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 World Maps 

BÜNTING, Heinrich. [Bünting's famous clover leaf map of the world]
Die ganze Welt in ein Kleberblat... Magdeburg, 1581-. Woodcut, printed area 270 x 380mm. A very fine and dark impression. Binding folds reinforced on verso.
Bünting's famous clover leaf map, showing Europe, Asia and Africa as separate leaves connected to Jerusalem at the centre. England and Scandinavia appear as islands at the top of the map; the New Wolrd fills the bottom left corner. The map was published in Bünting's 'Itinerarium Sacræ Scripturæ' (Travel through Holy Scripture), a reworking of the bible as a travel guide. Also included were maps of Europe as the Virgin Mary and Asia as Pegasus. This design was of particular relevence to Bünting because a clover leaf features on the arms of his hometown of Hanover. SHIRLEY: World 142.
[Ref: 17369]    £6,500.00 ($8,190 • €7,540 rates)

DE WIT, Frederick. [A Dutch World map with superb decorative borders]
Nova Orbis Tabula in Lucem Edita. Amsterdam, 1675. Original colour. 465 x 540mm. Minor reinforcing to verdigris cracks on verso
An exquisite seventeenth century map of the world in double-hemisphere, with two further spheres showing the northern and southern hemispheres and cherubs in the cusps. The four corners are taken up with vignettes of the seasons, each with references to the Elements and the Zodiac. The first state of the map was issued c.1670, but the cherubs in the cusps and the engraved border mark this as the second state. Another plate replaced it 1680. SHIRLEY: World 451 - ''one of the most attractive of its time... one of the finest that is relatively easily obtainable by the map collector'.
[Ref: 17451]    £5,500.00 ($6,930 • €6,380 rates)

STOOPENDAAL, Daniel. [Late 17th century double-hemisphere map of the world]
Orbis Terrarum Tabula Recens Emendata et in Lucem edita. Rotterdam, c.1680. 355 x 465mm. A fine and dark impression.
A double-hemisphere world map engraved by Stoopendahl for a Dutch bible. On the map California is an island and Australia and New Zealand are shown as partial outlines, a century before Cook. The corners have allegorical figures of the four continents with example of animals from each one, and the cusps have diagrams of the Solar System. SHIRLEY: 498.
[Ref: 17313]    £1,600.00 ($2,016 • €1,856 rates)

BOWEN, Emanuel. [World map depicting circumnavigator's routes]
A New and Accurate Map of the World. Drawn from the best Authorities and regulated by Astronomical Observations: Describing the Course of each of the following Circum-Navigators Viz Ferdinand Magellan, Sr. Francis Drake and Commodore Anson. London, 1748. 365 x 555mm.
A world map on an oval projection twenty years before Cook's first circumnavigation, thus showing an incomplate Australia and New Zealand. Also of interest are 'De Gama's Land' in the north Pacific and the note claiming that 'S.r Francis Drake was the First Navigator who made the Circuit of the Globe' because Magellan was killed in the Ladrones. Engraved by Thomas Kitchin, the map was published in the second edition of John Harris' 'Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels'.
[Ref: 17136]    £750.00 ($945 • €870 rates)

