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 Northern Italy 

DU SAUZET, Henri. [Piedmont]
Pedemonta regio cum Genvensium territorio Montisfernati Machionatii. Amsterdam, 1734. Coloured. 185 x 255mm.
Piedmont, from Du Sauzet's 'Atlas Portatif', a continuation of the Mercator/Hondius 'Atlas Minor'. KOEMAN: ME 208.
[Ref: 8117]    £100.00 ($129 • €116 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [18th century map of Liguria with a prospect of Genova]
Reipublicæ Genuensis Dominium... Augsburg, c.1740. Original colour with additions. 500 x 570mm. Somre restoration; old ink mss. in Italian on reverse.
A highly-decorative map of Liguria and ' Repubblica Marinara di Genova', with a title cartouche featuring the Roman gods, putti representing the Arts and a ship representing maritime trade. Underneath is a prospect of Genova with a 25-point key, a silk-making scene and an allegorical figure of the city holding a cornucopia.
[Ref: 16831]    £975.00 ($1,260 • €1,131 rates)

SCHREIBER, Johann Georg. [Piedmont]
Das Hertzogthum Piemont nebst dem Hertzogthum Montferat. Leipzig, c.1750. Original colour. 170 x 250mm.

[Ref: 9095]    £150.00 ($194 • €174 rates)

ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. [A map of the territories surrounding Piacenza & Pavia]
Carta Geografica Dei Territori Di Pavia, Di Lodi E Di Piacenza. Venice, 1750, coloured, 330 x 400mm.
From Volume II of Albrizzi's "Atlante Novissimo" after Guillaume de L'Isle. A map showing the Po valley with its towns and cities. The decorative title cartouche in the bottom right hand corner with a portrait medallion, possibly of Charlemagne who ruled Lombardy from Pavia in the 8th century, and flanked by a river god and a minotaur both holding amphorae from which flow the waters of the rivers Po and Ticino. NORDENSKIÖLD 64 (21)
[Ref: 10000]    £220.00 ($284 • €255 rates)

ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. [A mid-18th century Italian map of Liguria]
Carta Geografica del Governo Della Liguria o sia dello Stato della Republica di Genova. Venice, 1750. Coloured. 330 x 405mm.
A Venetian map of Liguria, decorated with a title cartouche featuring Minerva, as a personification of Genova, crowned with laurels by Mercury, with a putto holding a measure and Neptune riding a chariot drawn by two hippocamps in the background. NORDENSKIÖLD 64 (22)
[Ref: 14268]    £450.00 ($582 • €522 rates)

TINDAL & RAPIN. [18th century plan of Cuneo]
Cony, a strong City of Piedmont in the States of Savoy. London, c.1750. Coloured. 390 x 480mm. Trimmed to border on right, re-margined.
Plan of map of Cuneo showing its fortification, engraved by Basire for Rapin's History of England.
[Ref: 14332]    £240.00 ($310 • €278 rates)

WERNER, Friedrich Bernhard. [A two-sheet prospect of Turin]
Torino, Turin. Augsburg: George Balthasar Probst, c.1750. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 390 x 1050mm.
A spectacular view of early 18th century Turin, with a forty point key in Italian and German.
[Ref: 18447]    £3,500.00 ($4,525 • €4,060 rates)

WERNER, Friedrich Bernhard. [An 18th Century two-sheet prospect of Padova]
Padua. Augsburg: George Balthasar Probst, c.1750. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 300 x 1000mm.
A spectacular view of early 18th century Padua, with a forty point key in Italian and German. At the time the city was part of the Republic of Venice.
[Ref: 18449]    £2,900.00 ($3,749 • €3,364 rates)

LE ROUGE, Georges-Louis. [18th Century map of The Tyrol]
Le Tirol Paris, c.1756. Original wash colour. 220 x 285mm. Tiny hole
Map of the Tirolo with Lake Garda at the bottom and Innsbruck & Kuffestein in the upper right area.
[Ref: 17178]    £75.00 ($97 • €87 rates)

ROUX, Joseph. [Trieste]
Plan du Port de Trieste. Paris, 1764. 140 x 210mm.
Trieste, published in Roux's 'Plans et Rades de la Méditerraneé'.
[Ref: 9235]    £75.00 ($97 • €87 rates)

Records: 81 to 90 of 205
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