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 Eastern Seaboard 

Anonymous. [The destruction of George III's statue on the Bowling Green, New York, 1776]
La Destruction de la Statue Royale a Nouvelle Yorck. French, c.1790. Original colour. 320 x 440mm. Slight surface soiling, very good impression.
An event at the beginning of the American Revolution: after the Declaration of Independence was read out in New York on July 9th, 1776, some of the Sons of Liberty attacked the lead statue of George III on the Bowling Green, breaking it up and, according to folklore, melted down for bullets. Several versions of this scene were published, including versions by Chereau and Bassett in Paris, where anything anti-British was popular. This example is unsigned.
[Ref: 14143]    £550.00 ($710 • €649 rates)

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. [19th century town plan of New York]
New York. London, SDUK, 1840. Coloured. Steel engraving. 320 x 390mm.
Detailed town plan of New York, with vignette views of Broadway and City Hall, marking the routes of the railways into the city.
[Ref: 16497]    £450.00 ($581 • €531 rates)

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. [Town plan of Boston]
Boston with Charleston and Roxbury. London, Charles Knight, c.1845. Original outline colour. Steel-engraving, 395 x 320mm.
Detailed townplan, marking the routes of the railways into the city.
[Ref: 16822]    £280.00 ($361 • €330 rates)

COLTON, J.H. [New York City in the mid-19th century]
Map of New York and the Adjacent Cities. New York, 1855. Wood engraving printed in colour, printed area 410 x 670mm. Backed on archival paper.
A detailed plan, an early state that still has the lines of planned building development on what became Central Park. An inset continues the plan past Haarlem.
[Ref: 15848]    £400.00 ($516 • €472 rates)

RIEGEL, Jacob. [Volunteer Fire Companies map of Philadelphia]
A Map of the City of Philadelphia Showing the Location of The Volunteer Fire Companies... Philadelphia: Insurance Company of North America; 1938. Chromolithograph. 580 x 790mm. Some minor staining.
A pictorial map of Philadelphia, celebrating the history of its Volunteer Fire Department and also the establishment of the Insurance Company of North America. Showing scenes of their early history. Includes references to the locations of Philadelphia's engine & hose houses. Vignettes of the history of the insurance company and notable events in firefighting activity of the 1790s, including the founding of hose companies, and the development of equipment, depictions of various uniform costumes, fire marks & engines used by some of the houses, border the map. Includes Notes: Sketches of model engines in the collection of The Insurance Company of North America". "This map is from an original print in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania", and Dedication: "To Thomas Mifflin Governor and Commander in Chief of the States of Pennsylvania. This plan of the city and suburb of Philadelphia is respectfully inscribed by the Edition 1794".
[Ref: 17157]    £375.00 ($484 • €443 rates)


HARRIS, Moses. [An entomologist's map of Halifax, Nova Scotia]
A Plan of the Harbour of Chebucto and Town of Halifax. London: E. Cave, 1749. 225 x 275mm. Trimmed at bottom corners for binding as normally found.
Map of Hallifax engraved by Thomas Jefferys for the Gentleman's Magazine, with many decorations including the 1624 arms of Nova Scotia; the shields of the seven Baronets of Nova Scotia; butterflies; a musk beetle and a representation of a porcupine. Although most famous as an entomologist, Moses Harris had training as a surveyor. He and his wife travelled to Nova Scotia in 1749 when Edward Cornwallis was made the first British Governor, and drew this plan ofter Cornwallis had picked a site for the new settlement of Halifax (named after the President of the Board of Trade, Lord Halifax). Although the beetle and the moth fit with Harris's interests, it is likely that the porcupine was added back in London, as the artist must have been working from a written description rather than life.
[Ref: 17219]    £800.00 ($1,032 • €944 rates)


GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE. [Havana during the Seven Years' War]
Plan of the City & Harbour of Havanna. London, 1762. 125 x 195mm.
Map and harbour chart, with soundings, of Havana, Cuba, with a seventeen point key to notable places. The plan was published towards the end of the Seven Years' War, when the British sent five warships and 4,000 men to attack Havana. In the Treaty of Paris the following year Britain swopped Cuba for Florida.
[Ref: 17218]    £220.00 ($284 • €260 rates)

 Central America 

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [Early plans of Mexico City and Cusco]
Mexico, Regia et Celebris Hispaniæ Novae Civitas; Cusco, Regni Peru in Novo Orbe Caput. Cologne, 1572-, Latin text. Coloured. 270 x 475mm.
Two early 'map-views' on one sheet, showing Mexico City and Cusco, the capital cities of the Aztecs and Incas, with the major buildings shown in profile with little consideration for perspective. In the foreground of each are illustrations of Aztec and Inca figures. This plate was published in the 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum', the first systematic series of printed town plans, a monumental six-volume work published 1572-1618. These were the only two American cities depicted. KOEMAN: B&H 1.
[Ref: 17667]    £1,450.00 ($1,871 • €1,711 rates)

 South America 

RAMUSIO, Giovanni Battista. [Cusco]
Il Cuscho Citta Principale Della Provincia del Peru. Venice, 1606. Woodcut, printed area 270 x 370mm. Centerfold tear restored.
A bird's-eye view of the now European city of Cusco, published in Ramusio's 'Raccolta di Navigationi et Viaggi'. This example was printed from the second block, cut in 1565 after the first was destroyed by a fire in the printing house of Thomaso Guinti after only a year's use. The 1606 edition is recognisable by evidence of woodworm damage to the printing block and the pagination numbers '344.2º' and '344.3º'.
[Ref: 9084]    £240.00 ($310 • €283 rates)

MONTANUS, Arnoldus. [17th century prospect ot Lima]
Callao de Lima. Amsterdam, Jacob van Meurs, 1671. 290 x 360mm. Lower centerfold reinforced on verso
A view taken from the sea of the port of Lima, with a Dutch fleet under Admiral Hermites unsuccessfully beseiging the Spanish settlement in1624. NORDENSKIOLD: 593.
[Ref: 8739]    £250.00 ($323 • €295 rates)

Records: 1 to 10 of 303
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