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WÄLDSEEMÜLLER, Martin. [Early 16th century map of Scandinavia]
Tabula Moderna Norbegie Et Gottie. Strasbourg: Johannes Schott, 1520. Woodcut, printed area 320 x 590mm.
This scarce woodcut map of Scandinavia appeared in the supplemental section of modern maps in the "Geographiæ Opus Novissima...", and is a copy of the Ulm map of 1482. Cities marked include "Asto" (Oslo), "Begensis" (Bergen), "Nodrosia" (Nidaros) and "Stauargerensis" (Stavanger). This map was first printed in 1513: this example dates from 1520, with all but one of the lines of letterpress text in the borders removed. GINSBERG: Printed Maps of Scandinavia & the Arctic, 5.
[Ref: 10605]    £11,000.00 ($14,047 • €12,749 rates)

WÄLDSEEMÜLLER, Martin. [Early woodcut map of Scandinavia]
Norbegia et Gottia. Lyons: Melchor & Gaspar Treschel, 1535. Woodcut, printed area 340 x 450mm.
A very fine example of the Fries issue of Wäldseemüller's 'modern' map of Scandinavia, in turn a faithful copy of the first map of the region printed in Ulm in 1482. Norway, Sweden and Iceland are virtually unrecognisable; at the top, east of Iceland, is Greenland, connected by a narrow isthmus to the rest of Scandinavia. The rest of Europe follows the Ptolemaic format. The title is on a bandarole above the map; the text on the right edge of the map describes the lenghening hours of daylight as a traveller moves north. Originally intended not for a Ptolemy edition but for a new 'Chronica mundi' being written by Wäldseemüller, his death c.1520 caused the project to be shelved, so the woodcuts were used to publish a smaller sized and so cheaper edition of the 'Geography'. The editior of this edition was Michael Servetus, who was burned at the stake for heresy in 1553; John Calvin ordered that copies of the 'Geography' should be burnt with him.
[Ref: 14215]    £2,500.00 ($3,193 • €2,898 rates)

MUNSTER, Sebastian. [An Early Woodcut map of Scandinavia]
Gemeine beschreibung aller mittnachtige lender - Schweden, Gothen, Norwegien, Deñmarck etc. Basle, Heinrich Petri, 1578, German text edition. Woodcut, Printed area 260 x 345mm.
The second of three blocks used by Munster for Scandinavia (from 1542-88), based on the 'Carta Marina' of Olaus Magnus, 1539. Being greatly reduced from the original there are few names. On verso is a title within decorative printed borders. GINSBERG: Septentionalium Regionem, 13.
[Ref: 13754]    £925.00 ($1,181 • €1,072 rates)

MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio. [Magini's map of Northern Europe, first edition]
Scandia, sive Regiones Septentrionales. Venice: Galignani, 1596. 140 x 180mm. Fine example.
A map of Scandinavia and the North Atlantic south to the British Isles, engraved by Girolamo Porro and published in the last new edition of Ptolemy's Geography, with the text corrected by Magini. However this map is nor Ptolemaic, but based on Ortelius: it shows the Zeno 'discoveries', including the mythical island of Frisland and notes in the far north 'Pigmies live here'. BURDEN: 98; GINSBERG: Scandinavia 38.
[Ref: 15046]    £450.00 ($575 • €522 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [A pirated edition of the Ortelius Epitome map of Northern Europe]
Septentrionalium Regionum Descriptio. Brescia, c.1598. Coloured. 80 x 105mm, set in Italian text.
A miniature map of Northern Europe, showing Britain and Scandinavia in detail, but also showing Greenland, part of North America and the mythical island of Frisland. A second title appears outside the neatline. The map was published in 'Il theatro del mondo', an Italian pirate edition of the Ortelius 'Epitome' miniature atlas. First published in 1598, the publication was revived in 1655, forty years after the last edition of the Dutch original. KOEMAN: Ort 69.
[Ref: 18023]    £220.00 ($281 • €255 rates)

BLOME, Richard. [A 17th century English map of Scandinavia]
A Generall Mappe of Scandinavia, Where are the Estates and Kingdomes of Danemark, Norway, and Sweden. Designed by Monsieur Sanson Geographer to the French King, & rendred into English and Enlarged with part of the Isles of Great Brittaine: By Richard Blome by his Majesties Command… 1669. London, 1670. 335 x 410mm. A very fine example.
A scarce map of Scandinavia, engraved by Francis Lamb and published in Blome's 'Geographical Description of the Four Parts of the World'. Within a large cartouche is the dedication to the Company of Eastland Merchants. The Eastland Company was founded in 1579 to challege the German Hanseatic League's dominance of trade in Northern Europe. At the top of the crest is an allocamelus, with the head of a donkey and the body of a camel, probably inspired by the first llamas to reach England.
[Ref: 15386]    £750.00 ($958 • €869 rates)

HOFFMANN, Johann. [A rare two-sheet map of Scandinavia]
Scandia sive Scandina / via, eigz. adhærentia Regna Sveciæ. Daniæ et Norwegiæ, Divisa in suus principales Provincias... Nürenburg, 1674. Two sheets conjoined, total 570 x 880mm. Narrow top margin, folds strenghtened on verso. A fine and dark impression.
A large and decorative map of Scandinavia engraved by Sigmund Gabriel Hipschmann, copied from Alexis Hubert Jaillot's map from his 'Atlas Nouveau'. In turn it was based on Sanson's map, which Jaillot had redrawn on a larger scale at the request of Sanson's heirs.
[Ref: 17295]    £1,100.00 ($1,405 • €1,275 rates)

DE ROSSI, Giovanni Giacomo. [An unrecorded variant plate of De Rossi's map of Scandinavia]
La Scandinavia Divisa nelli suoi Regni di Svezia, Danimarca, Norvegia e Paese dei Lapponi. Rome, c.1678. Coloured. 385 x 540mm.
A previously unknown plate, duplicating De Rossi's map of Scandinavia after Sanson, but without De Rossi's name and address or date. This plate is 35mm shorter and 15mm narrower; however the map is on the same scale, so Finnmark runs into the printed border, whereas on the usual plate there is enough room for 'Oceano Settentrionale' to be written in the Barentz Sea. It also lacks engraver Giorgio Widman's signature.
[Ref: 14677]    £950.00 ($1,213 • €1,101 rates)

DE WIT, Frederick. [17th century map of Scandinavia in fine colour]
Tabula Regnorum Sueciæ et Norvegiæ. Amsterdam, c.1680. Original colour. 445 x 550mm. A very fine example.
A striking map of Scandinavia and the Baltic States engraved by Lhulier, with a title cartouche featuring an armorial with gold highlights.
[Ref: 14864]    £650.00 ($830 • €753 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [17th century miniature map of Scandinavia]
Ancienne Germanie. Paris, 1683. Coloured. 160 x 110mm. French text on verso.
Antique map of Scandinavia from Mallet's 'Description de l'Univers'.
[Ref: 13139]    £75.00 ($96 • €87 rates)

Records: 1 to 10 of 60
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