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BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [18th century map of Korea]
Carte de la Province de Quan-tong ou Lyau-tong et du Royaume de Kau-Li ou Corée. Copiee sur la Carte Angloise. Paris, c.1758, coloured, 280 x 225mm.
An uncommon issue of this map of Korea. The language of the title cartouche is French and notes that the map was copied after an English Map. A note at "Isle de Quelpaert" indicates that the island was drawn after Dutch maps. There is a second title under the map, in Dutch "Kaart van't Landschap Quan-Tong, of Lyau-Tong; en van't Koningryk Kau-Li of Korea".
[Ref: 19437]    £400.00 ($511 • €464 rates)

VANDERMAELEN, Philippe. [Detailed map of northern Korea]
Corée. Brussels, 1827. Original colour. 490 x 580mm.
A map of Korea north of the 36th Parallel, published in the 'Atlas Universel de Geographie', the first atlas to have every map on the same scale, 1:1,641,836. Because of this standardisation it was the first time that some areas of the world were shown with any detail. Despite this the coast of the Yellow Sea is still not accurate, and neither Seoul or Pyongyang are named as such. However 'King-Ki-Tao' is given prominence, and elsewhere it is descrtibed as the capital. Also marked is the route of William Amherst, sent as ambassador to China in 1816, on board HMS Alceste. An uncommon map.
[Ref: 19574]    £380.00 ($485 • €440 rates)

Records: 1 to 2 of 2