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CAMDEN, William. [The First Edition of Camden's 'Britannia' with maps]
Britannia, sive Florentissimorum Regnorum Angliæ, Scotiæ, Hiberniæ, et Insularem adiacentium ex intima antiquate, Chorographica descriptio: Nunc postremò recognita, plurimis locis magna accessione adaucta, & Chartis Chorographicis illustrata. London: George Bishop & John Norton, 1607. First Folio Edition. 18th century full calf gilt, maroon morocco title label, all edges gilt, marbled endpapers; pp. (xiv) + 860 + (230) (corrigenda and indexes); engraved title page and 57 maps (all but two double-page), nine plates and numerous woodcut illustrations in text Some old ink mss on title pages and dedication, slight damp staining at edges of the first hundred pages. A few maps slightly trimmed by the binder.
The 'Britannia', a topographical and historical survey written by William Camden (1551-1623), was the first chorographical survey of Great Britain and Ireland. First published in 1586, this sixth edition was the first folio edition and the first to contain maps, reduced versions of those by Christopher Saxton and John Norden, engraved by William Kip and William Hole. The seventh edition, 1610, was the first to be translated into English. Camden's text was extremely influential: both Blaeu and Jansson used it in the county atlases. A robust example, with stong, clean paper. SKELTON: County Atlases, 5.
[Ref: 19663]    £12,000.00 ($15,420 • €14,016 rates)


COOK, Captain James. [Italian edition of plates from Captain Cook's Voyages]
[The plate volume from an Italian edition of the voyages of Captain Cook] Italian, c.1785. 4to, paper-backed boards, uncut; 52 numbered plates, 14 folding, including 2 maps.
A collection of plates from all three of Captain Cook's official accounts of his circumnavigations, including the Stubbs kangaroo; the Maori warrior head and the Death of Cook on Hawaii. The engravers include Giuseppi Aloja, Rafael Aloja, Vincenzo Aloja, Carmine Pignatari and Zaballi.
This item is currently on reserve


GREUTER, Matthaus. [Three celestial globe gores with Virgo, Libra and Boötes]
[Three gores from a 49cm diameter celestial globe.] Rome: Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi, 1695?. Three sheets, each 370 x 135mm at base. Trimmed for use, a little toning.
A group of three contiguous globe gores from the Northern Hemisphere of a 49cm celestial globe with 24 gores. The constellations include the zodiac signs of Virgo and Libra, Boötes, Coma Berenices, Corona Borealis, Serpens and the tail of Ursa Major. The gores were first published in 1636 in Rome; we are assuming these come from the more common de Rossi edition, but there is nothing to indicate which edition they are.
[Ref: 19593]    £950.00 ($1,221 • €1,110 rates)

DELAMARCHE, Charles François. [A French globe from the beginning of the 19th century]
Globe Terrestre Dressé d'après les Découvertes du Capitaine Cook et augmenté de celles du Capit. La Pérouse. Par F.F. Delamarche Géog. Suc. de Vaugondy 1801. Paris: Delamarche, 1801. Globe, 210mm diameter, engraved gores with original hand colour on wooden stand, height 500mm, with cardboard full meridian and horizon band, both with engraved scales. Some minor restoration.
An attractive terrestrial globe showing the discoveries of Captains James Cook (1728-79) and Jean François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse (1741-88?), in Australiasia and the Pacific. Tasmania is still joined to the mainland, so the cartography predates the voyage of Matthew Flinders and George Bass around the island. The globe is decorated with rococo cartouches for the title and scale, with illustrations of the zodiac signs on the horizon band.
[Ref: 19462]    £14,000.00 including VAT ($17,990 • €16,352 rates)

NEWTON & Son. [A handsome 19th century standing library globe]
Newton's New & Improved Terrestrial Globe Embracing every recent Discovery. London, Newton & Son, 1842. A 12' (30cm) diameter globe, standing 90cm high, with a single pedestal stand with three legs, with four quarter circles supporting the horizon ring.
The globe is made of twelve copper-engraved half gores, coloured and varnished. The meridian ring is brass, as is the English-style hour circle between the meridian and the globe. The horizon ring is also a varnished copper engraving.
[Ref: 18645]    £12,850.00 including VAT ($16,512 • €15,009 rates)

 World & Continent Sets 

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [A fine pair of 17th century hemispheres in Coronelli's unique style]
Planisfero del Mondo Nouvo... [&] Planisfero de Mondo Vecchio... Venice, c.1690. Old colour. Two sheets, each c.460 x 620mm.
A decorative pair of maps of the hemispheres within finely engraved borders showing the Zodiac. Points of interest include California as an island, the huge island of Jesso reaching almost to California and the partial outline of New Zealand.
[Ref: 19592]    £3,250.00 ($4,176 • €3,796 rates)

LEVASSEUR, Victor. [Very decorative set of the World & Continents]
[Set of World & 6 Continents.] Paris, A. Combette, c.1845. Outline colour on the maps. Seven steel-engravings, ea. c.310 x 410mm.
A fine set of 7 maps, each map with original outline colour, within a highly decorative engraved border, with vignettes of costumes and animals. They were published in one of the last decorative atlases, the 'Atlas Universel Illustré' which, unlike earlier sets, has grouped the East Indies, Australasia and the Pacific on one plate, 'Océanie'. On the map of the Americas Texas is a republic: the population table gives it a population of only 200,000.
[Ref: 19040]    £700.00 ($900 • €818 rates)

 World Maps 

HONTER, Johannes. [Honter's unusual cordiform world map]
Universalis Cosmographia. Zurich: c.1546. Woodcut. Sheet 155 x 185mm. A very fine example.
A very interesting cordiforum (heart-shaped) world map after Waldseemüller, cut by Heinrich Vogtherr the Elder for Honter's 'Rudimenta Cosmographica', but widely used by other publishers. On the back are two more woodcuts: a globe set in text and half of Honter's map of Iberia. SHIRLEY: 86.
[Ref: 19487]    £1,600.00 ($2,056 • €1,869 rates)

HONDIUS, Jodocus. [16th century map of the World after Ortelius]
Typus Orbis Terrarum. Amsterdam c.1600. Coloured. 90 x 125mm.
A miniature map of the world on Ortelius's oval projection, engraved by Jodocus Hondius fro Barent Langenes's 'Caerte-Thresoor', but this example from an early edition of Petrus Bertius's pocket geography. SHIRLEY: 211.
[Ref: 19625]    £320.00 ($411 • €374 rates)

KIRCHER, Athanasius. [The world after the biblical Flood]
Geographia Conjecturalis de Orbis Terrestris Post Diluvium Transformatione ex Variorum Geographorum Sententia cui Author Subscribit. Amsterdam: Jansson van Waesburge, 1675. 350 x 490mm. Repairs to binding folds and small tears. Strong impression.
An unusual map of the world, published not in an atlas but in Kircher's 'Arca Noë', an analysis of the world before, during and after the Flood. Here Kircher conjectures which parts of the world were flooded, including Atlantis is the middle of the Atlantic. SHIRLEY: 470.
[Ref: 16895]    £750.00 ($964 • €876 rates)

Records: 1 to 10 of 571
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