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VARTHEMA, Ludovico di. [Map of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula showing Singapore from Varthema's Travels]
Sumatra Insula. Leipzig: Heironymus Megister, 1610. 75 x 110mm.
Map of Malay Peninsula showing Singapore, engraved by Heinrich Gross jnr. for a German edition of the travels of Ludovico di Varthema (or Barthema, c. 1470-1517), the first non-Muslim European to enter Mecca as a pilgrim. Born in Bologna, he travelled to Egypt and Syria in 1503, where he learned enough to enlist as a Mamluk in Damascus. Under this cover he made the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina as one of the Mamluk escort of the Hajj caravan the same year. His account has satisfied later scholars, including Richard Burton, as authentic. From Arabia he travelled to India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Borneo & the Moluccas. In 1506, wishing to return home, he joined the Portuguese garrison at Kannur in India, with whom he stayed untill he could join a ship returning to Europe in late 1507. His account then describes the east coast of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope, St Helena, Ascension and the Azores before landing at Lisbon. He returned to Italy, publishing this account for the first time in 1510. Not in Tibbetts.
[Ref: 13205]    £480.00 ($616 • €537 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [Miniature map of Indochina]
Inde Ancienne a L'Orient du Gange. Paris: Denys Thierry, c. 1683. Coloured, 155 x 110mm.
From the "Description De L'Univers" KING: 152-153; PASTOREAU: 149.
[Ref: 8656]    £100.00 ($128 • €112 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [Burma & Thailand]
Partie Orientale de la Terre Ferme de L'Inde Moderne. Paris, 1683. Coloured. 150 x 110mm.
Published in the 'Description de l'Univers'.
[Ref: 8672]    £100.00 ($128 • €112 rates)

MORDEN, Robert. A New Map of India Beyond the Ganges. London: 1688. Coloured. 125 x 105mm, set in a page of text.
An uncommon miniature map, showing Bengal to Hainan, with Thailand and the Malay Peninsula.
[Ref: 8779]    £240.00 ($308 • €269 rates)

RABATTA, Augusto & BAILOU, Jean Baptist de. [An 18th century playing-card of the Malay Peninsula]
Penisola di la dal Gange anticamente India ultra Gangem di diversi Rè. Florence: Aniello Lamberti, 1779. Original colour. Sheet size 115 x 70mm.
A rare miniature map of Bengal and the Ganges engraved by Lamberti for the 'Minchiate', the Florentine version of the Tarot, which had each card marked with an arcane symbol. The full set was published in Augusto Da Rabatta and Jean Baptiste De Baillou's pocket atlas 'Nuovo Atlante Generale'. Information on the map is minimal, but an extensive key gives the names of the various regions.
[Ref: 12985]    £1,000.00 ($1,284 • €1,119 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century map of Indo-China]
Regni d'Aracan del Pegu di Siam di Camboge e di Laos. Venice, 1785. Original outline colour. 415 x 335mm. Worm holes at centerfold restored.
An attractive copper-engraved map of Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Malay Peninsula, published in the " Atlante Nuovissimo"
[Ref: 15856]    £420.00 ($539 • €470 rates)

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [Antique Map of India, Siam and Malaysia]
Le Indie Orientali Delineatio Sulle ultime Osservazioni. Rome, 1797. Coloured. 365 x 490mm.
Original antique map depicting India, Tibet, Burma, Thailand and Indochina. from the 'Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale', with a decorative title cartouche.
[Ref: 7851]    £420.00 ($539 • €470 rates)

TARDIEU, Ambroise. [Indochina]
Carte de l'Inde presqu'ile au de la du Gange. Paris, 1821. Original outline colour. 410 x 270mm.
Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Malay Peninsula and the north part of Sumatra. Published in La Harpe's Histoire Générale des Voyages.
[Ref: 18664]    £280.00 ($360 • €313 rates)

DE LORENZO, J. [Chart of the South China Sea]
Carta del Mar de China comprendido entre la Isla de Borneo y la Peninsula de Malaca, segun los trabajos mas modernos ingleses y holandeses. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1864. Touches of original colour. 640 x 990mm. Blind stamp of the Direccion de Hidrografia.
Chart of the South China Sea, with Singapore and the coast of Borneo including Brunei. Lighthouses are marked in colour.
[Ref: 12457]    £750.00 ($963 • €839 rates)

LECLERCQ, C. [Antique sea chart of the Malacca Strait]
Carta Esferica del Estrechio de Malaca segun los trabajos mas modernos ingleses y holandeses. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1864. Touches of original colour. 640 x 990mm. Blind stamp of the Direccion de Hidrografia.
Old sea chart of part of the Malacca Strait, between Malaysia and Sumatra, marking Malacca. The Klang River is marked, but Kuala Lumpur is yet of sufficient importance to be shown: founded in 1857 it was not until 1880 it even became state capital. The lighthouses are marked in colour.
[Ref: 12461]    £400.00 ($514 • €448 rates)

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