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ORTELIUS, Abraham. [Early edition of Ortelius's classic map of Ireland]
Eryn. Hiberniae Britannicae Insulae, Nova Descriptio. Irlandt. Antwerp: Christoph Plantin, 1574, Latin edition. Coloured, with gold highlights. 355 x 480mm.
An early example of this decorative antique map of Ireland, orientated with north to the right. The map first appeared in an 'Additamentum' in 1573 then in the full 'Theatrum' later the same year. This has the pagination '10' of a Theatrum of the following year partially erased and the pagination of 1579 written over it. The publishers were obviously using up the unused sheets of the earlier edition. VAN DER BROECKE: 22.
[Ref: 12878]    £1,200.00 ($1,540 • €1,348 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [Ortelius's classic map of Ireland]
Eryn. Hiberniae Britannicae Insulae, Nova Descriptio. Irlandt. Antwerp: Plantin, 1598, Dutch edition. Original colour. 360 x 485mm. Restoration at centre fold.
A classic collector's map of Ireland published in the 'Theatrum Orbis Terrarum', regarded as the first modern atlas. The map was oriented with north to the right so that the map fitted the sheet of paper, as it predates the convention of north to the top. The colouring of this example is particularly good. VAN DER BROECKE: 22.
[Ref: 14337]    £1,200.00 ($1,540 • €1,348 rates)

QUAD, Matthias. [The first issue of Quad's map of Ireland]
Hiberniae Britanicae Insula Nova Descriptio. Eryn. Irdlandt. Cologne: Johann Bussemacher, 1600, German text edition. 220 x 310mm.
Ireland, engraved by Johann Bussemacher after Ortelius for Quad's 'Fasciculus Geographicus Complectens', with an oval portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.
[Ref: 18352]    £550.00 ($706 • €618 rates)

BLAEU, Johannes. [17th Century map of Ireland by Blaeu]
Hibernia Regnum Vulgo Ireland. Amsterdam, 1640, French text edition, Original colour. 360 x 500mm.
A decorative map of Ireland, embellished with a large decorative coat of arms, decorative title cartouche including the Irish Harp, and scale of miles, all in bright colours. BONAR LAW Pg. 41.
[Ref: 18102]    £625.00 ($802 • €702 rates)

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [An unrecorded state of the Coronelli/Nolin map of Ireland]
Le Royaume D'Ireland Divisé en Provinces Sub-divisées en Comtez et en Baronies selon les Memoires de S.r Petty et autres.... Paris, Jean Baptiste Nolin, c.1690. Original colour. 610 x 470mm. Narrow right margin, with some restoration.
Coronelli's map of Ireland published in association with Nolin in Paris, dedicated to Queen Mary. This unrecorded state has Petty's name added but not Tillemon's. BONAR LAW: 33, unrecorded state between i & ii.
[Ref: 11440]    £1,000.00 ($1,283 • €1,123 rates)

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [A striking map of Ireland]
Parte Settentrionale dell' Irlanda...; Irlanda parte Meridionale... Venice, 1693. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 890 x 630mm.
Highly decorative two-sheet map of Ireland, each with a title cartouche. From the "Corso Geografico Universale". BONAR LAW: 38i.
[Ref: 10702]    £1,250.00 ($1,604 • €1,404 rates)

JAILLOT, Alexis-Hubert. [A two-sheet map of Ireland]
Royaume d'Irlande divisée en ses Provinces... Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier, c.1700. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 900 x 620mm. Trimmed within printed borders at sides, false margins added with mss. fill.
A large and decorative map of Ireland, from Mortier's issue of Jaillot's 'Atlas Nouveau', with fine baroque title and scale cartouches and an inset showing Ireland's position it relation to the rest of the British Isles. It is based on Sanson's map, which Jaillot had redrawn on a larger scale at the request of Sanson's heirs. BONAR LAW: 40, state iii of iv.
[Ref: 8318]    £1,300.00 ($1,668 • €1,460 rates)

PARKER, Samuel. [A Scarce early 18th Century map of Ireland]
Ireland according to the latest Improveme.nts London: George Willdey, c.1710. 460 x 375mm.
An unusual map of Ireland, within an oval with a dark frame, with each corner containing three roundels of text. These black borders are uncommon because of the amount of work needed to create black areas by engraving lines. This is one of a series of separate-issue maps of European countries, with additional maps of the environs of London, Oxford & Cambridge. They are usually attributed to Parker because the map of England has his signature. BONAR LAW: 53.
[Ref: 17804]    £1,600.00 ($2,053 • €1,797 rates)

WEIGEL, Christoph. [Decorative 18th century map of Ireland]
Regni Hiberniae accurata tabula oer Hermañum Moll recognita... Nuremberg, c.1718. Original body colour. 395 x 330mm.
A map of Ireland engraved by Kauffer after a map by Hermann Moll.
[Ref: 17561]    £475.00 ($609 • €533 rates)

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [18th century map of Ireland]
Hiberniæ Regnum tam in præcipuas Ultoniæ, Connaciæ, Laceniæ et Momoniæ... Nuremberg, c.1720. Original colour with additions. 585 x 495mm.
A large map, with an allegorical title cartouche and a fishing-themed one for the scale. BONAR LAW: 63.
[Ref: 13371]    £600.00 ($770 • €674 rates)

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