850s painting scenes and portraits. He left India for England and sold reproduction rights to his paintings to the Illustrated London News, which published them as India descended into the chaos of the Mutiny of 1857. When Carpenter had a one-man exhibition of 275 paintings in 1881 all of the paintings were purchased by the new Victoria and Albert Museum.
[Ref: 16988]    £125.00 ($159 • €139 rates)

STANFORD, Edward. [One of the last maps of India under the East India Company]
Stanford's map of India Based on the Surveys Executed by Order of the Honourable the East India Company, Special Maps of the Surveyor General and Other Authorities; showing the Latest Territorial Acquisitions of the British Empire and the Independent and Protected States, Railways, Canals, &c. 1857. London: Edward Stanford, 1857. Coloured lithographic map, dissected and laid on linen in two sections, each c. 830 x 1270mm. With original slipcase with publisher's title label.
A large and detailed map of India and Sri Lanka, with the states coloured to mark their independence or the European country that controlled them. Three large circular diagrams show the distance and bearing of cities from Bombay, Madras and Calcutta respectively. An inset map bottom right is titled 'The Malay Peninsula &c. showing the British Possessions Beyond the Ganges'. A list gives the dates of acquisitions by the British Empire from Bombay in 1661 to Tanjore in 1856. The map is an act of hubris by the East India Company, proclaiming their increasing control over India. However by May in the year of publication, the India Mutiny, also known as the First War of Independence, was started by Sepoys in Meerut and by the end of the following year the Company was no more, replaced by direct control by the British government.
[Ref: 18158]    £2,500.00 ($3,185 • €2,788 rates)

 Sri Lanka 

TIRION, Isaak. [18th century map of Sri Lanka]
Nuova Carta dell' Isola Ceilon fatta in Amsterdam par Isac Tirion. Venice: Giovanni Battista Albrizzi, c.1740. Coloured. 285 x 360mm.
A nap of Sri Lanka, orientated with north to the left. Albrizzi was the first publisher to issue Tirion's maps: Tirion's own atlas was issued in Amsterdam in 1744.
[Ref: 18414]    £240.00 ($306 • €268 rates)


QUAD, Matthias. [The first issue of Quad's map of Persia]
Persiæ Regnum sive Sophoru Imperium. Cologne: Johann Bussemacher, 1600, German text edition. 210 x 265mm. A fine example
Persia, engraved by Johann Bussemacher after Ortelius for Quad's 'Fasciculus Geographicus Complectens', with five lines of Latin text engraved underneath.
[Ref: 18349]    £450.00 ($573 • €502 rates)

SPEED, John. [17th century English carte à figure map of Persia]
The Kingdome of Persia with the cheef Citties and Habites described. London: William Humble, 1646. Coloured. 390 x 510mm. A very fine example
A very decorative map of Persia, published in John Speed's 'Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World', the first English atlas of the world. It is decorated with four city prospects (Isfahan, Ormus, Tabriz & Gilan) along the top and with eight costume vignettes down the sides. The Caspian Sea still has not been mapped properly: it is shown wider than it is tall.
[Ref: 18040]    £2,200.00 ($2,803 • €2,453 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [Miniature 17th Century map of Persia]
Perse Moderne. Paris, c.1683. Coloured. 150 x 105mm.
Published in the 'Description de l'Univers'.
[Ref: 17331]    £120.00 ($153 • €134 rates)

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