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FERREIRO, Martin [Old sea chart of the Brazilian coast]
America Meridional. Costa Este. Hoha V. Brasil desde Punta Roteiro Grande hasta el Rio de Tariri... Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1867. Touches of original colour. 980 x 640mm. Blind stamp of the Direccion de Hidrografia.
A large and detailed antique chart of the coast of Brazil from the province of Rio Grand do Nort south to theprovince of Sergipe, with two inset details. The lighthouses are marked in colour.
[Ref: 12500]    £650.00 ($857 • €727 rates)

TUBAU, I. [An uncommon 19th century Spanish sea chart of the Bay of Rio de Janeiro]
Costa del Brasil. Plano del Puerto de Rio Janeiro segun los trabajos brasilenos é ingleses mas modernos. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1869. Touches of original colour. 980 x 640mm. Blind stamp of the Direccion de Hidrografia. Faint ink offset.
A large and detailed antique chart of the bay of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, based on recent charts by the Brazilians and English. The outline of the city's streets is also shown, with lighthouses marked in colour.
[Ref: 12499]    £2,400.00 ($3,163 • €2,686 rates)

MOUCHEZ, Amédée Ernest Barthémy. [Antique sea chart of Espiritu Santo]
Plano de la Bahia de Espiritu Santo y del Puerto de Victoria levantado en 1861... Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1870. 470 x 640mm. Blind stamp of the Direccion de Hidrografia.
A detailed old sea chart of the environs of the Bahia de Espiritu Santo, with Vitoria, based on the 1861 survey by the French hydrographer Mouchez (1824-1892), who spent from 1862 to 1870 charing the Brazilian coastline.
[Ref: 12509]    £300.00 ($395 • €336 rates)

 Far East 

DE WIT, Frederick. [A superb chart of the Far East and Australia]
Orientaliora Indiarum Orientalium cum Insulis Adjacentibus à Promontorio C.Comorin ad Japan. Pascaaert van t'Oosert gedeelte van Oost Indien van C. Comorin tot Iapan Amsterdam, c.1688. Fine colour, with gold highlights. 445 x 545mm. A very fine impression on heavy paper, bottom centre fold strengthened on verso.
De Wit's famous chart of the East Indies and Australia, orientated with north to the left. Japan appears top left and Australia, according to Tasman, top right. Published in the 'Orbis Maritimus ofte Zee Atlas', with a fine title cartouche representing the wealth possible from the East India trade in full colour. TOOLEY: Australia, p.1369, plate 100; WALTER: 40, illus; KOEMAN: Wit 16.
[Ref: 16648]    £6,000.00 ($7,908 • €6,714 rates)

RENNEVILLE, René Auguste Constantin. [Rare map of the interests of the V.O.C. in the East Indies]
[Untitled map of the East Indies.] Amsterdam, c.1725. 315 x 425mm.
An important map of the East Indies with an inset of Buton, published to illustrate Renneville's 'Recueil des voiages qui ont servi à l'établissement & aux progrès de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales, formée dans les Provinces-Unies des Païs-Bas'. This was the first French translation of Isaac Commelin's account published in 1646. Commelin based his map on that of De Bry, 1619; this version still retains the two sea monsters. Renneville (1650-1723), a French protestant, spent over ten years imprisoned in the Bastille for 'having criminal correspondence with foreigners'.
[Ref: 17000]    £1,900.00 ($2,504 • €2,126 rates)


COOK, Captain James. [Macao]
Sketch of the Typa and Macao. Dublin?, c.1784. 275 x 220mm.
The environs of Macao, with a small plan of the town, as surveyed by William Bligh, who was Master of the 'Resolution' under Captain Cook. Having lost their captain in Hawaii in February 1779 his crew continued with their mission, attempting to find a North West Passage through the Bering Straits. Having been beaten by the Arctic ice wall they returned home westwards, visiting Macao at the end of 1779. This version is possibly from a Dublin pirate edition of the Official Account.of Cook's Third Voyage. The original is signed "W.H." for William Harrison; this has the signature "Duff sc" bottom right, an engraver not listed in Tooley.
[Ref: 11364]    £150.00 ($198 • €168 rates)

BARROW, John. [The Macartney Embassy - Zhousan]
A Chart of the Islands to the Southward of Tchu-San on the Eastern Coast of China generally laid down from one published by Alexander Dalrymple with additions and alterations. London, George Nicol, 1796. 560 x 380mm. Binding marks on left edge.
A chart published in George Staunton's 'An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China'. Lord Macartney was the first British ambassador to China, arriving in 1793 and ordered to leave the same year. During their stay they made this river trip from Hangzhou south to Canton, via the Yangtze River. This chart marks the route of the 'Clarence' up the coast to Zhoushan Dao, taking particular care through the islands to the south of that island. Under the main map is a chart of Zhoushan harbour and a circular panorama showing the view from their anchorage.
[Ref: 10060]    £150.00 ($198 • €168 rates)

BELCHER, Edward. [Belcher's chart of the approaches to Hong Kong]
China East Coast Sheet 1. From Mongchow to Hong Kong. Surveyed by Capt.n Sir E.Belcher, Comm.r Bate, Lieut. Gordon R.N., and Capt.n D.Ross I.N. London: Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty, 1853. Coloured. 495 x 650mm. 19th century French chart-seller's blue ink stamp under title. Tear in unprinted sea area expertly repaired.
Sea chart of China from the island of Xiachuan Dao east to Hong Kong, surveyed by, among others, Edward Belcher, who is most famous for the first detailed map of Hong Kong, 1841 (the year before the island was ceded to Britain). He produced charts of all over the world for the Navy and also wrote accounts of his voyage around the world and an expedition to the Arctic. He ended his career in the navy as an Admiral.
[Ref: 15687]    £2,000.00 ($2,636 • €2,238 rates)

BREGANTE, S. [Antique sea chart of the environs of Shanghai]
Carta Esférica de la Costa Oriental de China Desde el Rio Ngau-Keang hasta el Whang-ho-kau segun los trajabos de los capitanes Kellett y Collinson de la Marina Real Inglesa. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1862. Touches of original colour. 1000 x 640mm. Blind stamp of the Direccion de Hidrografia. Slight toning at centrefold.
A scarce Spanish antique chart of the Chinese coastline, including the mouth of the Yangtze River and Shanghai. Copied from English charts, lighthouses are marked in colour.
[Ref: 12449]    £1,200.00 ($1,582 • €1,343 rates)

BRYANT, Tomas. [Antique sea chart of Taiwan]
Carta de la Costa y Mar de China que comprende Todo el Canal de Formosa, Islas de Meico-Sima y parte de la de Luzon. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1863. Original colour. 640 x 990mm. Blind stamp of the Direccion de Hidrografia.
A scarce Spanish antique chart of the environs of Taiwan, with the Sakishima Islands of Japan, reaching the north coast of Luzon in the Philippines. The lighthouses are marked in colour.
[Ref: 12453]    £1,900.00 ($2,504 • €2,126 rates)

Records: 71 to 80 of 215
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