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 Northern Africa 

STANFORD, Edward. [Map of the Nile published during the Mahdist crisis]
A Map of the Nile, from the Equatorial Lakes to the Mediterranean, Embracing the Egyptian Sûdan (Kordofan, Darfur, &c.) and Abyssinia. 1884. London: Edward Stanford, December 1st, 1884. Chromolithographic map with extra original hand colour, dissected and laid on linen, folded into cloth covers with publisher's label. 660 x 560mm.
A map of the Nile south to Lake Victoria, published during the revolt of Sudan against Egyptian control, which had started in 1881. Britain became embroiled in the conflict as Egypt was a protectorate. The revolt began when Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah (1845-85) declared himself the 'Mahdi' (a messianic redeemer of the Islamic faith). Although the 'Ulema' (the Orthodox religious authorities) ridiculed his claims, he gathered an army of 40,000 and soon much of Sudan was in his control. Britian wanted to withdraw from the area, and General Charles George Gordon was despatched to Khartoum evacuate Europeans and Egyptian loyalists. He arrived in Egypt in January 1884, but by March was beseiged in Khartoum. The city, at the centre of this map, was still invested when this map was published in December; the city fell and Gordon killed on January 26th, two days before a relief force arrived. Also of interest is the section of the Congo and its tributary, the Lualaba, as mapped by Henry Morton Stanley in 1877. The cararacts that separate the two rivers are called here the Stanley Falls, but are now the Boyoma Falls.
[Ref: 14483]    £300.00 ($420 • €339 rates)

Gold Coast Survey. [Map of Ghana as a British Crown Colony]
Gold Coast Survey General Map of The Gold Coast and that part of Togoland mandated to Great Britain. Accra, 1925, second edition. Chromolithographic map, dissect and laid on linen as issued, total 770 x 560mm, folded into yellow paper covers. Covers slightly darkened with ink ownership mss.
A detailed map of Ghana under British rule, published in November of 1925, the year that Gordon Guggisberg's constitution set up provincial councils.
[Ref: 15242]    £260.00 ($364 • €294 rates)

Gold Coast Survey. [Map of Ghana as a British Crown Colony]
Gold Coast Survey General Map of The Gold Coast and that part of Togoland mandated to Great Britain. Accra, 1928, third edition. Chromolithographic map, dissect and laid on linen as issued, total 770 x 560mm, folded into yellow paper covers. Covers slightly darkened.
A detailed map of Ghana under British rule.
[Ref: 15243]    £260.00 ($364 • €294 rates)

 Southern Africa 

RUSCELLI, Girolamo. [16th century map of Southern Africa]
Africa Nuova Tavola. Venice, Vincenzo Valgrisi, c.1561. 190 x 260mm. A very good example
A 'modern' map of Southern Africa, published in Ruscelli's 'La Geographi di Claudio Tolomeo'. A feature of this first state is that the platemark runs off the top of the sheet: two maps were engraved on the same plate and the resulting sheet halved. NORWICH: 151.
[Ref: 13913]    £300.00 ($420 • €339 rates)

SANUTO, Livio. [An early engraved map of southern Africa]
Africae Tabula X. Venice, Damiano Zenaro, 1588, 400 x 520mm Lateral margins extended, excellent impression.
A very finely engraved map of Southern Africa, showing the course of the Limpopo River and Great Zimbabwe, the capital of the Shona empire. Sanuto described the granite walls of the city 'the work not of humans but the devil', as they were better than the Portuguese fortresses on the coast. Livio Sanuto (c.1520-1576), a Venetian cosmographer, mathematician and maker of terrestrial globes, belonged to the prestigious Lafreri school of engravers, whose output signalled the transition between the maps of Ptolemy and the maps of Mercator and Ortelius. He and his brother Giulio planned a massive and comprehensive atlas to include maps and descriptions of the whole world, which he believed would be more accurate than any previously published. Unfortunately, he died in 1576 having only completed 12 maps of Africa, which were eventually published in 1588 under the title "Geografia Di M. Livio Sanuto..." . For his maps Sanuto relied on Gastaldi's 1564 map and Portuguese sea charts for the mapping of the coasts and for the interior used accounts by Duarte Barbosa and João de Barros. After its publication in 1588 this work was copied by other leading map makers for nearly a century afterwards NORWICH: 152; see BETZ 22.
[Ref: 10944]    £3,250.00 ($4,550 • €3,673 rates)

LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huygen van. [Two important 16th century maps of Southern Africa]
Typus orarum maritimarum Guineæ, Manicongo, & Angolæ ultra promontorium Bonæ Spei Usq... [&] Delineatio Orarum maritimarum, Terræ vulgo indigetatæ Terra do Natal... Amsterdam, c.1596. Coloured. Two maps, c. 400 x 540mm. Backed with restorer's tissue.
Two highly decorative maps, engraved by Arnold van Langren for Linschoten's 'Itinerario', a sailing guide to the East Indies that broke the Portuguese monopoly on the trade routes. The western map shows the South Atlantic from Sierra Leone to the Cape of Good Hope, with inset coastal profiles of St Helena and Ascension Island, with a note describing the sirens swimming in Lake Zaire. The second shows the south east coast of Africa with Madagascar, to the Maldives and tips of India and Sri Lanka. Both are filled with decoration: ornate strapwork title and scale cartouches; compass roses, galleons and sea-monsters.
[Ref: 17222]    £12,000.00 ($16,800 • €13,560 rates)

VARTHEMA, Ludovico di. [Map of South Africa from Varthema's Travels]
Descriptio Aethiopiae Inferioris. Leipzig: Heironymus Megister, 1610. 75 x 120mm.
Map of South Africa, engraved by Heinrich Gross jnr. for a German edition of the travels of Ludovico di Varthema (or Barthema, c. 1470-1517), the first non-Muslim European to enter Mecca as a pilgrim. Born in Bologna, he travelled to Egypt and Syria in 1503, where he learned enough to enlist as a Mamluk in Damascus. Under this cover he made the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina as one of the Mamluk escort of the Hajj caravan the same year. His account has satisfied later scholars, including Richard Burton, as authentic. From Arabia he travelled to India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Borneo & the Moluccas. In 1506, wishing to return home, he joined the Portuguese garrison at Kannur in India, with whom he stayed untill he could join a ship returning to Europe in late 1507. His account then describes the east coast of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope, St Helena, Ascension and the Azores before landing at Lisbon. He returned to Italy, publishing this account for the first time in 1510.
[Ref: 13204]    £480.00 ($672 • €542 rates)

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [17th century map of Southern Africa]
Æthiopia Inferior vel Exterior. Partes magis Septentrionales, que hic desiderantus, vide in tabula Æthiopiæ Superioris. Amsterdam, 1665, Dutch text edition. Original colour. 385 x 505mm. Near mint condition
A map of Africa below the Equator, with Congo, Angola and Zanzibar, based on Portuguse surveys, decorated with a cartouche with natives holding up an animal skin with the map's title. The map objective of the founder of the Dutch colony at the Cape of Good Hope, Jan van Riebeeck, was to gather such skins to Japan. TOOLEY: Africa, p.29, illustrated on frontis.; NORWICH: Africa 154, & Southern Africa, p.36-37, both illus.
[Ref: 17998]    £765.00 ($1,071 • €864 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [Southern Africa at the beginning of the 18th century]
Partie Meridionale D'Afrique ou se trouvent La Bass Guinée, La Cafrerie, Le Monomotapa, Le Monoemugi, Le Zanguebar, et L'Isle de Madagascar. Paris, 1705. 230 x 335mm. A very fine example
De Fer's small-format map of Africa south of the equator, engraved by Inselin for the 'Atlas Curieux'.
[Ref: 15420]    £250.00 ($350 • €283 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [The Cape of Good Hope at the beginning of the 18th century]
Cap de Bonne Esperance. Paris, 1705. 260 x 360mm. A very fine example.
Three maps on one sheet: a prospect of Table mountain, a map of Table Bay and a plan of the defences of the Dutch fort at the cape. Published in thethe 'Atlas Curieux'.
[Ref: 15421]    £290.00 ($406 • €328 rates)

Records: 91 to 100 of 141
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