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 African Islands 

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [A pirated edition of the Ortelius Epitome map of Terceira Island]
Tercera. Venice, c.1655. Coloured. 80 x 105mm.
A miniature map of Terceira Island. A second title appears outside the neatline. The map was published in 'Il theatro del mondo', an Italian pirate edition of the Ortelius 'Epitome' miniature atlas. First published in 1598, the publication was revived in 1655, forty years after the last edition of the Dutch original. KOEMAN: Ort 70.
[Ref: 14728]    £65.00 ($85 • €73 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [17th century map of the Azores]
Les Isles Terceres. Paris, Pierre Mariette, c.1670. Original colour. 430 x 500mm. Wide margins.
Map of the Azores engraved by Somer, with an inset of Terceira.
[Ref: 13349]    £340.00 ($442 • €380 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [Azores]
Isles Terceres Dites Acores. Paris, 1682. Original outline colour. 130 x 100mm.
The Azores, from Du Val's miniature atlas, "Géographie Universelle'.
[Ref: 10803]    £125.00 ($163 • €140 rates)

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [Antique map of the Canaries & Madeira]
Isole Canarie...; [Isola Madera]; Veduta della Città di Fanchal nell'Isola di Madera. Venice, c.1690. Coloured. 460 x 615mm.
Antique chart of the Canaries with a large inset of Madeira and a map-view of Funchal. On verso is another engraving 'Le Pico de Teneriffa', a coastal profile, set in a page of Italian text.
[Ref: 7614]    £650.00 ($846 • €726 rates)

MULLER, Johann Ulrich. [Uncommon Miniature Map of the Cape Verde Islands]
[Cape Verde Islands.] Ulm, 1692. 70 x 80mm, set in text.
Charming miniature map, with a letterpress text in German.
[Ref: 8913]    £100.00 ($130 • €112 rates)

MORTIER, Pieter. [Mortier's sea chart of Madagascar in full original colour]
Carte Particuliere de L'Isle Dauphiné ou Madagascar et St. Laurens. Amsterdam, 1700. Original body colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 565 x 850mm. Very fine condition, in attractive original colouring.
A large chart of Madagascar, orientated with north to the left, published in Mortier's monumental three-part sea-atlas, 'Le Neptune François'. The first part was a counterfeit of a French original (with 'à Paris' in the publication line); the second part, the 'Atlas Maritime' contained charts engraved by Romain de Hooghe, including the famous chart of the Mediterranean; the third, the 'Suite de Neptune François', contained charts from Portuguese sources. This chart comes from a full-colour example rather than the usual outline. Of particular interest is the delineations of Antongil Bay and Nosy Boraha (Île Sainte-Marie) in the north east: at the time both were havens for European pirates preying on the East India trade and Mughal treasure ships. The actions of William Kidd, Henry Every, John Bowen & Thomas Tew in the region helped make the period of this chart the golden age of piracy. KOEMAN: M.Mor 7; 'This magnificent work was intended more as a show-piece' (Vol IV p.424).
[Ref: 14518]    £1,100.00 ($1,431 • €1,229 rates)

THORNTON, John. [A scarce English sea chart of the Canaries]
A Chart of the Coast of Barbaria with the Western, Canaria, & Cape de Verd, Isles... London, Samuel Thornton, c. 1711. 435 x 530mm. Narrow margins.
Showing from southern Portugal to Gambia, with insets of Maderia & Tenerife. Published in Thornton's 'English Pilot... The Third Book', concentrating on oriental navigation.
[Ref: 9413]    £950.00 ($1,236 • €1,061 rates)

AA, Pieter van der. [Map of Madagascar and Réunion]
Ile de S. Laurens, ou Madagascar, située dans L’Ocean Ethiopien, sur les Côtes de L’Afrique.. Aa: Leiden, 1729. Coloured. 280 x 365mm.
Detailed map of Madagascar and Réunion showing part of the coastline of Mozambique. Several figures and ships in the cartouche. Two compass roses with rhumb lines. Published by Pieter van der Aa in "Galérie agréable du monde"
[Ref: 15557]    £350.00 ($455 • €391 rates)

JANSSON, Jan. [Antique Dutch sea chart of north west Africa with the Azores and Canaries]
Insulae de Cabo Verde Olim Hesperides, Sive Gorgades Belgice De Zoute Eylanden. Amsterdam, Schenk & Valk, c.1730. Original colour. 440 x 545mm.
A fine old nautical chart of the Cape Verde Islands. The Ilhas de Barlavento (English: windward islands): Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santa Luzia, São Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista. The Ilhas de Sotavento (English: leeward islands): Maio, Santiago, Fogo, Brava.
[Ref: 12416]    £300.00 ($390 • €335 rates)

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [Madeira]
Carte des Isles de Madere et Portosanto Dressée sur les Journaux des plus habiles Navigateurs. Paris, c.1746. 175 x 235mm.

[Ref: 10178]    £150.00 ($195 • €168 rates)

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