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DELAMARCHE, Charles François. [A French globe from the beginning of the 19th century]
Globe Terrestre Dressé d'après les Découvertes du Capitaine Cook et augmenté de celles du Capit. La Pérouse. Par F.F. Delamarche Géog. Suc. de Vaugondy 1801. Paris: Delamarche, 1801. Globe, 210mm diameter, engraved gores with original hand colour on wooden stand, height 500mm, with cardboard full meridian and horizon band, both with engraved scales. Some minor restoration.
An attractive terrestrial globe showing the discoveries of Captains James Cook (1728-79) and Jean François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse (1741-88?), in Australiasia and the Pacific. Tasmania is still joined to the mainland, so the cartography predates the voyage of Matthew Flinders and George Bass around the island. The globe is decorated with rococo cartouches for the title and scale, with illustrations of the zodiac signs on the horizon band.
[Ref: 19462]    £14,000.00 including VAT ($17,472 • €15,862 rates)

 World Maps 

KIRCHER, Athanasius. [The world after the biblical Flood]
Geographia Conjecturalis de Orbis Terrestris Post Diluvium Transformatione ex Variorum Geographorum Sententia cui Author Subscribit. Amsterdam: Jansson van Waesburge, 1675. 350 x 490mm. Repairs to binding folds and small tears. Strong impression.
An unusual map of the world, published not in an atlas but in Kircher's 'Arca Noë', an analysis of the world before, during and after the Flood. Here Kircher conjectures which parts of the world were flooded, including Atlantis is the middle of the Atlantic. SHIRLEY: 470.
[Ref: 16895]    £750.00 ($936 • €850 rates)

BRION DE LA TOUR, Louis. [Brion's magnificent large-format map of the world]
Mappemonde où sont marquées les Nouvelles Découvertes. Paris: Esnauts & Rapilly, 1783. Coloured. 530 x 765mm.
A highly-decorative double-hemisphere map of the world, showing the routes of Captain Cook around the world. In the corners are female allegorical figures of the continents; the upper cusp has Helios in the chariot of the Sun and the lower cusp has the title in a cartouche of fruit and flowers.
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 Polar Maps 

PITT, Moses. [The only original map in Pitt's 'English Atlas']
A Map of the North-Pole and the Parts Adjoining. Oxford: Moses Pitt, 1680. Coloured. 460 x 590mm. A few small repairs, pinholes in crest.
A scarce map of the Arctic Circle, with the title on a curtain, with portraits of Lapplanders and a whaling scene. On the map the mythical island of Frisland is marked, as is a strait through Greenland, placed there instead of Canada by Martin Frobisher, who had been confused by the non-existence of Frisland. Further west the discoveries of the English explorers looking for the North West Passage are shown. Bottom left are the arms of Charles FitzCharles (1657-80), the son of Charles II, which consists of his father's arms with a baton sinister vair overall, signifying illegitimacy. He died of dysentery defending Tangier, which had been part of his father's dowry when marrying the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza in 1662.
[Ref: 17805]    £4,500.00 ($5,616 • €5,099 rates)


ORTELIUS, Abraham. [The most famous map of the Americas, the cornerstone of any map collection]
America Sive Novi Orbis Nova Descriptio. Antwerp, 1575, Latin text edition. Original colour. 355 x 480mm. Tears professionally repaired.
This map of America is one of the most important and influential maps of the continent published in the 16th century. This example is from the first of three copper plates, all engraved by Frans Hogenberg, and the third state, with the Azores now correctly named and the latitude number '230' erased. BURDEN: 39; VAN DEN BROECKE: 9, iii of iii.
[Ref: 12816]    £2,800.00 ($3,494 • €3,172 rates)

 Western USA 

U.S. Navy General Chart of Alaska. A & H Lindenkohl, 1890, original lithographic colour, 665 x 1260mm. In good overall condition, some minor repairable rips where the folds meet and some yellowing in areas of the lithograph colour esp. along the central fold line.
A very detailed chart of Alaska and the Bering Strait produced for the U.S Navy Coast and Geodetic survey. With rhumb lines, wind roses and numerous soundings to aid navigation.
[Ref: 9815]    £160.00 ($200 • €181 rates)


WEBBER, John. [The Hawaiian canoe seen by Captain Cook]
A Canoe of the Sandwich Islands, the Rowers Masked. London, 1784. 260 x 405mm, with wide margins.
A Hawaiian double canoe, rowed by men wearing crested masks fringed with strips of cloth. The plate was engraved by Grignion after Webber, the artist on Captain Cook's Third Voyage, when he became the first European to land on Hawaii. It appeared as plate 65 in the official account.
[Ref: 18893]    £165.00 ($206 • €187 rates)


RODRIGUEZ, Eugenio. [An account of an Italian voyage to Brazil with a fine prospect of Rio de Janeiro]
Descrizione del Viaggio a Rio de Janeiro della Flotta di Napoli di Eugenio Rodriguez Uffiziale de Marina. Naples: Caro Batelli e Comp., 1844. Small 4to, modern half calf gilt with marbled boards and endpapers; half-title, lithographic frontispiece portrait, title with vignette; pp. 106, folding lithographic prospect and map.
A rare publication, an account of a voyage to Brazil in 1843 to deliver Princess Tereza Cristina of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies to her husband Dom Pedro II. The pair had yet to meet: they had wed by proxy, with the bride still in Naples. Written by Eugenio Rodriguez, a Sicilian naval officer, the text describes the area as a tourist but also includes a socio-economic commentary. The detailed view, 'Veduta della citta di São Sebastiano di Rio de Janeiro dall’Isola das Cobras', was lithographed by Frederico Gatti and Gaetano Dura after sketches by Baron Karl Robert von Planitz; the chart of the bay was drawn by Rodriguez from English sources.
[Ref: 19347]    £4,750.00 ($5,928 • €5,382 rates)


BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [Blaeu's classic 'carte à figure' map of Asia]
Asia noviter delineata. Amsterdam, c.1640, Latin text edition. Original colour with gold highlights. 415 x 560mm. Paper extended on already wide margins.
A very fine original colour example of one of the most decorative maps of Asia, published in the second edition of Blaeu's 'Appendix'. It has nine vignette 'map-views' of cities line the top of the map and ten costumes run down the two sides. The seas are filled with decoration, including galleons, a twin-spouted sea-monster and a merman blowing a shell trumpet. Korea is shown as an island and Australia has yet to appear.
[Ref: 19617]    £3,900.00 ($4,867 • €4,419 rates)

BRION DE LA TOUR, Louis. [Eighteenth century map of Asia]
L'Asie, dresseé pour l'étude de la Géographie... Paris, Desnos, 1765. Coloured. 300 x 340mm. Top margin slightly trimmed
Map of Asia within a decorative title cartouche and a separately-printed rococco frame-like border.The map is of special interest because of the appearance of ' Mer de Corée 'in the sea between Korea and Japan. Prepared by Louis Brion de la Tour and published by Louis Charles Desnos, active in Paris at rue St.Jacques
[Ref: 18961]    £180.00 ($225 • €204 rates)

Records: 1 to 10 of 352
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