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DUPUIS, Louis André. [A folding chart with details on the environs of Constantinople]
Carte de la Ville de Constantinople et du Bosphore de Thrace 1785. Carte Réduite des Côtes de la Grece et de L'Archipel. Carte de la Mer Marmora. Plan du Serrail. Paris, 1785. Dissected and laid on linen as issued. 610 x 960mm.
Three charts and a small town plan on one sheet. The largest is a chart of the Bosphorus including a plan of Constantinople with a 55-point key. The other two charts are of Greece and the Aegean, showing the approaches to Constantinople from the west, and the Sea of Mamora, the eastern appraoches. The plan is of the Topkapi Palace, again with a large key. The same year Dupuis published similar charts of the Mediterranean, Baltic, Black Sea and the Danube.
[Ref: 18384]    £1,250.00 ($1,590 • €1,396 rates)

LEBRETON, Louis. [Prospect of Istanbul from Scutari with fine colour]
Constantinople. Vue prise de Scutari. Paris, L. Turgis, c.1855. Tinted lithograph with original hand finishing. Printed area 390 x 500mm.
A very fine view of Istanbul from Scutari with the major buildings named underneath, published for the series 'Ports de Mer d'Europe'.
[Ref: 18149]    £1,500.00 ($1,908 • €1,676 rates)

 The Caucasus 

DU VAL, Pierre. [Miniature 17th Century map of Georgia]
Géorgie. Paris, 1682. Coloured. 105 x 130mm.
Miniature map of the Caucasus, marking Baku, published in Du Val's 'Géographie Universelle'.
[Ref: 18402]    £185.00 ($235 • €207 rates)

SANTINI, Paolo. [Detailed 18th Century map of the southern Caucasus]
L'Arménie, La Géorgie, et la Daghistan. Venice, Remondini, 1784. Original outline colour. 445 x 570mm.
An unusually detailed map of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, published in Santini's 'Atlas Universel'.
[Ref: 18433]    £385.00 ($490 • €430 rates)

 Pacific and Australasia 

ZATTA, Antonio. [Map of Australia and New Zealand after Cook's First Voyage to the Pacific]
Nuove Scoperte Fatte nel 1765, 67 e 69 nel Mare del Sud. Venice, 1776. Original colour. 320 x 420mm.
Oceania, showing the routes of Carteret and Byron, but most importantly the discoveries made by Captain Cook, 1768-71. These include the first circumnavigation of New Zealand and the mapping of the eastern coast of Australia. The coastline of southern Australia is only guessed at.
[Ref: 18673]    £1,000.00 ($1,272 • €1,117 rates)


CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [A pair of rare 17th Century globe gores showing Australia]
[Two gore sheets from an 47cm diameter terrestrial globe, showing central and eastern Australia, dedicated to William III.] Venice, 1697. Two plates, each (at most) 125 x 335mm. Faint double image.
Two globe gores, designed to be pasted onto a globe 46cm (18") in diameter. The left sheet shows central Australia with a vignette of natives hunting whales with spears; the right sheet show western Carpentaria and Tasmania, with the coast of New South Wales left blank, being unknown to Europeans for another 70 years. A wreath contains a dedication to William III, king of Great Britain, dated 1696. The sheets were published in Coronelli's very scarce 'Libro dei Globi', a collection of gore sheets of globes of different sizes.
[Ref: 17936]    £4,250.00 ($5,406 • €4,747 rates)

STUBBS, George. [The illustration that introduced the Kangaroo to the British public]
No. 20. [An animal found on the coast of New Holland called Kanguroo.] London: Strahan and Cadell, 1773. 230 x 270mm. Trimmed to plate at bottom
The first British illustration of a kangaroo, published in Hawkesworth's 'An Account of the Voyages... For making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere', which contained the official account of Captain Cook's visit to Australia and New Zealand on his first circumnavigation. The plate only has a plate number, so the title, as above, comes from the index. However the original illustration was not drawn in Australia but in London, by Britain's foremost animal painter, George Stubbs (1724-1806). It is believed that it was Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820), the naturalist on Cook's expedition whose diary entry of 12 July 1770 first noted the 'kanguru', who commissioned Stubbs to paint a kangaroo and a dingo. As no live specimen of the kangaroo had been brought to England, Stubbs worked from a preserved skin, which he inflated to get an idea of its body shape. The paintings were exhibited at the Royal Society in early 1773, but only the kangaroo was engraved for Hawkesworth. In 2013 the Stubbs oils of both the kangaroo and dingo were subject to a temporary export ban, as important works of 'Cultural Interest' in Britain. After a fund-raising campaign the National Maritime Museum purchased the paintings for the nation. See
[Ref: 17107]    £750.00 ($954 • €838 rates)

HODGES, William. [Portrait of a Maori, from Cook's Second Voyage]
Man of New Zealand. London: Strahan and Cadell, 1777. 260 x 215mm. Narrow margins left and bottom.
A portrait of a Maori with tatoos, sketched during Cook's second visit to New Zealand, 1773. Rangituanui (Tuanui), the principal chief of Ngati Hikatoa, is shown with feathers in his hair, albatross feather earrings, moko and a bone toggle fastening his cloak. He was given two sows and two boars by Cook's crew, from which the wild pigs known as 'Captain Cookers' are descended. This plate was engraved by Jean Baptiste Michel after a red chalk drawing by Hodges (now in the National Library of Australia) and published in 'A Voyage towards the South Pole', the offiical account of Cook's Second Voyage. On this expedition (1772-5) he circumnavigated the world as far south as he could, attempting to locate any 'Terra Australis Incognita'.
[Ref: 17112]    £275.00 ($350 • €307 rates)

BLACK, J.M. [A detailed map of Sydney marking recreational beaches]
A Map of Sydney Harbour and Surrounding Districts, New South Wales. Showing Reserves on the Foreshores of the Harbour available for Recreation, with Access thereto, and other Reserves within the scope of the Map. Sydney: Department of Lands, 1923. Colour lithograph, 580 x 980mm, laid on canvas, folded into card covers with original title label, as issued. A little wear at folds, map-seller's label top right.
A plan of Sydney extending to Paramatta in the west, Warringah in the north and Waterloo in the south. Already attempts are being made to prevent development, with Bondi Beach already designated a public park.
[Ref: 16204]    £1,500.00 ($1,908 • €1,676 rates)

 New Zealand 

BONNE, Rigobert. [18th Century map of New Zealand]
Carte De La Nouvelle Zéelande. Paris, c.1778. Coloured. 360 x 240mm.
Chart based on Cook's survey, with four insets, including Cook's Strait and the Thames River.
[Ref: 18213]    £750.00 ($954 • €838 rates)

Records: 91 to 100 of 311
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