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 Central Asia 

TALLIS, John. [Mid-19th century map of the Indian Ocean]
Islands in the Indian Ocean. London, J. & F. Tallis & Co., c.1851. Steel engraving, printed area 270 x 335mm. Trimmed into printed decoration at top.
Detailed map of the Indian Ocean with an an inset of Mauritius. Decorative vignettes of local scenes.
[Ref: 16156]    £140.00 ($182 • €161 rates)


ARROWSMITH, Aaron. [Early 19th Century map of Hindoostan]
Map of Hindoostan drawn for Mill's History of British India by A. Arrowsmith London: Sydney Hall, 1817. 620 x 520mm.
Detailed map of Hindoostan showing the British Possessions.
[Ref: 16045]    £600.00 ($780 • €690 rates)

BERGHAUS, Dr Heinrich. [19th century map of India]
Volker-karte der indischen welt. Gotha: J. Perthes, 1852. Original colour. 350 x 420mm.
Detailed map of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Includes dialtects, languages and ethnicities. From Dr. Heinrich Berghaus' Physikalischer Atlas.
[Ref: 17389]    £120.00 ($156 • €138 rates)

MACKENZIE, William. [Plan of Delhi during the Indian Mutiny]
Plan of Delhi 1857-58. Edinburgh, 1860. Original colour. Lithograph 160 x 240mm.
Colour lithograph plan of Delhi engraved by Guyot and Wood for a history of the Indian Mutiny.
[Ref: 17183]    £250.00 ($325 • €288 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Map of India under the Raj]
British India. London, J.Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 340 x 250mm.
A detailed map of India & Ceylon, with four attractive vignette scenes, including a view of Lahore and an Indian procession with elephants.
[Ref: 16155]    £175.00 ($228 • €201 rates)

WALKER, J. & C. [A large and detailed map of India]
Map of India from The most recent Authorities. London: William Houghton Allen, 1882. Steel engraving with original colour. Dissected and laid on linen with bookseller's ads, total 970 x 890mm, folded into a contemporary Stanfords buckram slipcase with title label. Fine.
A large and colourful map of India, also including Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and northern Burma. Originally published in the 1840s this example has been updated considerably; a new key of the possessions of the European powers is placed east of Sri Lanka, but the outline of the old key still remains in the lower left corner.
[Ref: 17410]    £550.00 ($715 • €633 rates)

 Sri Lanka 

DU VAL, Pierre. [17th century miniature map of Sri Lanka]
Isle de Ceilan. Paris, c.1680. Coloured. 130 x 105mm.
A small map of Ceylon, published in Du Val's 'Géographie Universelle'.
[Ref: 17498]    £240.00 ($312 • €276 rates)

VISSCHER, Nicolas. [A large and colourful map of Sri Lanka]
Insula Ceilon olim Taprobana Incolis Tenarisin et Lankawn exactissime delineata... Amsterdam, c.1680. Original colour refreshed. 500 x 595mm.
A decorative Dutch map, orientated with north to the right, with the Dutch forts marked with flags. The cartouche shows three natives with a domesticated elephant, also in full colour.
[Ref: 17463]    £1,000.00 ($1,300 • €1,150 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [17th century miniature map of Sri Lanka]
Isle de Ceylan. Paris, c.1683. Coloured. 155 x 110mm.
Published in the 'Description de l'Univers'. French text on verso.
[Ref: 17502]    £150.00 ($195 • €173 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [Miniature map of ancient Ceylon]
Ancienne Isle de Taprobane. Paris, 1683. Coloured. 150 x 110mm.
Map of Taprobana, which was the ancirent name for Sri Lanka. Published in the 'Description de l'Univers'.
[Ref: 17514]    £90.00 ($117 • €104 rates)

Records: 91 to 100 of 320
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