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BORDONE, Benedetto. [The first printed map of Corsica]
[Corsica.] Venice, 1534. Woodcut, image 85 x 145mm, set in Italian text. Fine condition.
Sea chart of Corsica, with Elba and Capraia, with another map, centred on Pianosa on verso. Published in the 'Libro di Benedetto Bordone', better known as his 'Isolario'. Despite the six editions between 1528-1562 these maps are rare.
[Ref: 11217]    £900.00 ($1,157 • €1,051 rates)

FERRETTI, Francesco. [A rare 16th century miniature map of Corsica]
Ragionevol' Forma et Vera Postura del' Isola di Corsica. Ancona: F. Salvioni, 1579-80. 130 x 85mm.
Map of Corsica within a circle with only a few place names. It was engraved by Michel'Angelo Marrelli for 'Diporti Notterni Dialloghi...', a small military manual that contained 28 maps of islands. The author, Francesco Ferreti (1523-93), was a Knight of the Order of St Stephen, which was founded by Cosimo I de' Medici to help fight the Ottomans and pirates of the Mediterranean and had participated at the great Battle of Lepanto less than a decade earlier. Dedicated to Francesco de'Medici, Cosimo's son and successor as Grand Duke of Tuscany, the manual's maps are of the Mediterranean islands most at risk, with a map of Britain being the only exception.
[Ref: 15501]    £700.00 ($900 • €818 rates)

PORCACCHI, Tomaso. [Early map of the island of Corsica]
Corsica. Venice, Georgio Angelieri for the heirs of Simone Galignani, 1590. 110 x 150mm, set in text. Some old ink marginalia.
Antique map of Corsica, engraved by Girolamo Porro of Padua and published in 'L'Isole piu famose del mondo.', with a descriptive text in Italian.
[Ref: 12011]    £250.00 ($321 • €292 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [Corsica]
Corsica. Antwerp: Johann Keerberg, 1602, French edition. 90 x 130mm.
Corsica, from the plate engraved by the Arsenius brothers, first issued 1601, with longitude and latitude numbers in the borders. ZACHARAKIS: 1629; KOEMAN: Ort 64.
[Ref: 9121]    £125.00 ($161 • €146 rates)

BODENEHR, Gabriel. [18th Century map of Corsica]
Insul und Konigreich Corsica mitt Angrenzenden Custen. Augsburg, c.1710. Original colour. 180 x 305mm.
A map of Corsica with the adjacent coast of Liguria and Tuscany. The title cartouche features a pair of sea-monsters.
[Ref: 13862]    £150.00 ($193 • €175 rates)

KITCHIN, Thomas. [A detailed 18th century antique map of Corsica]
A New Map of the Island of Corsica, Divided into Cantons, called Pieves. London, 1762, 250 x 185mm. Two horizontal folds. Some splitting inside the image on the lower left.
Map of Corsica, with a decorative title vignette with galleon, and a compass rose.
[Ref: 12119]    £180.00 ($231 • €210 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century map of Corsica]
L'Isola di Corsica Divisa Nelle Sue Provincie Di nuova Projezione. Venice 1782. Coloured. 420 x 330mm.
A finely engraved map of island of Corsica, with a decorative title cartouche to the top left corner. Published in Zatta's "Atlante Novissimo"
[Ref: 14848]    £280.00 ($360 • €327 rates)

LE PETIT, Alfred. [A satirical map of Corsica]
Le Grelot. La Justice en Corse. Paris: 1884. 4pp, with a wood-engraved caricature in original colour on front. Caricature 310 x 265mm. A few nicks.
A satirical map of Corsica, with Justice being crucified on her scales by lawyers, her blindfold over her mouth. Her outline transforms the island's outline into a skull. 'The Grelot' was a Republican journal founded in 1871 by Arnold Mortier, lasting until 1903, despite many lawsuits brought against it. The magazine was in the forefront of a campaign to give satirical drawing the same liberties as writing; it was obliged to submit every cartoon to the censors for permission to publish! Alfred Le Petit (1841-1909) contributed to Le Grelot from 1872 until 1903.
[Ref: 14989]    £400.00 ($514 • €467 rates)

Records: 1 to 8 of 8