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BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [An important 16th Century plan of Moscow]
Moscauw. Cologne, 1576, Latin text edition. Coloured. 355 x 490mm. Tiny repair to centre fold.
A 'map-view' of Moscow, published in the second volume of the 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum', the first series of printed townplans. The major buildings are shown in profile, with no consideration for perspective. On the frozen river Mosca are skaters and horse-drawn sledges and in the foreground are soldiers on horseback. This is the first of the two plans of Moscow done by Braun and Hogenberg. A second appeared in the last volume, published in 1618, necessitated by Ladislas of Poland, who rampaged through the city in 1611. KOEMAN: B&H 2.
[Ref: 11675]    £2,900.00 ($3,993 • €3,263 rates)

MERIAN, Mattheus. [17th Century plan of Moscow]
Moscva. Frankfurt, c.1650. Coloured. 275 x 355mm.
A bird's-eye view of the city with a 12-point key. Shows the Kremlin, the Moscua, Iausa and Neglina Rivers, fortified walls and various public buildings. Cartouche decorated by the imperial eagle top left.
[Ref: 15654]    £900.00 ($1,239 • €1,013 rates)

JEAN, Pierre. [Plan of Moscow at the beginning of the C19th]
Plan Géometral de la VIlle de Moscow ancienne Capitale de l'Empire de Russie Ou l'on trouve le Cremelin... Paris, Pierre Jean, 1801. Coloured. 480 x 725mm.
Detailed townplan of Moscow with extensive keys, published just over a decade before the city was destroyed during Napoleon's occupation.
[Ref: 11733]    £1,950.00 ($2,685 • €2,194 rates)

Records: 1 to 3 of 3