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[A superb wall map of the Americas rarely found in original colour]

image of Carte D'Amerique Divisée en ses Principaux Pays...

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CLOUET, Jean Baptiste Louis.
Carte D'Amerique Divisée en ses Principaux Pays... Paris, Mondhare, 1788. Original colour. 4 sheets conjoined, total 950 x 1210mm. Minor restorations and imperfections. Overall an excellent example for a wall map.
A fine wall map of the Americas as they were divided between the colonial powers, with two title cartouches, one French (as above), one Spanish. With finely engraved, decorative borders, 170mm wide at the sides and 150mm at the bottom, containing twenty vignette scenes from American history mainly concerning different aspects of its discovery, Indian and Colonial history, all in full colour, each with a short text in French and Spanish. The bilingual nature of this map is due to the fact that Mondhare also had offices in Cadiz. Surviving copies are rare.
[Ref: 10417]