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 British Islands 

MERCATOR, Gerard. [17th Century Depiction of the "British Islands"]
Anglesey; Wight Vectis olim; Garnsay; Iarsay. Amsterdam, Henricus Hondius, 1628, French text edition. original colour. 330 x 425mm. Very fine example.
Four maps on one sheet: Anglesey, the Isle of Wight; Guernsey (and Sark); and Jersey. KOEMAN: Me 28a
[Ref: 11031]    £300.00 ($386 • €350 rates)

SPEED, John. [The Channel Islands from John Speed's Atlas]
Holy Iland; Farne; Garnsey; Jarsay. London: Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. Coloured. 380 x 510mm. Two small marginal tears.
Four maps on one sheet, including Jersey and Guernsey, engraved by Jodocus Hondius for The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine...'. With an English text describing each island on verso.
[Ref: 9877]    £650.00 ($835 • €759 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [17th century miniature map of the Isle of Wight]
Die Insel Wigh. Frankfurt, 1686. Coloured. 150 x 110mm.
Miniature decorative map of the Isle of Wight and parts of the south coast of England, including Portsmouth. Published in a German edition of Mallet's 'Description de l'Univers '.
[Ref: 17519]    £125.00 ($161 • €146 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [An early 18th century map of the Isle of Wight]
L'Isle De Wight Dressee sur les Derniers Memoirs... Paris, c.1705. Coloured. 355 x 320mm. Repaired tear.
The Isle of Wight marking its main towns and topographical features, with insets below of the Scilly Isles, and Torbay, Devon. At the time of publication the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714) meant that the Isle of Wight was a prime target for the French navy.
[Ref: 13896]    £250.00 ($321 • €292 rates)

LEA, Philip. [Scarce map of the Islands of Britain]
A Map of the Isle of Wight Portsea Halinge, also The Islands of Jarsey & Garnsey Which are a Part of Hampshire. London: George Willdey, 1732. Original colour. 425 x 520mm. Old stamps on reverse inked out.
Rare antique map of the islands of Britain, first published by Philip Lea in his reissue of the Saxton maps. Most of the sheet is taken up by a map of Isle of Wight and Solent, with an inset of plan of Newport. The other islands are: Holy Island, Farne; the Isle of Man; the Scillies; Guernsey; and Jersey.
[Ref: 12088]    £950.00 ($1,221 • €1,110 rates)

REILLY, Franz Johann Joseph von. [Scarce map of the Channel Islands]
Die Englændischen Inseln an der Küsten von Frankreich. Vienna: von Reilly, 1789. Original colour. 285 x 360mm.
An Austrian map of Guernsey, Jersey, Sark & and Alderney, published in the very uncommon 'Grosser Deutscher Atlas'.
[Ref: 15028]    £150.00 ($193 • €175 rates)

REILLY, Franz Johann Joseph von. [Scarce map of Jersey]
Die Insel Jersey. Vienna: von Reilly, 1789. Original colour. 230 x 360mm.
An Austrian map of Jersey, published in the very uncommon 'Grosser Deutscher Atlas'.
[Ref: 15029]    £180.00 ($231 • €210 rates)

DE LA ROCHETTE, Louis Stanislas d'Arcy. [Large chart of the Channel Islands]
A Chart of the Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, Sark, Herm and Alderney, with the Adjacent Coast of France. London, William Faden, 1781-94. Original colour. 720 x 530mm.
A very detailed chart of the Channel Islands, also showing Cherbourg, Mont St Michel & St Malo, with coastal profiles of the main islands. Although the engraved date is 1781 the map is printed on high-quality Whatman paper watermarked 1794.
[Ref: 16635]    £500.00 ($643 • €584 rates)

LUFFMAN, John. [Chart of Guernsey during the French Revolutionary War]
Guernsey. Engrav'd for Luffmans Select Plans. 18. London: Luffman, 1801. 125 x 165mm. Stitch holes in margin.
Antique map of Guernsey & Sark at a time the islands were under threat of invasion from the French, published in Luffman's 'Select Plans of the Principal Cities, Harbours, Forts &c. in the World'.
[Ref: 12802]    £200.00 ($257 • €234 rates)

BAKER, T. [The Isle of Wight]
A Map of the Isle of Wight, intended to accompany an Historical & Picturesque Guide to the Island. Southampton, 1844. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen, as issued, total 410 x 560mm.
Detailed map of the Isle of Wight with an inset plan of the town of Newport and a 30 point key to the Island parishes.
[Ref: 18837]    £300.00 ($386 • €350 rates)

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