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 London Maps 

Anonymous. [A pre-Beck poster of London's Underground]
Underground Map of London. London: Waterlow & Sons, 1919. Colour lithographic map. Sheet 1000 x 1260mm. Minor repairs at folds, a little creasing, laid on canvas.
A quad royal poster of the Underground, dated '31-12-19', well over a decade before the revolutionary Beck design. Despite still being owned by different companies, all the lines are printed in red over an outline map of the road network. Although more geographically correct than Beck's map, the centre of London is on a larger scale than the outskirts in order to separate the stations enough for clear naming.
[Ref: 17924]    £3,250.00 ($4,193 • €3,569 rates)

GILL, Leslie MacDonald. [Map of London's Underground as run by separate companies]
London's UndergrounD. Map of the Electric Railways of London. London: Dangerfield Printing Company for Electric Railway House, 1922. 280 x 340mm.
A map of the London underground rail network, marked '1-3-22' on reverse, so published over a decade before the operating companies were amalgamated as 'London Transport'. It shows the stations with more geographic accuracy than the iconic design of Henry C. Beck of 1933. The style of the map is influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement: the script used for the station names is particularly striking. Leslie MacDonald Gill (1884-1947), younger brother of Eric Gill, specialised in graphic design in the Arts and Crafts style. His most important commission was from the Imperial War Graves Commission, designing the script used on Commission headstones and war memorials, including the 'Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme'. He produced a number of maps, two of which appeared in the British Museum exhibition 'Magnificent Maps in 2010: 'The Wonderground Map of London' (1914) & 'Tea Revives the World' (1940).
[Ref: 17493]    £550.00 ($710 • €604 rates)

 London Views 

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [Miniature pre-Fire view of London]
Londres. Paris, 1683. 145 x 100mm.
A view of pre-fire London taken from the south side of the river, showing Old St Paul's Cathedral and London Bridge, with reclining and strolling figures in the foreground. FromMallet's 'Le Description de L'Univers'.
[Ref: 17555]    £350.00 ($452 • €384 rates)

BOYDELL, John. [A prospect of London after Wenceslaus Hollar]
A View of London as it was in the Year 1647... London: Boydell, 1756. Coloured. 300 x 950mm.
A magnificent view of pre-fire London, taken from the roof of St Mary Overy and based on that of Wenceslas Hollar. John Boydell (1720-1804), was a publisher who helped alter the trade imbalance between Britain and France in engravings and initiated a British tradition of engraving. Boydell also found time to be alderman of Cheap Ward in 1782, master of the Stationers' Company in 1783, sheriff of London in 1785, and eventually Lord Mayor of London in 1790.
[Ref: 17808]    £3,000.00 ($3,870 • €3,294 rates)

BANKS, J.H. [A 'balloon view' of Victorian London]
A Panoramic View of London. London, Edward Wallis, c.1850. Coloured. 440 x 1000mm. A few small repairs
A superbly detailed 'balloon-view' of London, taken from a point above Kennington. On the left edge are Vauxhall Bridge, Hyde Park Corner and Regents Park; on the right the Tower and West India Docks; in the foreground Lambeth Palace and the Elephant & Castle; and on the far horizon Highgate Archway. First published in 1843 with the title 'A Cosmogramic View…', this state was retitled with 'Panoramic' as 'Cosmoramic' had dropped from usage.
[Ref: 17856]    £2,600.00 ($3,354 • €2,855 rates)


BRIET, Philippe. [A scarce miniature map of Ornkey and Shetland]
Les Isles de Schetland ou Thylinsel et Orknay. Paris, Sebastian & Gabriel Cramoisy, 1648. 145 x 185mm, with wide margins.
A miniature map of the northern islands of Scotland, published in Briet's rare atlas 'Parallela geographiae veteris et novae'. PASTEREAU: Briet 1, 32.
[Ref: 17240]    £220.00 ($284 • €242 rates)

SLEZER, John. [17th Century Prospect of Glasgow]
Facies Gicitalis Glascoae ab Austro - The Prospect of the Town of Glasgow from ye South London, c.1693. Coloured.270 x 430mm.
This view of Glasgow from the south across the River Clyde, shows the very distinctive steeple of the Merchants’ Hall, completed in 1665. Moving further right (from west to east) the next distinctive building is the squat structure of the Tron Church (1599) with its clock. Next should be the tolbooth (1626), a seven-storey high structure surmounted by a crown spire. Given a rather anonymous shape in the original drawing, it has been mistaken at a later stage for an ecclesiastical building and anachronistically surmounted by a large cruciform symbol. Beyond it are a cluster of spires representing the Old College (1656), the Church of the Blackfriars and the Cathedral.
[Ref: 17083]    £280.00 ($361 • €307 rates)

BROWNE, Christopher. [A scarce map of Scotland]
A New Map of Scotland, the Western, Orkney, and Shetland Islands. Most humbly Inscrib'd to His Grace the Duke of Hamilton & Brandon &c. A New Map of Scotland According to Gordon of Straloch Revis'd & Improved by J. Senex. 1721. London: John Senex, 1721. Original colour. 560 x 470mm.
An uncommon map of Scotland, with a decorative title cartouche and an inset of the Shetlands. Originally published by Christopher Browne in 1705, this example has an additional title added by Senex. The name of the engraver, John Harris, is only faintly visible off Kinnairds Head. It was Robert Gordon (1580-1661) who revised Timothy Pont's maps, allowing the publication of the first atlas of Scotland, Jan Blaeu's 'Theatrum Scotiae', 1654.
[Ref: 17582]    £1,000.00 ($1,290 • €1,098 rates)

MILLAR, George H. [A Georgian map of Scotland]
A New and Correct Map of Scotland, Drawn from the Latest Surveys of that Part of Great Britain. London, 1790. Coloured. 310 x 220mm.
Map of Scotland with an inset in the bottom left-hand corner, of the Shetland Islands which includes this note, "Note these Islands are placed here because they are in a higher Latititude than what the Scale of the Map will admit of. Originally published in George H. Millar's 'The New Complete and Universal System of Geography'.
[Ref: 17196]    £280.00 ($361 • €307 rates)

BOHN, Henry G. [Map of Scotland, showing the railways]
Scotland with all the Railways. London, Bohn; 1842. Original outline colour. 310 x 235mm.
Map of Scotland showing the railways in the 1840s. Inset map of the Shetland Isles.
[Ref: 17637]    £120.00 ($155 • €132 rates)

Records: 81 to 90 of 130
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