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 Decorative Items 

BÜNTING, Heinrich. [Fantasy map of Europe as a Queen from Bunting's Itinerarium]
Europa Prima Pars Terræ in Forma Virginis. Magdeburg, 1581-, German edition. Woodcut, printed area 300 x 370mm. Some old ink marginalia.
The famous fantasy map depicting Europe as a queen, with Iberia her head and crown; Denmark her right arm; Italy her left arm with Sicily an orb in her hand; Greece, the Balkans and Russia her skirts; and Bohemia a medallion on a chain around her neck. The map appears in Bünting's Itinerarium, in which the author, a theologian, rewrote the Bible as a travel book. with other fantasy maps including the World as a cloverleaf and Asia as Pegasus, the winged horse of Perseus.
[Ref: 16838]    £2,850.00 ($3,677 • €3,363 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [The famous portrait of Ortelius]
[Ortelius Portrait] Spectandum dedit Ortelius mortalib. orben, Orbi spectandum Galleus Ortelium Antwerp, c.1590. 320 x 220mm. Latin text on reverse. Light damp stains in top margin, a fine impression.
The well known portrait of Dutch map maker and atlas publisher Abraham Ortelius, engraved by Galle and first appeared in the 1579 edition of his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern Atlas.
[Ref: 16562]    £350.00 ($452 • €413 rates)

DE BRY, Johann Theodore. [Titlepage of book 5 of De Bry's Grand Voyages]
Americæ pars Quinta. Nobilis & admiratione plena Hieronymi Bezoni Mediolanensis. Frankfurt, 1595. Sheet 310 x 220mm. Nick in left edge.
The engraved title to the second part of De Bry's printing of Girolamo Benzoni's 'Historia del Mundo Nuevo', an important first-hand account of the Spanish in America. Benzoni was in the Americas from 1541 to 1556, trying to make his fortune: his book detailed the day-to-day life of the colonies, at a time when the treatment of the natives was causing controversy back in Europe.
[Ref: 13261]    £500.00 ($645 • €590 rates)

MERCATOR, Gerard. [Italy titlepage]
Italiae Sclavoniæ, et Græciæ tabule geographice... Amsterdam, Jodocus Hondius, 1606-. Original colour with gold highlights. 290 x 190mm.
One of the half-titles of Mercator's Atlas, with the title within an architectural frame. KOEMAN: Me 15.
[Ref: 2583]    £150.00 ($194 • €177 rates)

STRADA, Famiano. [The famous 'Leo Belgicus' map]
De Bello Belgico Decas II. Antwerp: J. Cnobbari, 1649. Coloured. 160 x 95mm.
A small-format version of the famous map of the Netherlands depicted as a lion. It faces right, with the title on a shield held upright by the lion's right paw. It appeared as the engraved titlepage of the Jesuit Strada's history of the Belgian wars, first published 1632, with a second volume in 1647. This is the title for the second volume of the Dutch edition of the two-part set. VAN DER HEIJDEN: Leo Belgicus 10.2.
[Ref: 16274]    £720.00 ($929 • €850 rates)

VIANEN, Jan van. [A striking titlepage from the 'Neptune François' sea-atlas]
Le Neptune François. Amsterdam: Pierre Mortier, 1693. 500 x 365mm. Faint creasing.
The titlepage from the First Part of the 'Neptune François', a sumptuous sea-atlas that Koeman described as 'the most expensive sea-atlas ever published in Amsterdam... intended more as a show piece than something to be used by pilots at sea'. This titlepage features Neptune in a sea-chariot drawn by white horses, mer-people, fleets of ships and allegorical figures of winged gods, all within an ornate border.
[Ref: 13983]    £700.00 ($903 • €826 rates)

CELLARIUS, Andreas. [Atlas Coelestis title page]
Atlas Coelestis seu Harmonia Macrocosmica. Amsterdam: Schenk & Valk, 1708. Fine original colour. 430 x 265mm.
The famous title page of the 'Atlas Coelestis; seu Harmonia Macrocosmica', the only celestial atlas to be produced in the Netherlands before the nineteenth century, originally published by Jan Jansson in 1660. The most significant astronomers, including Ptolemy, Copernicus, Brahe and Galileo, watch the skies in which putti hold the title banner, a representation of the solar system and cross-staffs. Engraved by van Hoeven.
[Ref: 13675]    £900.00 ($1,161 • €1,062 rates)

Anonymous. [A satirical map on the Mississippi Bubble]
Afbeeldinge Van't Zeer Vermaarde Eiland Geks-Kop. Amsterdam, 1720, 290 x 230mm. Trimmed close to neatline, bottom right corner repaired.
A map of the island of "Geks-Kop" (fools cap) from "Het Groote Tafereel Der Dwaasheid" (The Great Mirror Of Folly). The title translates as "A representation of the very famous island of Mad-head, lying in the sea of shares, discovered by Mr. Law-rens, and inhabited by a collection of all kinds of people, to whom are given the general name shareholders". At the center of the image is a map of an island depicted as the head of a Fool wearing his traditional cap; the place names include Blind Fort, Bubble River, and Mad House, surrounded by the islets of Poverty, Sorrow, and Despair. Around the map are scenes including a crowd stoning the headquarters of the Compagnie and a creditor fleeing his investors in a land-yacht. This satirical engraving of the Mississippi Bubble is one of the most famous cartographic curiosities. It represents the collapse of the French Compagnie de la Louisiane d'Occident, founded by the Scottish financier John Law in 1717, which was granted control of Louisiana. Its plans to exploit the resources of the region (the 'Mississippi Scheme') captured the popular imagination and people rushed to invest: share prices opened at 500 livres, but rapidly rose to 18,000 livres. At this point speculators indulged in profit-taking, causing a run on the shares. Confidence collapsed, causing a run on the company's capital and the company went bankrupt, ruining many, not only in France, but throughout Europe. As a consequence of this failure, confidence in many colonial schemes collapsed, forcing many companies into bankruptcy, including the English South Sea Company and a number in the Netherlands, prompting this satire.
[Ref: 10616]    £750.00 ($968 • €885 rates)

CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham. [An 18th century maritime explanatory print]
Nouvelle Carte pour conduire a la Connoissance de la Marine et a demontrer la plus part des Instrumens Amsterdam, 1720. French text. 500 x 600mm.
A large engraving illustrating ships and nautical instruments, with an extensive key to identify many parts of the ship. It was designed to as educational tool, explaining the meaning of maritime terms.
[Ref: 17171]    £1,500.00 ($1,935 • €1,770 rates)

HOOGHE, Romeyn de. [Atlas title page by a Dutch Old Master Etcher]
Atlas Novus ad Usum Serenissimi Burgundiae Ducis. Atlas Francois... Amsterdam: Jean Covens & Cornelle Mortier, c.1720. 495 x 290mm.
An allegorical title page by Romeyn de Hooghe, one of the foremost artist/etchers of the period, known for his wall maps and propaganda prints supporting William of Orange after England's 'Glorious Revolution', including the monumental sea charts for Pierre Mortier's 'Neptune François'. The upper section shows allegorical figures of the Continents making obeisance to a female France; the lower section has four figures representing rivers.
[Ref: 13678]    £550.00 ($710 • €649 rates)

Records: 1 to 10 of 37
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