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 Central Italy 

SCHEDEL, D. Hartmann. [Incunable Prospect of Pisa]
Pisa. Nuremberg, Anton Kolberger, 1493, German text edition. Woodcut, image 195 x 220mm, set in a page of text.
An imaginary view of Pisa from the famous 'Nuremberg Chronicle'.
[Ref: 8951]    £220.00 ($280 • €249 rates)

SCHEDEL, D. Hartmann. [Incunable prospect of Rome]
Roma. Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 1493, Latin text edition. Coloured woodcut, image 230 x 530mm, set in a page of text. Minor restoration at centrefold, as usual.
Rome, one of the double-page prospects in the famous 'Nuremberg Chronicle'. Although not completely accurate, features such as the Castel de San Angelo, the Vatican, Colosseum and Pantheon are represented. On verso is a view of Genova.
[Ref: 18210]    £1,750.00 ($2,224 • €1,985 rates)

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [16th century plan of Rome]
Roma. Cologne, 1572-, Latin text edition. Old colour. 335 x 490mm.
Early 'map-view' of Rome, published in the 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum', with the major buildings shown in profile, with little consideration for perspective. Under the map is an extensive key and two figures in contemporary dress. KOEMAN: B&H 1.
[Ref: 18142]    £1,400.00 ($1,779 • €1,588 rates)

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [Early bird's eye view of Perugia]
Perusia Gratumusis in Tuscia Domicilium. Cologne, 1588-, German text edition. Fine original colour. 365 x 520mm.
Early 'map-view' of Perugia, published in the 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum', the first series of printed townplans. Seen from the south in a bird's-eye view, the city sprawls across several hills and in places is protected by city walls and gates that make it look like a fortress. Some of its most important churches are on the periphery: on the northern edge of the city are Sant'Angelo at the centre and, near the southern boundary, San Pietro with a flat roof. Slightly above it in the picture is San Domenico. The complex comprising San Francesco and San Bernardino is on the western edge of the city. At the centre is the cathedral of San Lorenzo, a Gothic hall church. In front of the cathedral tower stands the celebrated Fontana Maggiore. An early ingenous settlement, Perugia flourished in the Middle Ages. It belonged to the Papal States from 1520 to 1680. Today the city with its university founded in 1276 is the capital of the province of Umbria
[Ref: 13603]    £700.00 ($890 • €794 rates)

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [16th Century prospect of Lucca in fine contemporary colouring.]
Luca, Tuscia nobilis, Italia Regio Lvcam.., Cologne, 1588-, German text edition. Fine original colour. 340 x 485mm.
Early 'map-view' of the town of Lucca in Tuscany, published in the 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum', the first series of printed townplans. Looking almost due north, this view of Lucca is depicted from a vantage point directly above the city. The exacting perspective creates some optical distortions in the representation of the buildings. About 20 km northeast of Pisa, Lucca was founded by the Etruscans. During the Middle Ages it was much fought over but from the second half of the 14th century it managed to preserve its independence until the First French Republic.
[Ref: 13604]    £680.00 ($864 • €771 rates)

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [A two-sheet 16th century plan of Ancient Rome after Ligorio]
Antiquæ Urbis Romæ Imago Accuratiss. Cologne, c.1588, Latin text edition. Two sheets conjoined, Old colour. Total 690 x 500mm.
Early 'map-view' of classical Rome on two sheets, published in the 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum', the first systematic atlas of townplans. It was compiled from a detailed archaeological survey by Pirro Ligorio (c.1510-83), a scholar of the ancient monuments in Rome, using his illustrations for the reconstructions of the buildings. The massive 269-point key underneath the plan lists the monuments shown, but many of the important buildings named on the image, including the Pantheon, Circus Maximus, Mausoleum of Augustus and Theatre of Marcellus.
[Ref: 17912]    £2,800.00 ($3,559 • €3,175 rates)

MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio. [16th century map of Ancona]
Marca Anconae, Olim Picenum. Venice: Heirs of Simon Galignani, 1596, First edition. 135 x 180mm.
A map of Central Italy, showing Ancona region including the city and seaport of Ancona in the Marche region, engraved by Girolamo Porro for Magini's pocket edition of Ptolemy's 'Geographia'. From the first edition, with text in Latin.
[Ref: 18788]    £200.00 ($254 • €227 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [16th Century map of Tuscany in fine original colour]
Thusciae Descriptio Auctore Hieronymo Bellarmato. Antwerp, c.1598. Dutch text edition. Original hand colour. 320 x 500mm.
First published 1570, this map of Tuscany was based on a four-sheet map by Girolamo Bell'Armato, 1536. This example comes from a very scarce printing: van den Broecke estimates that only 100 were printed, and these were spread over three issues; 1598, 1610 & 1613. VAN DEN BROECKE: 130.
[Ref: 17304]    £850.00 ($1,080 • €964 rates)

LAURO, Giacomo. [A very scarce plan of Arcevia]
Rocca Contrada. Rome, 1608. Engraving. 280 x 395mm.
A plan of Arcevia in the style of a bird's-eye view, first published in 1594, but this example with the date altered. It is likely that the view was drawn by Ercole Ramazzini (1530-98), a native of the town. The engraver, Giacomo Lauro of Rome, is best known for his 'Antiquae Urbis splendor', a collection of 177 plates of Roman monuments, begun in 1586 and eventually issued in four volumes, published 1612, 1613, 1615 and 1628.
[Ref: 18989]    £950.00 ($1,207 • €1,077 rates)

HONDIUS, Jodocus. [17th century miniature map of Tuscany]
Tuscia. Amsterdam, 1610, Latin text edition. Coloured. 145 x 175mm.
A miniature map of Toscana, first published in the the Mercator/ Hondius 'Atlas Minor' of 1607. In 1621 the printing plates were sold to a London publisher in 1621; later Dutch editions used new plates by Jansson.
[Ref: 18358]    £220.00 ($280 • €249 rates)

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