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 West Indies 

RUSCELLI, Girolamo. [Early map of Hispaniola]
Isola Spagnola Nova. Venice: Ziletti, 1574. 185 x 260mm.
A 16th century map of Hispaniola, published in Ruscelli's 'La Geographi di Claudio Tolomeo'. This is an example of the second state, with the top of the plate trimmed, without the sea monsters added in 1599.
[Ref: 17446]    £300.00 ($386 • €350 rates)

HERRERA Y TORDESILLAS, Antonio de. [A Dutch edition of Herrera y Tordesillas's map of the West Indies]
Description del Destricto del Audiencia dela Espanola. Amsterdam: Michiel Colijn, 1622. 215 x 290mm,
A Dutch copy of one of the few Spanish maps of the Americas printed during the period of exploration, from an updateded edition of Herrera's 'Descriptio Indiæ Occidentalis', first published in 1601. It shows Florida, the Bahamas and the West Indies south to Venezuela, with keys of places on the islands. After a century of official silence on Spanish exploring, Philip II appointed Herrera y Tordesillas Historian of the Indies and allowed him full access to the official archives. The result was a comprehensive study of Spanish involvement in the New World. The 14 maps, regarded as very accurate for their time, were derived from the manuscript charts of Juan López de Velasco and are some of the very few printed Spanish maps of America. Although this Dutch edition was updated, the only differences to the map are a wider plate and the title is bottom right rather than top right. BURDEN: 198.
[Ref: 17448]    £600.00 ($771 • €701 rates)

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [Classic 17th century map of the West Indies]
Insulæ Americanæ in Oceano Septentrionali, cum Terris Adiacentibus. Amsterdam, 1640, French text edition. Original colour with gold highlights. 380 x 520mm.
One of the most famous antiquarian maps of the West Indies, also showing the mainland from Chesapeake Bay south to the mouth of the Orinoco. There are three decorative cartouches in full colour, for the title, dedication and scales. KOEMAN: Bl 17.
[Ref: 16811]    £1,700.00 ($2,185 • €1,986 rates)

VISSCHER, Nicolas Jansz. [17th century map of Martinique in fine colour]
Insula Matanino vulgo Martanico... Amsterdam, 1657. Original colour. 470 x 570mm.
A large map of Martinique, during the conquest of the island by the French. North on the compass rose errs by 45° East. In 1635 the 'Compagnie des Îles de l'Amérique' sent nearly a hundred settlers from St Kitts to Martinique, where they built Fort St Pierre. On the map the island is divided in two with 'Demeure de Francois' to the north and west, and 'Demeure de Sauvages' (the indigenous Caribs) over the rest of the island. The map does not mention Fort St Louis, a second fort built by the French in 1638. The Caribs were exterminated or exiled by 1660.
[Ref: 11875]    £500.00 ($643 • €584 rates)

LOON, Jan van. [A scarce 17th century sea-chart of the West Indies]
Pascaarte vande vaste Cust en Eylanden van Westindien, Als mede de Virginis en Nieu-Nederland, van C. Droge tot C. Cod. Amsterdam, c.1661. Original colour. Sheet 435 x 540mm. Narrow top margin, with minor restoration at top edge.
A rare and decorative sea chart of the West Indies, with the Eastern Seaboard north to Cape Cod, with 'Manhates' marked. This chart was first published in 1661, three years before the British took New York from the Dutch. Johannes and Gilles Van Loon were amongst the many chart makers working in Amsterdam in the wake of the Dutch merchant marine activity around the world. Although the chart derives from one published by Gerritsz of some 30 years earlier this extends further north to include the New England south coast, and also charts the Pacific coast of Central America, off which a Dutch ship is illustrated for the first time in that location. A finely engraved and important chart. KOEMAN: Loon 1, 31; BURDEN: 367, 'uncommon'.
[Ref: 16399]    £2,850.00 ($3,662 • €3,329 rates)

BLAEU, Johannes. [17th century chart of the Lesser Antilles]
Canibales Insulæ. Amsterdam, c.1662, blank verso. Original colour with additions. 420 x 530mm. Some creasing flattened.
The Lesser Antilles, orientated with north to the right, showing from eastern Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to Trinidad and the Venezuelan coast. As the map only appeared from 1662 in the Americas volume of Blaeu's final atlas, the 'Atlas Major', it is comparatively uncommon.
[Ref: 15193]    £850.00 ($1,092 • €993 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [A scarce French map of the Lesser Antilles]
Isles d'Amerique dites Caribes ou Cannibales et de Barloventu. Paris, 1664. Original outline colour. 340 x 260mm.
Du Val's folio map of the lesser Antilles and Virgin Islands, published in the atlas 'Cartes de géographie les plus nouvelles et les plus fideles'. A key marks which colonial power controlled the islands.
[Ref: 19070]    £750.00 ($964 • €876 rates)

GOOS, Pieter. [17th century sea-chart of the West Indies]
Pascaerte Van Westindien De Vaste Kusten En de Eylanden. Amsterdam, c.1666. Original colour. 459 x 540mm. Two short tears repaired at left and right sides.
Decorative chart of the West Indies, with the Eastern Seaboard north to Delaware Bay. An inset shows the coastline of Cuba around Havana. BURDEN: 389.
[Ref: 11906]    £2,500.00 ($3,213 • €2,920 rates)

LIGON, RIchard. [Scarce French edition of an English map of Barbados]
Description Topographique et mesure de l'Isle des Barbades aux Indies Occidentales avec les Noms de ceux a qui appartiement les habitations. Paris, 1674. 390 x 550mm. Trimmed close to printed border lower right for binding, as issued, minor staining.
An early map of the English settlements in Barbados, marking the owners of the plantations. Richard Ligon (1585?-1662) lost his fortune in the upheavals of the English Civil War, finding himself a 'stranger in my own country'. He decided to leave for Barbados in 1647 but, having contracted a fever, returned to England in 1650, where his creditors had him imprisoned for debt. He started work on an account of his time in the West Indies, which was published as 'A True and Exact History of the Island of Barbadoes' in 1657. A second edition followed in 1673, with this French edition the following year where this rare antique map was issued.
[Ref: 12420]    £2,900.00 ($3,727 • €3,387 rates)

FRESCHOT, Casimir Don. [Extremely rare miniature map of the West Indies]
Antille (7) Isole nel.America, delli Spagnoli. Francesi, Ingilesi, Ollandesi, e de naturali del paese Venice: Giovanni Pare', c. 1680. 52 x 52mm. Trimmed from a large broadsheet. Very fine condition.
Don Casimir Freschot, a Benedictine Priest and author of about 50 books on history and Venice, composed a 'goose game', 'Geografia ridotta a giuoco per istruttione della giovane nobiltà veneziana', to facilitate "the teaching of geography to the young Venetian nobility", of which this map was a section. Engraved by Anton Francesco Lucini, this was probably the earliest geographical game to be published. The 'board' comprised 153 squares containing small maps, arranged in a spiral, with a plan of Venice at the centre. Above the game were four larger maps of the continents, the rules, including the prizes and forfeits for landing on squares, and a dedication. There is only one known complete example, in the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana in Venice. Even incomplete examples are extremely rare. "Charta Geographica" magazine, vol.1, page 76; plus insert with facsimile broadsheet.
[Ref: 8407]    £650.00 ($835 • €759 rates)

Records: 1 to 10 of 69
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