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 Polar Maps 

HONDIUS, Jodocus. [Mercator's North Pole from the 'Atlas Minor']
Polus Arcticus cum vicinis regionibus. Amsterdam, 1610, Latin text edition. Coloured. 135 x 185mm.
A reduction of Mercator's famous map of the Arctic, first published in the 'Atlas Minor' of 1607. The three roundel inset maps show the Faroe Islands, the Shetlands and the mythical island of Frisland. In 1621 the printing plate was sold to a London publisher, who republished it in 'Purchas His Pilgrimies'. Later Dutch editions used new plates by Jansson.
[Ref: 18284]    £525.00 ($747 • €603 rates)

BERTIUS, Petrus. [Arctic]
[Regiones Hyperboreæ.] Amsterdam, Jodocus Hondius jnr, 1616. 95 x 120mm.
The Arctic Circle, published in Hondius's revised version of Bertius's 'Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum', probably engraved by Hondius himself. It is derived from Mercator's folio map of 1585 (the 1606 state with Nova Zembla now a single, incomplete island), but has new borders of arctic animals rather than roundel maps. BURDEN: 184; KOEMAN: Lan 11a.
[Ref: 10130]    £420.00 ($597 • €483 rates)

BLAEU, Johannes. [A map of the early exploration of the Arctic Circle]
Regiones sub Polo Arctico. Amsterdam, c.1645, French text edition. Fine original colour. 410 x 630mm.
The Arctic Circle, showing European attempts to find the North West and North East Passages. In Arctic America the preponderance of English names shows the importance of the English explorers in the region, trying to circumvent the Spanish control of routes to the East Indies. On Greenland the entrance to 'M. Forbischers Straet' is marked and in Arctic Russia the names are those given by the Dutch explorers such as Berentz. At the top of the map is a title cartouche depicting wind-heads, a European explorer with a brazier on his lap and a white cannibal, and a scale cartouche with hunters and a polar bear. The European is Henry Hudson, whose explorations in Hudson's Bay (which he called 'a labyrinth without end') ended in 1611 when he was forced into a small boat and cast adrift by a mutinous crew. He was never seen again and it is assumed that his crew would have turned to eating each other to survive. This is an example of the second state of the map, with the dedication added c.1645. It is a direct copy of Jansson's map, but it is interesting that the engraver copied the Baltic Sea's name but not the coastline! BURDEN: 252.
[Ref: 18265]    £1,100.00 ($1,564 • €1,264 rates)

PITT, Moses. [The only original map in Pitt's 'English Atlas']
A Map of the North-Pole and the Parts Adjoining. Oxford: Moses Pitt, 1680. Coloured. 460 x 590mm. A few small repairs, pinholes in crest.
A scarce map of the Arctic Circle, with the title on a curtain, with portraits of Lapplanders and a whaling scene. On the map the mythical island of Frisland is marked, as is a strait through Greenland, placed there instead of Canada by Martin Frobisher, who had been confused by the non-existence of Frisland. Further west the discoveries of the English explorers looking for the North West Passage are shown. Bottom left are the arms of Charles FitzCharles (1657-80), the son of Charles II, which consists of his father's arms with a baton sinister vair overall, signifying illegitimacy. He died of dysentery defending Tangier, which had been part of his father's dowry when marrying the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza in 1662.
[Ref: 17805]    £4,500.00 ($6,399 • €5,171 rates)

MOORE, Jonas. [Seventeenth century map of the South Pole]
South Pole. London, Robert Scott, 1681. 175 x 215mm.
A scarce map of The South Pole, with New Zealand shown as part of the 'Terra Australis Incognita'. Published in 'Moore's ''A new Geography with the maps to each Country and Tables of Longitude & Latitiude'.
[Ref: 16801]    £650.00 ($924 • €747 rates)

MULLER, Johann Ulrich. [Uncommon Miniature Map of Arctic]
[Die Nord=Pol-Lander...] Ulm, 1692. 70 x 80mm, set in text.
Charming miniature map, with a letterpress text in German.
[Ref: 8946]    £180.00 ($256 • €207 rates)

MOULLART-SANSON, Pierre. [A map of the South Pole from the beginning of the 18th century]
Hemisphere Antarctique ou Meridional du Globe Terrestre vu en conve l'oeil estant posé au Zenith et â distance infinie du plan de projection contenant partie de L'Afrique, partie de L'Amerique Meridionale et Les Terres Antarctiques. Paris, 1704. 280 x 205mm. A very fine example.
Scarce map of the Southern Hemisphere, with the mythical Terres Magellaniques connected to Abel Tasman's New Zealand.
[Ref: 15020]    £750.00 ($1,067 • €862 rates)

MOULLART-SANSON, Pierre. [A map of the South Pole from the beginning of the 18th century]
Hemisphere Austral ou Merid.l et Ant'Arctique du Globe Terrestre vu en plan contenant une p.tie de L'Afrique, une p.tie de L'Amerique Merid.le et les Terres Magellaniques. Paris, 1704. 280 x 205mm. A very fine example.
Scarce map of the Southern Hemisphere, with the mythical Terres Magellaniques extending out of the Antarctic Circle.
[Ref: 15021]    £750.00 ($1,067 • €862 rates)

HEYDT. Johann Wolfgang. [Unusual map of the northern Atlantic Ocean]
[North Atlantic] Nuremberg, 1744. 240 x 275mm.
Map of the North Atlantic, with Nova Scotia, Greenland, Scandinavia, Iceland and Northern Europe. Over Greenland is a vignette of hunting polar bears with dogs. From Heydt's 'Allerneuster geographisch- und topographischer Schau-Platz von Africa und Ost-Indien'. Johann Wolfgang Heydt was a German who joined the VOC (Dutch East India Company) in 1733, leaving for the east that year. He spend over two year in Sri Lanka before moving to Batavia. However he was allowed to resign for health reasons in 1740, after which he returned to Germany. He produced this book four years later, engraving his sketches himself.
[Ref: 17789]    £680.00 ($967 • €781 rates)

KEIZER, Jacob. [The North Pole, with California as an Island]
De Noord Pool. De Eilanden van Sangir Sjauw en Pagasare. Amsterdam: Jan de Lat, c.1747. Original outline colour. 190 x 280mm.
A scarce Dutch map with the North Pole featuring California as an Island. The inset map shows the volcanic islands of the Sangihe Archipelago in Indonesia
[Ref: 17249]    £300.00 ($427 • €345 rates)

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