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 Northern Italy 

FORESTI, Giacomo. [Early 16th century prospect of Venice]
El principio de Venetia citta Regia. Venice: c.1524. Woodcut, 120 x 155mm, set in Italian text.
An early diagrammatic prospect of Venice from Foresti da Bergamo's 'Novissime Hystoriæ'. Foresti (1434-1520) was a noted historian in his day: his 'Supplementum Chronicarum' (1491), was plagarised by Hartmann Schedel, appearing word for word in the more famous 'Nuremberg Chronicle' (1493).
[Ref: 18406]    £325.00 ($460 • €373 rates)

SAUR, Abraham. [Early prospect of Genova]
[Genova.] Frankfurt: W. Richter, 1608. Woodcut, 70 x 95mm, set in letterpress text.
Rare woodcut view of Genova engraved by Saur for "Parvum Theatrum Urbium sive Urbium Praecipuarum totius orbis Brevis & Methodica Descriptio" by Adrianus Romanus, first issued 1595.
[Ref: 18418]    £250.00 ($354 • €287 rates)

LE ROUGE, Georges-Louis. [18th Century map of The Tyrol]
Le Tirol Paris, c.1756. Original wash colour. 220 x 285mm. Tiny hole
Map of the Tirolo with Lake Garda at the bottom and Innsbruck & Kuffestein in the upper right area.
[Ref: 17178]    £160.00 ($226 • €184 rates)

GATTI, Andrea. [A detailed 19th century plan of Torino]
Carta Geometrica della Real Città di Torino, e le sue adiacenze colle divisioni parziali di ciascheduna prioprietà... Torino: stamperia Cattarelli, 1823. Some old red lines. Dissected and laid on linen and silk-edged, total 970 x 1205mm, folded into a contemporary green morocco gilt slipcase. Slight spotting.
A plan of Torino, orientated with north to the top left, with extensive keys underneath. It shows the city as capital of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, less than a decade after the House of Savoy returned to power after the fall of Napoleon. At the time the population of Torino was 88,000. Of interest are the manuscript red lines marking out the redevelopment of the space north of the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I, which created the Piazza Vittorio Vento.
[Ref: 18222]    £1,500.00 ($2,123 • €1,721 rates)

 Central Italy 

SCHEDEL, D. Hartmann. [Incunable prospect of Rome]
Roma. Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 1493, Latin text edition. Coloured woodcut, image 230 x 530mm, set in a page of text. Minor restoration at centrefold, as usual.
Rome, one of the double-page prospects in the famous 'Nuremberg Chronicle'. Although not completely accurate, features such as the Castel de San Angelo, the Vatican, Colosseum and Pantheon are represented. On verso is a view of Genova.
[Ref: 18210]    £1,750.00 ($2,476 • €2,007 rates)

HONDIUS, Jodocus. [17th century miniature map of Tuscany]
Tuscia. Amsterdam, 1610, Latin text edition. Coloured. 145 x 175mm.
A miniature map of Toscana, first published in the the Mercator/ Hondius 'Atlas Minor' of 1607. In 1621 the printing plates were sold to a London publisher in 1621; later Dutch editions used new plates by Jansson.
[Ref: 18358]    £220.00 ($311 • €252 rates)

HONDIUS, Jodocus. [17th century miniature map of Ancona]
Marcha Anconitana cum Spoletano Ducatu. Amsterdam, 1610, Latin text edition. Coloured. 150 x 185mm.
A miniature map of Ancona, first published in the the Mercator/ Hondius 'Atlas Minor' of 1607. In 1621 the printing plates were sold to a London publisher in 1621; later Dutch editions used new plates by Jansson.
[Ref: 18360]    £220.00 ($311 • €252 rates)

FANTOZZI, Frederico. [A scarce 19th century plan of Florence]
Pianta geometrica della città di Firenze Che Stà al vero come 1 a 4500. [Title on lebel.] Firenze, 1841. Engraving on steel, dissected and laid on linen as issued, 825 x 825mm, edged with yellow paper, publisher's title label on linen. A little ink offset otherwise fine.
A detailed plan of Florence by 'Ingegnere-Architetto' Frederico Fantozzi, set in a circle with allegorical figures including Minerva and river gods in the corners. It shows the city twenty-five years before Giuseppi Poggi's modernisation of the city, which included pulling down the mediaeval city walls and the creation of the 'Viali di Circonvallazione'. Fantozzi is not listed in Tooley.
[Ref: 18160]    £2,400.00 ($3,396 • €2,753 rates)

 Southern Italy 

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [16th century miniature map of Puglia]
Apulia. Antwerp: Philip Galle, 1595, Latin text edition. 75 x 100mm.
Apulia, from the Galle edition of Ortelius's 'Epitome'. KOEMAN: Ort 56.
[Ref: 18204]    £160.00 ($226 • €184 rates)


Anonymous. [The capture of Minorca in 1708]
Porto Maon wïrd unter ausführung des Engellandischen Admirals Stanhope von der Alliirten flotte erobert und so dann die ganze Insul Minorca Carolo III unterworfen. Frankfurt:. Christoph Riegel, 1711. 155 x 180mm. Binding folds flattened.
A plan of the capture of Minorca in 1708 by an allied fleet under the English General James Stanhope, during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-14). It was published in 'Gegeneinander-Haltung der Thaten Caroli III. Königs in Spanien, und Philippi Herzogs von Anjou...'. The island was transferred to the control of Archduke Charles, Britain's preferred candidate but, when he failed to secure the Spanish throne, Britain decided to keep both Minorca and Gibraltar.
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Records: 91 to 100 of 112
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