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 London Maps 

SMITH, Charles & Son. [A mid-19th century map of the environs of London]
Map of the Country Twenty Miles Round London. London: C. Smith & Son, 1849. Vibrant original colour. Dissected and laid on linen as issued, total 775 x 890mm. With slipcase.
A map of the environs of London, extending to Hounslow and Southall in the west, clockwise to Watford, Enfield, Romford, Dartford, Farnborough, Croyden, Ewell and Sunbury. The emerging rail network is marked. Not in Howgego.
[Ref: 16034]    £1,500.00 ($2,100 • €1,700 rates)

CRUCHLEY, G.F. [A Victorian plan of London]
Cruchley's New Plan of London Shewing all the New and Intended Improvements to the Present Time. A New Edition Improved to Jan.y 1st 1850. London, 1850. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen as issued, total 435 x 630mm.
A detailed map of London, extending to Hyde Park in the west, clockwise to Lord's Cricket Ground in St John's Wood, Regent's Park, Islington, Bethnal Green, Rotherhithe, Kennington, Chelsea and Brompton. A grid and an extensive key around three sides of the plan give a key to the streets. Waterloo Station is marked, having opened two years before; so is the Bricklayers' Arms branch of the South Eastern Railway, with the Bricklayers' Arms Station, a goods depot, built 1842-3. HOWGEGO: 307, this state not listed.
[Ref: 13716]    £750.00 ($1,050 • €850 rates)

TALLIS, John. [London during the Great Exhibition of 1851]
Tallis's Illustrated Plan of London and its Environs in Commemoration of the Great Exhibition if Industry of All Nations, 1851. London, John Tallis & Co., 1851. Coloured. Dissected and laid on linen as originally issued, total 550 x 750mm. Linen backing replaced.
A very decorative and detailed map of London, extending to Hammersmith in the west, clockwise to Cricklewood, Hampstead, Stamford Hill, Leytonstone, Greenwich, Peckham, Battersea Rise and Parson's Green. Around the edges are 49 views of buildings including, of course, the 'Crystal Palace' of the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park. HYDE: 22.
[Ref: 16904]    £2,800.00 ($3,920 • €3,172 rates)

WYLD, James. [London during the Great Exhibition of 1851]
Wyld's New Plan of London. London, 1851. Original colour. Wood engraving, 560 x 940mm. Minor repairs to folds.
A detailed plan of London, marking the 'Crystal Palace' of the Great Exhibition on the south side of Hyde Park. The borders contain eleven vignettes of notable buildings, including the Great Exhibition buildings and 'Mr Wyld's Model of the Earth in Leicester Square'. 'Wyld's Great Globe' was a 60-foot diameter hollow globe with the surface of the Earth, complete with mountains and rivers, modelled in plaster of paris on its interior. Visitors would climb an internal staircase for viewing. James Wyld (1812-87), the publisher of this map, originally proposed this attraction for the Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace, but it was judged too big and commercial for that show. Therefore Wyld acquired a ten-year lease on land in Leicester Square gardens and built it there. At first it was a great success, but the novelty wore off; after the lease was up Wyld could not find a buyer for the attraction and so the globe was sold for scrap. HYDE: Printed Maps of Victorian London, 25.
[Ref: 13247]    £1,400.00 ($1,960 • €1,586 rates)

DAVIES, Benjamin Rees. [Map of the environs of London in fine colour]
Davies's Map of the British Metropolis. The Boundaries of the Boroughs, County Court Districts, Railways and Modern Improvements. London: Edward Stanford, c.1852. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen with brass hanging rings, total 745 x 995mm.
A large and detailed map, covering from Hammersmith clockwise to Willesden, Highgate, Leytonstone, Canning Town, Greenwich, Bromley, Mitcham, Wimbledon and Barnes. A ring marks 4 miles from Charing Cross. The map is undated, but as Brunel's Hungerford Suspension Bridge is still in place and King's Cross Station is marked we estimate it c.1852. HYDE: 27.
[Ref: 17698]    £1,350.00 ($1,890 • €1,530 rates)

COLTON, J.H. [London in the 1860s]
The Environs of London. New York, c.1856. Original colour. 330 x 405mm.
A plan of Victorian London, showing Richmond to the west and Barking to the east; Southgate to the north and Bromley to the south.
[Ref: 17483]    £425.00 ($595 • €482 rates)

WHITBREAD, Josiah. [Victorian plan of London]
Whitbread's New Plan of London Drawn From Authentic Surveys. London, 1856. Coloured lithograph. 465 x 660mm. Repairs to original folds.
Plan of London from Kensall Green in the west to Tower Hamlets in the east. Kentish Town in the north to Denmark Hill in the South. Originally published in 1851, this example has been corrected to January 1st 1858. HYDE: 24.
[Ref: 16459]    £450.00 ($630 • €510 rates)

SMITH, Charles. [Mid 19th c. Map of London]
Smith's New Map of London. London, 1860. Original colour. Sheet size 430 x 655 mm. Archival tissue repairs to verso.
Detailed plan of London showing it's rapid growth, with the different divisions of the city colour coded.
[Ref: 18071]    £300.00 ($420 • €340 rates)

FRIEDRICHS, Joachim. [Victorian cab fare map of London]
The Circuiteer. A Series of Distance Maps for All the Principal Towns in the United Kingdom. Invented by J. Friederichs to Serve as a Guide for Ascertaining Cab Fares, Porterage, &c.&c. ... No. 1 London. London, c.1862. Colour lithograph, 490 x 670mm.
A very interesting map of London in which the city has been divided into circles in order to work out cab and porterage fares using a device invented by Friedrichs. Each circle represents a half-mile in diameter to allow the reader to ascertain the distance between two places. HYDE 80.
[Ref: 16042]    £600.00 ($840 • €680 rates)

Illustrated London News. [London during the International Exhibition of 1862]
London. Guide to the International Exhibition 1862. London, 1862. Coloured wood engraving, printed area 765 x 1060mm. Original folds flattened with repairs, laid on canvas.
A large and detailed map of London, extending to Hammersmith in the west, Highgate, Bromley Greenwich Park and Stockwell. It was issued as a supplement to the ILN, 24th May, 1862, to coincide with the 'International Exhibition', the second of London's World Fairs after the Great Exhibition of 1851. Held on the site of the Natural History Museum, exhibits included parts of Charles Babbage's analytical engine, maritime and locomotive engines and William Morris's decorative arts. The exhibition attracted over six million visitors. Of interest on the map are the proposed bridge from Temple Gardens to Southwark; and the depiction of Battersea Park's original plan despite opening four years before with a different layout. HYDE: Victorian Maps of London, 82.
[Ref: 16177]    £750.00 ($1,050 • €850 rates)

Records: 71 to 80 of 122
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