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 London Maps 

MORTIER, Pieter. [Antique map of London and surroundings]
Les Environs de Londres, Ou se trouve toutte les Villes, Villages, Maisons, Chemins, Rivieres, a Vinct Milles autour de Londres. Amsterdam, c.1700. Coloured. 490 x 560mm. A few repairs.
Antique map of the environs of London, extending to Staines in the west, clockwise to St Albans & Hatfield, Brentwood & Tilbury, and Leatherhead and Chertsey. HOWGEGO: 51.
[Ref: 12568]    £325.00 ($418 • €380 rates)

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [Map of the environs of London with inset views of Royal Palaces]
Accurater Grundriss u: Gegend der Koenigl:Gross Gros-Britannischen Haupt und Residenz-Stadt London.. Nuremberg, c.1710. Original colour. 495 x 590mm.
A fine, dark impression of this detailed map of London and its environs, extending to Windsor, High Barnet, Rainham and Norwood, decorated with inset views of Windsor Castle, the royal palaces at Hampton Court and Kensington, and the King's Hospitals at Chelsea and Greenwich. HOWGEGO: 58.
[Ref: 19485]    £1,250.00 ($1,606 • €1,460 rates)

VALEGIO, Francesco. [Early Italian plan of London]
Londra. Padua, Lasor à Varea, 1713, set in a page of text. Coloured, 85 x 120mm.
Valegio's town plan of London, a reduced version of the Braun & Hogenberg. From the re-issue of Valegio's townbook by Lasor à Varea, called 'Universus Terrarum Orbis Scriptorum Calamo Delineatus'. HOWGEGO No. 5a.
[Ref: 10383]    £150.00 ($193 • €175 rates)

OVERTON, Henry. [Early Georgian map of the environs of London]
A New & Correct Map of Thirty Miles Round London Shewing all the Towns, Villages Roads &c with the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry and whatever else is remarkable. Done from the best Surveys Together with an Alphabetical Table for ye ready finding of all Places contain'd in the Map. London, c.1720. Original colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 640 x 960mm. Minor repairs to folds and edges.
Scarce circular map of the environs of London, reaching to Great Marlow in the West, clockwise to Baldock, 'Chlemsford', Canvey Island, Maidstone, Horsham and Godalming. The corners contain tables of distances and the charges for use of bridges & locks on the Thames. Down the sides are extensive keys of placenames. HOWGEGO: 67, state i of ii.
[Ref: 13522]    £2,200.00 ($2,827 • €2,570 rates)

LEAKE, John. [London after the Fire]
An Exact Surveigh of the Streets, Lanes, and Churches, Comprehend within the Ruins of the City of London... Reduced into one Intire Plat by John Leake. London, George Vertue, 1723. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 535 x 1260mm.
Copied from Leake's map of 1667 (etched by Hollar), the map shows the extent of the Great Fire, and marks the buildings lost to the flames, with pre-fire elevations of some of the buildings. HOWGEGO: 21, derivative 1.
[Ref: 8602]    £1,900.00 ($2,442 • €2,219 rates)

HOMANN HEIRS. [The environs of London, with a prospect of the city]
Regionis Quae Est Circa Londinum, Specialis Representatio... Nuremberg, c.1741. Original colour with additions. 510 x 580mm. Old ink numeral in top left corner.
A superb example of the Homann Heirs map of London's environs, with a prospect of London and Westminster underneath. Extending north to south from Luton to Tadworth and east to west from Rayleigh to Maidenhead, many of the isolated villages and towns shown are now incorporated into the urban sprawl of London and live on only in name. HOWGEGO: 88.
[Ref: 16043]    £750.00 ($964 • €876 rates)

COLE, Benjamin. [Ward map of Coleman Street & Bassishaw]
The wards of Coleman Street and Bassishaw taken from the last survey with corrections & amendments. London, 1754. 380 x 245mm. Trimmed close to printed border at sides.
Engraved for Maitland's Survey of London. The two cartouche at the top of the plan, feature the coats of arms of the map's dedicatees, ward Aldermen Robert Alsop and William Baker. The illustrations show the north east prospect of the Parish Church of St Michael Bassishaw and the south east prospect of the Parish Church of St Stephen Coleman Street.
[Ref: 16877]    £160.00 ($206 • €187 rates)

TIRION, Isaak. [A Dutch copy of Rocque's map of the environs of London]
Kaart van Londen enz en van het Naby Gelegen Land ruim ein Urr gaans rondsom dezelve Stad; getrokken uit de groote gemeeten Kaart van der H.r John Rocque. Amsterdam, 1754. Original Colour. 290 x 425mm.
A much reduced verion of Rocque's 16-sheet map of the environs of London, although only extending west to Hammersmith rather than Hampton Court. HOWGEGO: 102.
[Ref: 18276]    £320.00 ($411 • €374 rates)

COLE, Benjamin. [Ward map of Baynards Castle & Faringdon Ward]
Baynards Castle ward and Faringdon ward within their divisions into parishes according to a new survey London, 1755. 380 x 480mm. Narrow margin on left, repairs to margins.
The plan is decorated with the arms of the arms of Sir Robert Ladbroke, Alderman of Baynard Castle, and William Bridgen, Alderman of Farringdon, to whom the plan is inscribed. There are llustrated views of St Bennet's Church, St Martin's Church and St Andrew's church at bottom right. St Paul's Cathedral is in the centre of the plan. Engraved for Maitland's Survey of London.
[Ref: 17009]    £280.00 ($360 • €327 rates)

COLE, Benjamin. [Ward map of Farringdon]
Farringdon ward without with it's division into parishes according to a new survey. London, 1755. 380 x 480mm.
Engraved for Maitland's Survey of London. The heraldic arms of dedicatee Richard Beckford, the ward Alderman, are in a cartouche at the top. Views of Temple Bar and Bridewell North Gate are illustrated.
[Ref: 16885]    £230.00 ($296 • €269 rates)

Records: 1 to 10 of 114
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