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 Italian Islands 

MUNSTER, Sebastian. [16th century woodcut map of Sardinia]
Sardinia Insula. Basle c.1560, German edition. Coloured woodcut, image size 280 x 160mm.
An attractivce map of Sardinia, published in the 'Cosmographia'. On verso is a view of a town being destroyed by an earthquake.
[Ref: 8726]    £300.00 ($413 • €338 rates)

PORCACCHI, Tomaso. [First edition of this early map of Sardinia]
Sardegna. Venice, 1572. 110 x 150mm, set in text.
An early map of Sardinia, with a galley and sea-monsters filling the seas. It was published in the first edition of Porcacchi's 'L'Isole del Mondo', with a descriptive text in Italian.
[Ref: 13844]    £320.00 ($441 • €360 rates)

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [Early map of Palermo In Sicily with fine original colouring]
Palermo. Cologne, 1588-, German text edition. Fine original colour. 330 x 500mm.
A 'map-view' of Palermo, with the major buildings shown in profile, and an extensive key in Italian underneath, published in the 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum', the first atlas of printed town plans. It is a faithful copy of the plan by Prester Horatio Maioc, engraved by Claudio Duchetti in Rome, 1580: even the compass rose cardinals have the Italian abbreviations. KOEMAN: B&H 4; see NOVACCO: Cartografia Rara, map 95 for the original.
[Ref: 13597]    £950.00 ($1,308 • €1,069 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [Miniature map of Sicily]
Sicilia Descriptio. Antwerp, J.B. Vrients, 1601, German text edition. Coloured. 90 x 115mm.
Issued in the pocket sized Ortelius Atlas by Virents.
[Ref: 15807]    £160.00 ($220 • €180 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [The first Italian edition of Ortelius's map of Sicily]
Siciliae Veteris Typus. Antwerp: Jan Vrients, 1608, Italian text edition. Original colour refreshed. 375 x 490mm. The letterpress title on the reverse trimmed slightly by the binder.
Very decorative map of ancient Sicily, with an inset plan of Syracuse. It was published in a combined edition of Ortelius's 'Theatrum' (his general atlas') and 'Parergon' (his atlas of the ancient world). This was the first time that Ortelius's folio atlas was published in Italian, using a translation by Filippo Pigafetta. VAN DEN BROECKE: 211,
[Ref: 17309]    £1,200.00 ($1,652 • €1,350 rates)

BERTIUS, Petrus. [Miniature map of Sicily]
Sicilia. Amsterdam, c.1612. Coloured. 90 x 125mm.
A miniature map of Sicily engraved by van den Keere for the Bertius's 'Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum'. Bertius was the brother-in law of both Jodocus Hondius and Pieter van der Keere. About 1620 he moved to Paris, becoming Cosmographer to Louis XIII, and dying there 1629.
[Ref: 11402]    £250.00 ($344 • €281 rates)

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [17th century map of Sicily]
Sicilia Regnum. Amsterdam, 1640, Latin edition. Coloured. 380 x 500mm. Repair to centre fold margin.
A decorative map of Sicily with a title cartouche representing the agricultural wealth of the island. KOEMAN: Bl 36a.
[Ref: 13878]    £900.00 ($1,239 • €1,013 rates)

JANSSON, Jan. [17th Century Dutch Map of Sardinia]
Insulæ Sardiniæ Nova & Accurata Descriptio. Amsterdam, c.1644, French text. coloured, 415 x 510mm. Wide margins.
One of the most beautiful and decorative map of the island of Sardinia, orientated with north to the right, with two decorative cartouches depicting Ceres and Water nymphs and an armorial. From "Atlas Novus sive Theatrum Orbis Terrarum ".
[Ref: 11016]    £980.00 ($1,349 • €1,103 rates)

SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century map of Sicily]
Isle et Royaume de Sicile. Paris, 1647. Original outline colour. 385 x 565mm.
A French map of Sicly, engraved by A.B de la Plaets. PASTOUREAU: Sanson V 81.
[Ref: 13879]    £600.00 ($826 • €675 rates)

JANSSON, Jan. [An uncommon Spanish edition of Jansson's map of Elba]
Elba Isola, olim Ilva. Amsterdam, c.1669. 195 x 255mm, set in letterpress.
17th century map of Elba, published in a Spanish edition of Jannson's 'Novus Atlas'. Portoferraio is named 'Cosmopoli'.
[Ref: 17265]    £380.00 ($523 • €428 rates)

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