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MONCORNET, Balthazar. [A scarce 17th century prospect of Constantinople]
Constantinople. Parris: Moncornet, c.1660. 340 x 510mm.
A superbly-detailed prospect of Constantinople from Galata, based on the same 1635 view used by Merian. It depicts both sides of the Golden Horn in great detail, with the important buildings identified by a 29-point key below.
[Ref: 18218]    £2,250.00 ($2,900 • €2,567 rates)

SANSON, Nicolas. [A map of the Bosphorus in Classical times]
Anaplus Bosphori Thracii Ex Indagationibus Petri Gullis Delineatus. Paris: Pierre Mariette, 1666. Original outline colour. 415 x 535mm. A very fine large paper example.
A map of the Bosphorus in Classical times. Underneath the elaborate title cartouche there is a vignette of Xerxes I leading the Persian army across a pontoon bridge c. 482 BC.
[Ref: 18038]    £375.00 ($483 • €428 rates)

CANTELLI DA VIGNOLA, Giacomo. [Antique map of Turkey and Cyprus]
Natolia Detta anticamente Asia Minore... Rome, G.G. De Rossi, 1686. Original Colour, 420 x 565mm.
Map of Turkey and Cyprus, with the title on a banner above the map.
[Ref: 12796]    £680.00 ($877 • €776 rates)

CANTELLI DA VIGNOLA, Giacomo. [Antique map of Turkey and Cyprus]
Asiæ Minoris. Rome, G.G. De Rossi, 1686. Original colour. 420 x 560mm.
Map of Turkey and Cyprus, with the title on a banner above the map.
[Ref: 12795]    £700.00 ($902 • €799 rates)

KOPPMAYR, Jacob. [A scarce 17th Century prospect of Constantinople]
Die Statt Constantinopel in Türchën. Augsburg, c.1689. 240 x 350mm.
A prospect of Istanbul after Merian, with a 29-point key under the view. The Gothic title is in a banderole across the sky. Koppmayr was active as a printer and publisher in Augsburg 1686-1710.
[Ref: 17250]    £650.00 ($838 • €742 rates)

DE LA RUE, Philippe. [Map of classical Turkey in vibrant original colour]
Asia Minor. Amsterdam: Pierre Mortier, c.1692. Original colour. 380 x 530mm. An excellent example with wide margins
An historical map of Turkey, Cyprus and environs, marking Troy, Smyrna and Byzantium, with Knossos on Crete, Antioch in Syria and Lapathus, Amathus and Paphia on Cyprus. Based upon Philippe De La Rue's rare map of 1652
[Ref: 14911]    £480.00 ($619 • €548 rates)

CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham. [Prospect of the port of Izmir]
Description de la Ville de Smyrne. Amsterdam, 1705. 380 x 500mm. Fine impression, good margins.
A prospect of Izmir from the sea, with an engraved descriptive text underneath. The city was one the most important trading ports of the Ottoman empire from the late 16th century, with French, English, Dutch and Venetian traders being regular visitors.
[Ref: 16329]    £285.00 ($367 • €325 rates)

MYLLER, Angelicus Maria. [A map of Istanbul presented as a bird's eye view]
Constantinopolis. Prague, c.1730. 165 x 210mm
An uncommon view of Constantinople, based on Braun & Hogenberg. From Myller's 'Peregrinus In Jerusalem'. Myller journeyed from Rome to Jerusalem, then continued to Turkey, visiting Troy, Gallipoli and Constantinople. He then crossed to Egypt, returning to Rome via Syria and Malta.
[Ref: 15408]    £400.00 ($516 • €456 rates)

Anonymous. [A scarce bird's-eye view of Constantinople]
Constantinopel. Frankfurt: Heirs of Sigismund Latomi, 1731. 320 x 380mm. Narrow top margin, very fine impression.
A finely engraved elevated view of Istanbul, with the buildings shown in perspective. Ships fill the seas, with three firing cannon. It was published in a newsbook, 'Relationis Historicæ semestralis autumnalis continuatio', written by 'Jacobus Francus'. Originally this was a pseudonym used by Conrad Lautenbach (1534-95) when the series began in the 16th century, but the name was adopted by subsequent writers of the newsbook.
[Ref: 16082]    £1,500.00 ($1,934 • €1,712 rates)

SANSON, Nicolas. [A map of Classical Turkey and Cyprus]
Asia Minor in Epitomen Contracta, Magnas Regiones, seu Provincias Representans, in quibus Populi, Primariae Urbes, Locaque Præcipua Notantur. Paris: Gilles Robert de Vaugondy, c1731. Original outline colour. 410 x 635mm.
A map of Asia Minor, first published by Pierre Moullard Sanson in 1697, but this example published by Gilles Robert du Vaugondy, who took over his business in 1731.
[Ref: 17597]    £650.00 ($838 • €742 rates)

Records: 81 to 90 of 109
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