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 London Views 

CUSTOS, Dominic. [James I and the Spanish Match, with a prospect of London]
Abilltung wie königliche Maistät in Engelandt Die Artickel Dess Spanischen Heyraths Jur: Bekreftiget Anno 1623. Augsburg, c.1623. 275 x 325mm. Small area of paper weakness patched; evidence of a crack in the printing plate (as the example held in the British Museum).
Four scenes: James I signing the Spanish Match treaty in the Chapel Royal; James dining with the Spanish ambassador; James I in procession; and a prospect of London, with the Norman St Paul's Cathedral. In 1614 the Count of Gondomar arrived in London as the Spanish ambassador to the Court of King James, his purpose to stop English privateers attacking Spanish shipping in the Americas and prevent England joining the Thirty Years's War. In return he promised Spain would cease supporting opponents of James's rule in Ireland. To sweeten the deal he proposed the marriage of the Spanish Infanta to Charles, Prince of Wales (later Charles I), promising a dowry of half-a-million pounds. James, who desperately needed money, was enthusiastic, but Parliament refused to accept any deal and James dissolved it in fury. It eventually transpired that the Infanta had no intention of marrying a protestant, and Spain was just stringing out negotiations to stop England entering the war. In 1625 Charles married Henrietta Maria of France instead. BRITISH MUSEUM: 1870,1112.212.
[Ref: 15432]    £475.00 ($613 • €561 rates)

KNYFF, Leonard. [Bird's-eye view of Beaufort House and garden]
The House att Chelsey in the County of Middlesex ; one of the Seats of the Most Noble & Potent Prince Henry Duke of Beaufort Marquess & Earle of Worcester Baron Herbert of Chepstow Raglan & Gower and Knight of the Most Noble order of the Garter. London, 1707. 355 x 490mm.
Detailed view of Beaufort House in Chelsea, a gabled house with formal gardens and a stable block. It was built in 1521 and was Sir Thomas More's residence before passing to the Dukes of Beaufort, whose arms feature in the title, who owned it from 1682 to 1738. It was demolished in 1740 and Beaufort Street built on the site in 1766. Holland House, Camden House and Kensington House are just visible in the distance at the top of the print. This plate was engraved by John Kip after Leonard Knyff (1650-1722), a Dutch landscape painter and was published in ''Britannia Illustrata: Or Views of Several of the Queens Palaces, as Also of the Principal seats of the Nobility and Gentry of Great Britain, Curiously Engraven on 80 Copper Plates'', published the year that Queen Anne signed the Act of Union that created Great Britain.
[Ref: 17181]    £450.00 ($581 • €531 rates)

LEOPOLD, Joseph Friedrich. [A scarce pre-fire panorama of London]
Londinum. London. Augsburg, c.1711. Original colour. 200 x 300mm.
A finely engraved view of pre-fire London seen from a high point south of the city, fashionably dressed figures promenading in countryside in the foreground. Below the view is a description in both German and Latin and the arms of the City.
[Ref: 13256]    £1,500.00 ($1,935 • €1,770 rates)

AA, Pieter van der. [View of pre-Fire London]
Londres, Capitale de l'Angleterre. Leiden, c.1720. Coloured. 215 x 275mm.
A prospect of London before the Great Fire of 1666, taken from south of Southwark. Points of interest are the houses on London Bridge, and the pre-Fire St Pauls, which had already lost its steeple to lightning. With a decorative frame border embellished with swagged ribbons. From 'La galerie agréable du Monde. '
[Ref: 16992]    £700.00 ($903 • €826 rates)

AA, Pieter van der. [A prospect of Pre-Fire London]
Londres, Capitale de l'Angleterre. Leiden, c.1720. 220 x 275mm.
A pre-fire prospect of London, from south of Southwark. Points of interest are the houses on London Bridge, and the old St Paul's Cathedral, which had already lost its steeple to lightning. With a decorative frame border embellished with swagged ribbons. From 'La galerie agréable du Monde'.
[Ref: 17248]    £550.00 ($710 • €649 rates)

Aveline, Pierre A. [London]
Londres Ville Capitale du Royaume D'Angleterre. Paris, Daumont, c.1740, coloured, 325 x 510mm.
A scarce view of post-fire London, looking towards the new St Paul's. London Bridge is shown complete with buildings and traitor's heads, also shown are the Globe and Swan theatres in Southwark. Underneath is a 10-point key.
[Ref: 10290]    £1,800.00 ($2,322 • €2,124 rates)

WOLFF, Jeremias. [18th century prospect of London]
London. Augsburg, Heirs of Jeremias Wolff, c.1740, old colour, 280 x 330mm. Restored tears
Original print/prospect of London taken from Southwark, with a 43 point key below identifying buildings and points of interest. London Bridge is shown partially cleared of houses, presumably after one of the numerous fires that affected the bridge.
[Ref: 16763]    £1,100.00 ($1,419 • €1,298 rates)

BUCK, Samuel & Nathaniel. [The Bucks' monumental five-sheet prospect of London]
[Untitled prospect of London and Westminster.] London: S. & N. Buck: c.1749. Coloured. Five plates, each c.320 x 820mm. Minor restoration.
An incredibly-detailed prospect of London and Westminster from the Thames, showing from Millbank in the west to the Tower of London, with an 140-point key underneath. The first sheet, Millbank to the Treasury sketched from 'Mr Sheve's Sugar House, opposite to York House', shows the finishing touches being made to Westminster Bridge, with stonemasons at work in the bottom left corner. On the Thames in front of Millbank is a ferry carrying a coach and horses, the 'Horseferry' that became obsolete when the bridge opened the following year. Westminster Abbey boasts the two towers added 1734. The second sheet, the Treasury to Somerset House from 'Mr Watson's Summer House, opposite to Somerset House', shows one of the rare surviving pieces of riverside history, York Stairs. The Italianate watergate, built c.1626, remains in place but is now separated from the river by 150 yards of the Thames Embankment. The third plate, Somerset House to Bridewell from 'Mr Everard's Summer-House, opposite to St Bride's Church', depicts the City Barge and ceremonial barge of the East India Company. East of Whitefriars Stairs, unsurprisingly unnamed, is 'Whitefriars Laystall', a huge heap of human dung collected from the ward of Farringdon Without, awaiting removal on less ostentatious barges. Plate four, the Fleet to St Michael's Bassingshaw from the 'West part of the Leads of St Mary Overy's Church in Southwark', is dominated by the dome of Wren's St Paul's Cathedral. The 'Fleet Ditch' is still open, twenty years before it disappeared under Blackfriars Bridge. The final plate, Old Street Church to Limehouse, also from St Mary Overy, details London Bridge, less than a decade before an Act of Parliament ordered the removal of the buildings that strangled it. In the far right is the Tower of London. HYDE: A Prospect of Britain, Plates 40-44.
[Ref: 15245]    £14,000.00 ($18,060 • €16,520 rates)

GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE. [18th century view of London]
London Magazine or Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer. Vol. XVIII. For the Year, MDCCXLIX. London: R. Baldwin, 1749. 205 x 125mm.
A charming small pamorama of old London being the titlepage of Volume 18 of the London Magazine, showing a prospect of London from the south side of the Thames, with a figure of Mercury flying over the city.
[Ref: 13361]    £175.00 ($226 • €207 rates)

SAYER, Robert. [Kensington Palace]
A Front View Of The Royal Palace Of Kensington; Vüe En Front Du Palais Royal De Kensington. London, c.1753, coloured, 265 x 405mm

[Ref: 9049]    £240.00 ($310 • €283 rates)

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