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[An early 16th century T-O world map]

image of [Untitled T-O world map.]

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FORESTI, Giacomo.
[Untitled T-O world map.] Venice: c.1503. Woodcut, 90 x 130mm, set in Italian text.
An early diagrammatic world map from Foresti da Bergamo's 'Novissime Hystoriæ', in a decorative border also containing a climate map. The depiction is 'Tripartite' or 'T-O', with the world divided into three by great waterways. Europe is separated from Africa by the Mediterranean and from Asia by the river Don; and Asia and Africa are separated by the Nile. Foresti was a noted historian in his day: his 'Supplementum Chronicarum' (1491), was plagarised by Hartmann Schedel, appearing word for word in the more famous 'Nuremberg Chronicle' (1493). SHIRLEY: p.xx, plate 2.
[Ref: 12005]