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FRESCHOT, Casimir Don. [An extremely rare miniature map of Provence]
(122) Provenza in Francia. Sotto il re Christianissimo di Religione' Catholica sua Longhezza 150 miglia. Venice: Giovanni Pare', c. 1680. Sheet 51 x 52mm. Trimmed from a large broadsheet.
Don Casimir Freschot, a Benedictine Priest and author of about 50 books on history and Venice, composed a 'goose game', 'Geografia ridotta a giuoco per istruttione della giovane nobiltà veneziana', to facilitate "the teaching of geography to the young Venetian nobility", of which this map was a section. Engraved by Anton Francesco Lucini, this was probably the earliest geographical game to be published. The 'board' comprised 153 squares containing small maps, arranged in a spiral, with a plan of Venice at the centre. Above the game were four larger maps of the continents, the rules, including the prizes and forfeits for landing on squares, and a dedication. There is only one known complete example, in the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana in Venice. Even incomplete examples are extremely rare. "Charta Geographica" magazine, vol.1, page 76; plus insert with facsimile broadsheet.
[Ref: 11158]    £380.00 ($488 • €444 rates)

LEVANTO, Francesco Maria. [An uncommon sea chart of France's Mediterranean coast]
La Costa di Linguadocha, Provenza, et una parte d'Italia da C.Dragonis sino à Cabo Delle Mollo. Venice: Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, c.1696. 405 x 505mm. Smear of printer's ink in sea area.
Sea chart, showing from Palamos in Girona to Albenga in Liguria, with part of the west coast of Corsica. It was originally published in Levanto's 'Specchio del Mare', one of the earliest Italian printed maritime atlases, in 1644. This example was printed in Coronelli's 'Isolario', apparently unaltered despite being over fifty years old.
[Ref: 7408]    £300.00 ($386 • €350 rates)

VALK, Gerard. [Map of Provence in fine original colour]
Provincia Supremarum Galliae Praefecturum una; Vulgariter Gouvernement De Provence in qua Alienae Ditionis Ad Pontifices Romanos Spectans Comitatus Avenioniensis . . . Amsterdam, c.1700. Original colour. 500 x 595mm.
Antique map of the Provence region of France or " French Riviera" or "Côte d'Azur". The map extends from Nice to Arles, with excellent detail in the interior and a decorative cartouche.
[Ref: 13446]    £460.00 ($591 • €537 rates)

LE ROUGE, Georges-Louis. [18th century map of Provence in fine colour]
La Provence Suivant les Nouvelles Observations. Paris: Louis Charles Desnos, c.1781. Original colour. 470 x 570mm.
A fine map of Provence, originally published 1747, showing the coast of France from the Carmargue to Nice. The title is in a stylised baroque ship with a dragon figurehead.
[Ref: 14772]    £400.00 ($514 • €467 rates)

Records: 1 to 4 of 4