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 Northern Italy 

KLAUSBERGER, Fernando. [Rare early 19th century plan of Trieste]
Pianta della Citta' e Porto Franco di Trieste. Trieste: Ignazio Heymann, 1806. Original colour. 590 x 920mm.
A large antique map / plan of Trieste, orientated with north to the bottom left, published by Heymannm, the Head Postmaster of the city. The buildings are numbered, probably a postal system.
[Ref: 11979]    £1,200.00 ($1,528 • €1,348 rates)

MERIAN, Mattheus. [Merian's prospect of Venice updated to the 19th century]
Piano Elevato dell'inclita città di Venezia. Venice: Marco Sebastiano Giampiccoli, c.1813, Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 300 x 720mm.
Merian's two-plate prospect of Venice engraved in 1635, here re-issued about 160 years later. There has been considerable re-engraving, with a new title, the Doge's barge and arms removed, and updating of buildings, which is particularly noticeable on the island of St Giorgio in the foreground. MORETTO: 200, state v of v.
[Ref: 16075]    £3,400.00 ($4,328 • €3,818 rates)

DE BUCH, Leopold. [Geological map of the Tyrol]
Esquisse d´une carte geologique de la parte meridionale du Tyrol.. Paris: Tardieu, 1823. 390 x 390mm.
French issue of the De Buch geological map of the Tyrol - Trentino area
[Ref: 15556]    £200.00 ($255 • €225 rates)

VALLARDI, Guiseppe and Pietro. [Town plan of Milan]
Pianta della Citta di Milano Milan, c. 1830. Coloured. 200 x 240mm.
Town plan of Milan with an extensive key (in Italian) to 'remarkable places'. The Cathedral of Milan; the Columns of San Lorenzo and the Arco della Pace (arch of peace) are illustrated.
[Ref: 17535]    £220.00 ($280 • €247 rates)

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. [Plan of Turin]
Turin (Torino). London: Baldwin & Cradock, 1836. Original outline colour. Steel-engraving. Dissected and laid on linen, folded into buckram covers, titled in gilt, as issued. 345 x 400mm.
Detailed townplan with three vignette views including a prospect of the city. Usually this map appeared in the SDUK atlas: however this example was issued as a folding map, probably for the use of a tourist.
[Ref: 15490]    £110.00 ($140 • €124 rates)

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. [19th century town plan of Venice]
Venice. Venèzia. Venèdig. London, SDUK, 1838. Coloured. Steel-engraving, two sheets conjoined, total 400 x 590mm.
Detailed townplan with an inset view of St Mark's Square and a map of the environs on a trompe-l'oil scroll.
[Ref: 13097]    £325.00 ($414 • €365 rates)

SANTO VALLARDI, Francesco. [Detailed plan of Venice with vignette elevations]
Pianta Topografica della R.a Città di Venezia con XIX de suoi principali prospetti. Milan: Santo Vallardi, c.1840. Dissected and laid on linen, total 605 x 775mm.
A detailed town plan of Venice with an extensive key underneath and nineteen views of the important buildings and squares.
[Ref: 15521]    £1,100.00 ($1,400 • €1,235 rates)

ZUCOLI, Léon. [A fine town-plan of Genoa]
Nouveau Plan De La Ville De Génes... Genoa, A. Beuf, 1849, printed area 390 x 525mm Binding folds flattened.
A very detailed plan of Genoa with main roads and notable buildings marked, engraved by Léon Zucoli and intended as publicity for A. Beuf's bookselling business as well as being a plan of the city. A 12 point key marks further points of interest.
[Ref: 10532]    £450.00 ($573 • €505 rates)

BEEGER, Max & CHARPENTIER, A. [A romantic view of Venice by moonlight]
Les Rèveries Nocturnes. Venise. Berlin, Ebner, c.1850. Original colour. Lithograph, printed area 440 x 580mm. Very slight spotting.
A gondola in open water, with a man serenading two women with a lute. The towers of Venice are in the background, lit by moonlight. The quality of the colouring is particularly high, with gum arabic highlights. It was published in a series of romantic views of the ports of the Mediterranean.
[Ref: 10104]    £475.00 ($605 • €533 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Map of Northern Italy with vignettes]
Northern Italy. London, J. & F. Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Printed area 250 x 320mm.
A mid-19th century map of Italy north of Rome, drawn and engraved by John Rapkin for the 'Illustrated Atlas', one of the last decorative atlases, with an ornate printed border and vignette views including St. Peter's in Rome and the Grand Canal in Venice.
[Ref: 18331]    £150.00 ($191 • €168 rates)

Records: 91 to 100 of 113
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