COLTON, G.W. & C.B. [A huge American missionary map on linen]
Missionary Map of the World Showing the Prevailing Religions of its Various Nations and the Central Stations of All Protestant Missionary Societies. New York: Colton, 1892. Colour-printed wood engraving on ten linen sheets stitched together, total 2050 x 3550mm, with hanging string stitched in across top. A few small scorch marks, a little damp staining, otherwise fine.
A very scarce double-hemisphere world map with the land coloured according to the dominant religion, probably used as a backdrop at fund-raising events. The key lists Protestants, Greek and Eastern Churches, Roman Catholics, Jews, Mohammedans and Heathen, although the Jewish population is too spread out to show on the map. The 'Heathens' (those not members of an Abrahamic religion, numbered at 838 million by the key, outnumbering all the other religions combined) fill Arctic America, the interior of South America, central Africa, East Asia and Australia The founder of the Colton firm, Joseph H. Colton, published a missionary map of the world by Rev. J.M. Campbell in 1845, apparently the same size as this map and also on cloth priced at $10; after George Woolworth Colton and his brother Charles took over their father's business, c.1865, they issued a version, along with a 120-page manual in 1878. In the early 20th century the firm became August R. Ohman & Co., which issued a smaller version of this map (with the Heathens increasing to 845,000,000); and finally we have found a reference to a map published by Ohman Map Co, with the title ending 'central stations of the Seventh-day Adventists', tentatively dated 1916. Of all these variants we have only been able to locate one example of this 1892 map, for sale in 2001, and an example of the 1906 map, which we offered in our Catalogue 3 in 2016.
[Ref: 16862]    £6,800.00 ($8,568 • €7,888 rates)

Anonymous. [A map of the oil fields of the world]
Le Petrole dans Le Monde. Paris: Union des Chambres Syndicals sw l'Industrie du Pétrole, 1958. Colour lithograph. Sheet 985 x 1210mm. Folded as issued.
A large map of the world on Mercator's Projection, marking the oil fields and areas with oil-producing potential. Insets show details of North America, Venezuela and the Middle East, a map showing the tanker routes during the Suez Crisis of 1956, and tables of oil production expansion and sources of power since 1900.
[Ref: 17415]    £1,650.00 ($2,079 • €1,914 rates)

JANVIER, Jean. [18th century double-hemisphere world map]
Mappe-Monde ou Description du Globe Terrestre... Paris: 1762. Coloured, 310 x 460mm.
A decorative map of the World, with a large rococo title cartouche. The map is pre-cook. Includes the Muller Peninsula in Alaska, an enlarged Australia, and the Sea of the West in North America.
[Ref: 16994]    £800.00 ($1,008 • €928 rates)

 Polar Maps 

KEIZER, Jacob. [The North Pole, with California as an Island]
De Noord Pool. De Eilanden van Sangir Sjauw en Pagasare. Amsterdam: Jan de Lat, c.1747. Original outline colour. 190 x 280mm.
A scarce Dutch map with the North Pole featuring California as an Island. The inset map shows the volcanic islands of the Sangihe Archipelago in Indonesia
[Ref: 17249]    £300.00 ($378 • €348 rates)

KEIZER, Jacob. [South Pole with new discoveries]
De Zuid Pool... Amsterdam: Jan de Lat, c.1747. Original outline colour. 190 x 280mm.
A scarce Dutch map with the Southern Hemisphere with new discoveries of the time. The inset map shows Cape Circoncision and the Solomon Islands.
[Ref: 17259]    £300.00 ($378 • €348 rates)


WÄLDSEEMÜLLER, Martin. Tabula Terre Nove. Strassburg, Johannes Shott, 1513. Woodcut, printed area 385 x 445mm, paper watermarked with a fleur de lis, with good margins.
The rare first issue of Wäldseemüller's famous 'Admiral's map', the first printed atlas map specifically of the Americas. It shows the eastern coasts of America and the western coast of Europe & Africa 55º North to 35º South, with a rudimentary 'Florida', Cuba, Hispaniola and Jamaica. The twenty place names in North America suggest his sources were Portuguese, particularly the Cantino chart of 1502 and Caveri of c.1505. As the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Peninsula appear before recorded voyages to either, this map is regarded as evidence of forgotten expeditions. It was Wäldseemüller's wall map of the world map (1507) that first used the name 'America', although he was only using it for the parts of South America explored by Amerigo Vespucci. However others started using the name for the whole of the New World and here Wäldseemüller is trying to make amends: a Latin note reads 'This land and the adjacent islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus on the mandate of the King of Castile'. This is the best example of this landmark map we have ever seen. BURDEN: 3.
[Ref: 17346]    £90,000.00 ($113,400 • €104,400 rates)

Records: 1 to 10 of 144
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