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ORTELIUS, Abraham. [Asia from an Italian pirate of Ortelius's epitome]
Asiae Nove Desc. Brescia, c.1598. Coloured. 80 x 105mm. Trimmed inside platemark, small margins
Asia, from an Italian pirate of Ortelius's Epitome. KOEMAN: Ort 69.
[Ref: 19627]    £120.00 ($153 • €139 rates)

CLOPPENBURG, Johannes. [17th century miniature map of Asia]
Asia. Amsterdam, 1630, First Edition, text in French. Coloured. 190 x 260mm.
Asia, published in Cloppenburg's version of the Mercator 'Atlas Minor', probably engraved by Van den Keere. KOEMAN: Me 198.
[Ref: 18482]    £400.00 ($511 • €464 rates)

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [Blaeu's classic 'carte à figure' map of Asia]
Asia noviter delineata. Amsterdam, c.1640, Latin text edition. Original colour with gold highlights. 415 x 560mm. Paper extended on already wide margins.
A very fine original colour example of one of the most decorative maps of Asia, published in the second edition of Blaeu's 'Appendix'. It has nine vignette 'map-views' of cities line the top of the map and ten costumes run down the two sides. The seas are filled with decoration, including galleons, a twin-spouted sea-monster and a merman blowing a shell trumpet. Korea is shown as an island and Australia has yet to appear.
[Ref: 19617]    £3,900.00 ($4,980 • €4,520 rates)

BLOME, Richard. [First folio sized map of Asia engraved in England]
A General Mapp of Asia. Designed by Mounsieur Sanson Geographer to the French King, and Rendred into English by Ric: Blome: by his Maj.tis Especial Command. London, 1670. Coloured. 410 x 555mm.
With a dedication; "To the Right Honorable & truly Noble Hernry Bennet Baron Arlington d'Arlington in Com Middlesex one of his Majesties Principall Secretaires of State &. This Mapp is humbli Dedicated by Ric: Blome". The map is the earliest folio map of Asia to be engraved and printed in England, as Speed's maps were engraved in Amsterdam.
[Ref: 15711]    £850.00 ($1,085 • €985 rates)

SABATINI, Francesco. [Unrecorded carte-à-figures map of Asia]
Asia Recens Summa Cura Delineata... Bologna: Sabatini, 1670, 455 x 555mm. Bottom right corner rebuilt with manuscript reinstatement, otherwise a very fine example.
A very rare and attractive carte-à-figures map of Asia, engraved by Pietro Todeschi. The side panels contain native costume figures and miniature vignette views of major towns and cities, amongst which are shown Goa, Macao and Calcutta. Of interest in the map is the North-Eastern truncation of China/Siberia, presumably due to a belief in a North-West passage through the Straits of Anian. This map was published by Francesco Sabatini, one of the many fringe figures in Italian map-making and publishing in the late seventeenth century. Unfortunately even accurate dates for his life and death elude us, while his work life can be established only by the rough dating of his maps dependent on the dedications on those maps bearing them, but he was apparently active as a printer and publisher (and possibly engraver) in the 1670s, probably in Bologna. This s a contemporary piracy of Dutch carte-à-figures maps, popularised in the first part of the seventeenth century, although it seems likely that the map was plagiarised from intermediate Italian copies, perhaps by Stefano Scolari, an engraver and publisher (or possibly two different men) active from the 1640s to 1660s. STOPP: 'Drie Karten von Francesco Sabatini'; SCHILDER: 'Mappæ Antiquæ Liber Amicorum' p.281-285.
[Ref: 10576]    £6,000.00 ($7,662 • €6,954 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [An extremely unusual proof state of Du Val's map of Asia]
L'Asie Reveuë et augmenteé. Paris, c.1676, Original outline colour. 410 x 530mm.
A rare 'proof' printing of Du Val's map of Asia, engraved by François de Lépine (signed FD Lapointe) in 1664 and first published in Du Val's scarce atlas, 'Cartes de géoraphie', in 1667. However this is apparently an unfinished proof of the 'second' state, 1676, with the original huge island of 'Jesso' removed but without the engraving of the replacement 'Kamchatka' peninsula, leaving the coastline near Yupi unfinished. Korea is still an oval island rather than the corrected peninsula. The title has been updated with the 'Reveuë et augmenteé' and 'au coin de la Ruë de Harlay' added to the address and the date of 1644 removed and not replaced. The cartouche around the title has been heavily re-engraved. We have been unable to find another example of this state.
[Ref: 19002]    £2,500.00 ($3,193 • €2,898 rates)

FRESCHOT, Casimir Don. [A rare miniature map of the Asian continent.]
Asia. Venice: Giovanni Pare', c. 1680. Sheet 120 x 85mm. Trimmed from a large broadsheet.
Don Casimir Freschot, a Benedictine Priest and author of about 50 books on history and Venice, composed a 'goose game', 'Geografia ridotta a giuoco per istruttione della giovane nobiltà veneziana', to facilitate "the teaching of geography to the young Venetian nobility", of which this map was a section. Engraved by Anton Francesco Lucini, this was probably the earliest geographical game to be published. The 'board' comprised 153 squares containing small maps, arranged in a spiral, with a plan of Venice at the centre. Above the game were four larger maps of the continents (of which this is one), the rules, including the prizes and forfeits for landing on squares, and a dedication. There is only one known complete example, in the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana in Venice. Even incomplete examples are extremely rare. "Charta Geographica" magazine, vol.1, page 76; plus insert with facsimile broadsheet.
[Ref: 11114]    £450.00 ($575 • €522 rates)

VISSCHER, Nicolas Jansz. [A 17th century map of Asia in fine original colour]
Asiæ Nova Delineatio. Amsterdam, c.1680. Original colour with gold highlights. 440 x 540mm Printer's crease in the Indian Ocean.
A very fine map of Asia, decorated with fully-coloured cartouches for the title and dedication.
[Ref: 19673]    £1,100.00 ($1,405 • €1,275 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. Asie Ancienne. Paris, 1683. Coloured. 150 x 110mm.
Published in a the 'Description de l'Univers'.
[Ref: 8670]    £115.00 ($147 • €133 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. Asie. Paris, 1683. Coloured. 150 x 110mm.
Published in athe 'Description de l'Univers'.
[Ref: 8671]    £110.00 ($140 • €127 rates)

Records: 1 to 10 of 426
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