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ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, Gilles. [Sweden]
La Suede Par le S. Robert de Vaugondy... Paris, c.1778. Original colour. 250 x 210mm.
Map of Sweden from 'Nouvel Atlas Portatif'.
[Ref: 17632]    £125.00 ($164 • €139 rates)


Plan Von Kopenhagen. Weimar, 1807. 230 x 325mm.
Plan of Copenhagen with an extensive location key
[Ref: 17629]    £190.00 ($249 • €212 rates)

WILKINSON, Robert. [Map of Denmark]
Denmark (including its) German Dominons... London, Hamilton, Adams & Co: 1828. Original outline colour. 300 x 240mm.
Map of Denmark, engraved by Frogett. With an inset map of Bornholm. This map is a later edition of Robert Wilkinson’s map that first appeared in 1801.
[Ref: 17580]    £110.00 ($144 • €123 rates)


DU VAL, Pierre. [17th Century French map of Iceland]
L'Islande. Paris, 1682. Original outline colour. 115 x 140mm.
Mp of Iceland, from Du Val's miniature atlas, 'Géographie Universelle'.
[Ref: 17496]    £340.00 ($446 • €379 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [17th century miniature view of Iceland]
Islande. Paris, 1683. Coloured. 145 x 110mm.
View of Iceland showing an eruptung Hekla Volcano, and whaling ships in the foreground. From Mallet's 'Description de l'Univers'.
[Ref: 17506]    £150.00 ($197 • €167 rates)


ORTELIUS, Abraham. [A classic 16th century Dutch map of Cyprus]
Cypri Insulae Nova Descript. 1573. Antwerp, 1573, Latin edition. Coloured. 350 x 500mm. Restoration at centrefold.
The famous of Cyprus engraved by Johannes à Doeticum for the 'Theatrum Orbis Terrarum'. A large title cartouche top left is balanced by an inset map of Lemnos bottom right, drawn by Ortelius himself from a written account by Pierre Belon, 1555. The pagination matches van den Broecke's description of the 1573 Latin variant edition (the year the map was first published); however the map is his second state (with 'Tepia' added), which he dates to 1574-5. ZACHARAKIS: 1614, illus; VAN DEN BROECKE: 149, second state of four (with waves not stipple and showing Tepia).
[Ref: 17916]    £1,750.00 ($2,298 • €1,950 rates)


CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [The most decorative map of Malta celebrating the Knights]
Isola di Malta, olim Melita... Venice, c.1689. Coloured. 460 x 615mm. As normal showing the ink mark of the copper plate crack at the top left, A very fine example printed on heavy paper.
Large, decorative map of Malta and Gozo, engraved in 1689 in Coronelli's unique style and published in his 'Isolario'. Surrounding the islands are 62 engraved armorials, including the Knights of Malta. On the reverse is a small plan of Valetta set in text.
[Ref: 17578]    £3,250.00 ($4,267 • €3,621 rates)


LATTRÉ, Jean. [Gibraltar attacked in 1782]
Plan du Promontoire, de la Ville et du Port de Gibraltar avec les ouvrages faits depuis le Dernier Siege et les Lignes Construites par Prdre de sa Majesté très Catholique, pour Empescher la communication de Gibraltar avec l'Espagne. Levé nouvellement sur les lieux par l'Ingénieur de la place Paris: Lattré, c.1782. Original colour. 420 x 570mm.
A plan of Gibraltar showing the Spanish Grand Assault of 13th September 1782, when a force of over 60,000 Spanish and French men, eighty ships and ten 'newly invented' floating batteries gathered for attack. 80,000 spectators came to watch but were disappointed. The map shows the position of the floating batteries, with their line of fire onto the British fortifications, although not noting that they were all destroyed in less than three hours of the opening of the assault. The map was originally published without any reference to the assault.
[Ref: 17598]    £850.00 ($1,116 • €947 rates)


MYLLER, Angelicus Maria [Scarce miniature prospect of Scio.]
Scio. Prague, Hiller, c.1732, 140 x 170mm.
A miniature view of the city of Scio from the sea, with the only named feature the 'Scola Homeri' (School of Homer), from Myller's 'Peregrinus In Jerusalem'. Myller journeyed from Rome to Jerusalem then on to Troy, Gallipoli and Constantinople. From there he travelled to Egypt, Syria and Malta and back to Rome. ZACKERAKIS:1595.
[Ref: 17922]    £320.00 ($420 • €356 rates)


TIRION, Isaak. [Eighteenth century map of Italy]
Italie volgens de allernieuwste Uitgave van den Heere d' Anville. Amsterdam, 1769. Original colour. 395 x 455mm.
Detailed map, based on D'Anville's important map of Italy. The map extends to Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, and Majorca. A small inset shows Malta in relation to Sicily.
[Ref: 17471]    £360.00 ($473 • €401 rates)

Records: 91 to 100 of 122
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