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 Baltic States 

MERCATOR, Gerard. [Mercator's map of Latvia in fine original colour]
Livonia. Amsterdam, Jodocus Hondius, 1613. Fine original colour. 365 x 470mm. Greens darkened as usual.
Latvia and part of Estonia engraved by Mercator himself with the title in a fine strapwork cartouche. It was published in the second edition of his complete three-volume atlas, the same year as the first edition, both published posthumously in 1595. Issues published before the acquisition of the plates by Jodocus Hondius are rare, especially in such fine hand colour. KOEMAN: Me 23a.
[Ref: 13056]    £620.00 ($797 • €724 rates)

HONDIUS, Jodocus. [17th century miniature map of Prussia]
Prussia. Amsterdam, 1610, Latin text edition. Coloured. 155 x 195mm. Original letterpress printed over border.
A miniature map of Prussia, first published in the the Mercator/ Hondius 'Atlas Minor' of 1607. In 1621 the printing plates were sold to a London publisher in 1621; later Dutch editions used new plates by Jansson.
[Ref: 18359]    £220.00 ($283 • €257 rates)

MERCATOR, Gerard. [Mercator's map of Latvia]
Livonia. Amsterdam, Jodocus Hondius jnr, 1619. Original colour. 365 x 470mm.
Latvia and part of Estonia engraved by Mercator himself with the title in a fine strapwork cartouche. KOEMAN: Me 26a.
[Ref: 14030]    £400.00 ($514 • €467 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [A pirated edition of the Ortelius Epitome map of Latvia & Estonia]
Livoniæ Nova Descriptio Ioanne Portanti o Auctore. Venice, c.1655. Coloured. 80 x 105mm.
A miniature map of Latvia and Estonia. A second title appears outside the neatline. The map was published in 'Il theatro del mondo', an Italian pirate edition of the Ortelius 'Epitome' miniature atlas. First published in 1598, the publication was revived in 1655, forty years after the last edition of the Dutch original. KOEMAN: Ort 70.
[Ref: 14694]    £150.00 ($193 • €175 rates)

DE WIT, Frederick. [17th century map of Latvia & Estonia]
Ducatuum Livoniæ et Curlandiæ, Nova Tabula.... Amsterdam, c.1680. Original colour. 420 x 505mm.
A detailed map of Estonia and Latvia in fine colour. KOEMAN: Wit 16.
[Ref: 16917]    £450.00 ($578 • €526 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [A rare map with an early reference to St Petersburg]
Estats des Couronnes de Dannemark, Suede, et Pologne sur la Mer Baltique. Paris, 1705. Two sheets conjoined, total 440 x 700mm. Bottom left margin restored, two tears skillfully repaired.
A map of the countries surrounding the Baltic but extending west through Germany, Holland, to southern England, engraved by van Loon and first published 1700. The focus of the map is the Great Northern War (1700-1721), in which Russia fought to regain Ingria from Sweden in order to have a sea port on the Baltic, but involving many other powers (including Britain and the Ottoman Empire). In 1703 the Russians took Nyenskans, a Swedish fortress at the mouth of the River Neva and renamed it after the tsar; only two years later this map was updated to mark 'Petersbourg'.
[Ref: 18444]    £950.00 ($1,221 • €1,110 rates)

BETGEN, Johann Friedrich. [A two-sheet map of the Prussian province of 'Lithuania Minor']
Potentissimo Borussorum Regi Friderico Wilhelmo Majestate, Fortitudine Clementia Augustissimo Hancce Lithuaniam Borussicam : in qua luca coloniis Salisburg., ad incolendum Regio nutu concessa chorographice exhibentur D. D. D. Regiae Suae Maiestatis. Nuremberg: Homann Heirs, 1735. Original colour. Two sheets, each c. 500 x 590mm. An excellent example.
Map of 'Lithuania Minor', the most easterly province of the Kingdom of Prussia, given the name because of the large number of Lithuanian speakers. The extents are Klaipeda, modern Lithuania, in the north to Goldap in Poland in the south, with the eastern part of the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia. Under the large pictorial title cartouche is a plan of Gumbinnen (now Gusev, in the Kaliningrad Oblast). This was a new town, built by Frederick William I of Prussia, as he was redeveloping the area after the population had been ravaged by plague in 1711. In 1732 he resettled the area with some of the 20,000 Protestants expelled from the Archbishopric of Salzburg.
[Ref: 15112]    £1,200.00 ($1,542 • €1,402 rates)

LE ROUGE, Georges-Louis. [Prussia under Frederick the Great]
Le Royaume de Prusse Suivant les Nouvelles Observations... 1742. Paris, 1742. Original outline colour. 490 x 555mm. A very fine example.
Map of Prussia, published just two years into the reign of Frederick II (1712-1786) as 'king in Prussia'. It was only later in his rule that he had regained enough of historic Prussia to call himself 'king of Prussia'. Featuring a very fine cartouche and coat of arms.
[Ref: 16373]    £450.00 ($578 • €526 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [Prussia]
Borussiæ Regnum cum adjacentibus Regionibus mappa Geographica... Augsburg, c.1744. Original body colour. 195 x 265mm.
An uncommon small version of Seutter's map, engraved by Lotter for the 'Atlas Minor', with a martial title cartouche and inset maps of Silesia and Neuchâtel, a Swiss canton that was controlled by Prussia from 1707 to 1848.
[Ref: 18936]    £220.00 ($283 • €257 rates)

Dépôt des Cartes et Plans de la Marine. [A French sea chart of the Gulf of Finland published the year of Waterloo]
Carte Réduite de la Mer Baltique. Vi.e Fueille Contenant Le Golfe de Finland d'après les Cartes Suédoises et Russes les plus récentres. Paris: 1815. 630 x 930mm.
A detailed sea-chart of the Gulf of Finland, marking three capital cities: Helingfors (Helinki, when it had been the Finnish capital for only three years), St Petersburg and Revel (Talinn, Estonia). The land areas are filled with coastal profiles and six inset details of ports, including Talinn. The dedication is to Arnail François (1757-1852), marquis de Jaucourt. With the Bourbon Restoration in 1814 he became a minister of state, remaining loyal to Louis XVIII during Napoleon's Hundred Days. He was only Minister for the Navy (the position he held when he supervised this chart) from July to September 1815, after which he retired from public office.
[Ref: 18865]    £1,000.00 ($1,285 • €1,168 rates)

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